Epic Empties !

empty products 2015

I am feeling really good about myself and you know why. Look at all this trash! With the year coming to an end, I have (somehow) managed to polish off quite a bit of my beauty load. As a lot of people would testify, its no mean feat to go through an entire bottle of a beauty product unless a) you absolutely love it or b) its too expensive to be NOT used.

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Europe Holiday Spoils

europe holiday spoils europe aesop muji nars chanel

There is no excuse good enough for spending money recklessly, but when on holiday, exceptions are made. If you’ve wandered around these parts recently, you’d sort of know that I was gone last month for a good three weeks travelling around Europe. Call it the holiday mood or a relaxed hold on common sense, because I made a lot purchases, essentially of the beauty kind, most of which I absolutely did not need!

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Brilliant Stuff !

skincare favorites mv organic rose plus booster caudalie detox mask la roche posay hydraphase intense mask tata harper resurfacing mask

I have phases of being in and out of love with makeup (Chanel being the only exception!) but skincare is something I never loosen my grip on. Its always my top priority. I tread a very fine rope with my perpetual skincare switch-ups and trials and I am constantly at the risk of upsetting my skin majorly but for the past couple of months I have had a streak of successes.

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Natural History Museum, Vienna

Natural History Museum Vienna

Vienna was recording 33 degrees temperature when we landed in the middle of September! Thats always a cue to spend time inside a museum, so thats what we did! Our first full day at Vienna was spent inside the magnificent Natural History Museum in the heart of the Museum Quarter. Also, when you are greeted by the cutest stone elephant ever, you know you are at the right place!

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