Too Much Too Soon

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Sometime in June, we had a distant relative (they live in Jakarta) visit us here. They have a 9 year old daughter who I had last met when she was 5. I have always gotten along really well with her, when she was younger, and she has always been a very affectionate kid. This time around she seemed more grown up in her mannerisms for a 9 year old, but as warm as always.

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A Skincare Duo That Works

Ren Glycolactic Radiance renewal mask and Ren micro polish cleanser skincare review exfoliating mask ren exfoliator ren skincare review

Exfoliating my skin wasn’t something I thought I needed in my routine until very recently. The idea of “exfoliation”, “toning” etc are all relatively new to me, so is of course the concept of “exfoliating toners” and “exfoliating masks”. Needless to say, I didn’t have any clue about their importance in my routine or even “How-To” till I stumbled upon a few beauty blogs. Things have changed lately though, and I am more aware of its significance, and also own a few products which, I think, are taking care of it.

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Too Pretty To Use

Best High end makeup Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil Chanel Poudre Signee highlighter powder Guerlain meteorites Guerlain Rouge lipstick Urban Decay Naked palette Tom Ford lipstick Cherry Lush Review Best Tom Ford Red lipstick Best Guerlain meteorite Best Chanel powder highlight Best neutral palette

I have a section in my makeup drawer (which is rather large) as proof of just how badly “product hype” has hit my poor wallet! “Limited Edition” makes my bank account groan very loudly, but I shamelessly ignore it. I have a fair share of insanely expensive makeup and other bits which I know are going to go bad even before I get around to using them! Naming a particular beauty blogger as the reason for my unwarranted purchases is just wrong, so I won’t do it! I love what they do, I love reading about new stuff, but its upto me where I want to put my money. Now lets get on with the ramble!

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Weekend Movie Recommendation #1

adaptation her big fish about time movie review recommendation

I have been watching movies quite regularly these past few weeks. Its become a sort of ritual for us to watch one every night after dinner, and although it makes it hard for me to sleep afterwards, its well worth it. I thought ill share with you my favorites so far. The list is long and I do not want to exhaust you with too many options, so here is the first lot!

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Color Me Pink | Nars Dolce Vita

Nars Dolce Vita Blush review Nars Dolce Vita lipstick review Nars Dolce Vita swatches Nars makeup review best Nars blush for Indian skin tone the conscience fund blog best Nars mlbb lipstick best Nars lipstick for Indian skin tone best Nars blush swatches review

A pure pink flush of color on the cheeks and lips is the quintessential pretty face to me. However much you contour, bronze and smoke your eyes out, the satisfaction of a perfectly executed “no-makeup-makeup” look is something else! One such pretty duo from Nars with a hue that spells fall, has been (to my surprise) my go-to pink for a natural look. We are talking about the most celebrated Nars blush-lipstick shade after Nars “O”, Dolce Vita.

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Heroes From The Budget Aisle

favorite budget beauty products the conscience fund blog KIKO Bourjois Happy Light Revlon colorburst lipstick the body shop clear brow gel Sally hansen salon manicure nail polish nude now KIKO long lasting shadow stick review swatches Sally hansen insta dry top coat opi nail color real techniques brushes

I am a self proclaimed beauty snob and quite unabashed about it. I have had my fair share of failed beauty products from both sides of the price spectrum, but the disappointments from the lower end definitely surpass that of the other. That said, there are a few gems I have discovered and loved from the budget group, and they sit quite comfortably among my favorites. Here are some that need a special mention!

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Evening Skincare

Evening Skin care routine skincare favorites Pai Camellia and rose gentle hydrating cleanser pair Bio regenerate rose hip oil review Clinique anti blemish clearing gel kiehls avocado eye treatment review clarins hydra quench cream gel shu uemura anti oxi cleansing oil review skincare staples

A clean fresh face, free from gunk is something I look forward to the most as the day ends. The most frequently suggested beauty advise by anyone who is anyone in the beauty world is “Never Sleep With Your Makeup On!”. It seems like a punishment on nights when I may come back late, or too tired or too full, but I drag myself to the bathroom nevertheless and get on with my beauty ritual.

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