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In flight beauty essentials

With a couple of days to go for a rather long flight to Australia, I thought some “whats in my bag” posts were in order. I am sharing my in-flight beauty bag today because I am dead serious about it and its the first thing I have assorted and kept aside in the name of “packing”

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Five New (To Me) Products I’m Loving

new beauty products im loving Hourglass luminous palette kypris antioxidant dew Dior rouge balm Lily and Diorette Tom Ford cream color for eyes in Platinum Wayne Goss Air Brush Wayne goss brush 13 wayne goss brush 02

Fellow beauty lovers! Its been a while since I showed up here and instead of boring you with some long story about how busy I was and how little I thought about the blog (which is not true!) I thought I’d rather fix you up with short stories about some new things I have acquired and loving. Good idea?

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One In One Out | Empties, Back-ups & Repurchases

aesop empties Aesop Resurrection Hand Cream

The blog has been pretty dormant the past few months which means I have not been able to talk about as many things as I would have liked, and a lot of ideas and things have just piled up around me. While I was clearing out my wardrobe today, as you do on a Sunday, I collected a mega pile of used up stuff which fortunately I had not binned yet. Very helpful indeed!

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