Keeping Tabs On My Cleanser Stash

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel review Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser Ren Micro Polish Cleanser review best cleansers for sensitive skin best gentle cleanser best balm cleanser

For someone who thought that cleansers were the least important part of a skincare routine, to have an entire year dedicated to cleansers and cleansing is BIG deal! 2014 will go down in (my) history as the year I understood cleansers and spent a good deal of funds and time on.

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MAC Makeup Rediscovered

Mac makeup rotation Mac Peachtwist blush Mac hush cream color base Mac Hug me lustre lipstick Mac Arena eyeshadow Mac Select Moisture cover concealer Mac Teddy Eye kohl Mac mulch eyeshadow

Its been a while since I talked makeup on the blog. The last time I filled you up on whats on my makeup tray for January, and while it looked all concise and streamlined, the truth is I am constantly trying to find old products in my collection to add to the regular lineup and try to put them to use, if I can.

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Shopping The Sales, Pinning Spree & Weekend Reads

Weekend dressing Zara Jeans Zara Shoes Mango Button Down Silk Shirt Mango Printed shirts Mango Viscose Shirts Zara striped t shirts Zara shoes

This schedule thing may not be going very well for me considering I was almost going to miss the first Saturday, but I am still warming up to the idea and it might be a while before I am in the groove. Stay with me there is always hope! I wanted to keep this post casual and (agenda-less) just to recap the week and share a few things I did, loved and read.

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My CultBeauty Shopping Bag

On My Cult Beauty Wishlist Online shipping to India Beauty products online India Aesop Sachajuan Verso Oskia

You know the drill with spending-ban(s) right?? I had made it loud and clear to the world (and to myself) that I wasn’t going to buy any makeup until.. whenever, and under NO circumstances is that changing sooner than it has to. But! January happens to be my birthday month (aha!), and just to keep up the happy vibe (as per usual for birthdays) a little bout of shopping might be essential. Right!

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Products That Did Not Work

Disappointing skincare products Lush BIG shampoo Clarins toning lotion with camomile the body shop body sorbet satsuma Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask Antipodes Avocado and Pear night cream

I am the kind who is very careful about where I put my money. Its a long way from the time I find out about a product, read reviews, find the ingredients and upto the point where I am at the shop or facing my online shopping cart and keying in the figures.

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My Blogging Process & An Update

Blog Updates The Conscience Fund blog

Seeing that a lot of you joined my blog recently and decided to read what I write (for as long as you will), I am really grateful and happy for it and wanted to thank you (and everyone of you who read TCF) while hoping I can keep your interest alive and kicking for the months to come. In the meanwhile please feel free to voice your thoughts, experiences and (constructive) criticism on everything and anything which happens on the blog and I will try and be as much of a sport as I can!

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