A Conscience Experiment

skin care
My current skincare obsession!

I cannot remember the last time I went into a department store with flashy makeup and rows and rows of skin care beauties, and walked out empty handed! yep! that’s me folks.. and my guess is a at least a few of you just said to yourselves “That’s what happens to me!”
With countless beauty bloggers (who I love and adore and follow every day, check out the “I have to check this before I sleep” list) talking about one good product after another, and most of them going out of their way to emphasize how 1 or 2 or 3, 4, 5… products changed their lives and skin! Its hard not to fall for the “trap” and “prioritize” your budget to get “THAT CLEANSER” before you get groceries for the week!

Hence, my dear readers I have set out to break free of this vain obsession and I am going to cut down the above hoard to just 6 products! You heard me right! 6 things! its been hard to bring this big load to look small but I think I have done it! So here is what I will be using for ummm.. 2 weeks and see what my skin has to say about it! I shall report back to you and then we’ll decide if I need to follow it further or… not! The products selected are not necessarily my favorite, In fact I did not want to select products which I know work for me only because this experiment also involves busting the myth that certain ( read expensive/ organic/ natural.. whatever) products are better than the rest. So I picked 1 makeup remover, 1 cleanser, 1 moisturizer, 1 lip balm and 1 hand salve. Ill do a more detailed post on what are my fault-less, perfect products that I could not do without very soon!

The new minimalist skin care

Ill probably be digressing from this for a couple of weeks till I have some results to share with all of you. Till then.. ciao!

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