My handbag and other stories

The handbag
1st Col: Nexus phone, Ray ban case, wallet and wayfarer sunglasses. 2nd Col: Some beauty bits and my diary. Last is the Coach bag

There is nothing more I dislike more than rummaging  for my keys, pens and other tiny things in a huge dark black hole of a bag! I have seen my Mum struggle with it and I have been no exception! But then there is also nothing that I love more than a sleek black bag (Of course not more than you Mr. Husband!). Hence my bag requirements look something like:
A) Black
B) Small
C) Leather
D) Chic
E, F G ….. Affordable!

My current bag of choice the Coach ‘Legacy – Penelope’ Leather Crossbody bag, is all of the above plus more. Its more spacious than it looks! I got this from Nordstrom last summer and has been getting a lot of love from me in the warmer months.
There was a time when I was crazy about bags and I had one of every size, shape, color, but that is history. I have become quite a spartan and invest only in “key” pieces.

I thought ill give you a peek inside this little gem, and the usual fare I carry in this everyday.

The essentials: That would be my sunglasses, phone and wallet. My wallet is from Hidesign and I bought it specially for small bags. It was a great find since it fits a lot of cards and has a zip compartment for coins and other bits. Rayban Wayfarers are classic and chic and not too feminine, which is what I like.

The beauty bits
The pretty things: I dont carry a makeup bag as such everyday but a few things which I may need through the day. The Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is a very good primer/moisturiser/skin booster and I have to have it with me at all times!
I also carry a tiny bottle of Dior Miss Dior perfume which was part of a GWP. This is my favorite perfume at the moment and I have a bigger sized bottle at home. Amazing floral smell which is so me!

The smaller sized L’occitaine Shea butter hand cream is a must have for my ultra dry hands! Its a very good one, non-greasy and luxurious. The benefit Posietint adds color to my lips and cheeks,and because its a stain it stays really long. I also carry the Rose Petal salve, which is such a good all-rounder, all dry patches covered! I use this over the stain, on the eyes, cuticles as a highlighter, talk about multi-tasking!

MAC Coffee eye pencil is my favorite of them all for a blackish-brown color and I have raved about it previously here.
The pretty mirror you see there was from a thrift shop in Korea. It has mother of pearl on its cover and inside is a very good quality two-sided mirror.

Thankfully all this stuff fits quite well in my handbag and does not make it burst at the seams! 😛

My handbag


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  3. Jaa

    I agree, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is such a quick way to perk up the skin! 😀 I tried the hand cream but I prefer the rose scented one better. ^_^

    Your bag is so neat and organized. Mine is a total mess, LOL!

  4. sleep and water (@sleepandwater)

    Lovely Coach bag, the simple, classic design really appeals to me and I think the shape is relatively youthful. I’ve heard so much about MAC Coffee eye pencil – I think it’s such a classic. I forget sometimes I have the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. Sometimes I use it as a primer but otherwise I don’t really have any idea how to get the most of the seemingly multipurpose product.

    • Divya

      Hi thanks for stopping by! I love your blog and have followed you everyday for the past year! 😀
      you know you could just mix the flash balm with your moisturiser or foundation and slap it on! no need of a highlighter after that! try it!

  5. debolina

    Your blog is ok but to be honest what I believe internal beauty is more important. spending so much of money (though its entirely yours but I couldn’t resist myself) doesn’t make any sense all together as they do not even help you look any better.. if you are beautiful person inside then outside hardly matters only if you are not that bimboo kind of a girl..I would suggest you help poor and needy people.your collection is fascinating but being a freelancer I feel sad about people who do have money but they cannot give proper meaning to there life either.. anyways hope you do good and stop behaving and feeling like these products by even a tint make any of us look pretty…I am agonised to tell though.. all the best..

    • Divya

      Hi, Thanks for the comment. While I understand your sentiment, this blog represents just a facet of my life which I think will be interesting to my readers.

      I consider my work for the community as a personal thing, which I choose not to put on display. I am saddened that you feel agonized by reading about the products but there are thousands other blogs that you might find more meaning in, maybe this will be that blog someday.

  6. Jess

    I don’t carry makeup with me either, just whatever lip product I am wearing a bit of concealer if the face feels the need.
    Thanks for sharing your bag with us. New reader here and I will be back!

  7. Sunny

    Cute bag! Mine is bigger because I almost always carry an umbrella (haaate to get my head wet) and a bottle of water with me! I have the same L’Occitane hand cream in my bag for the moment, and I love Miss Dior as well! I also have a couple of lipsticks in there, but otherwise not much makeup at all :)

  8. Ella

    The content looks so cute ^^
    Now I also want tiny perfumes and things with butterflies on 😀
    And now I’ll go on with reading your last post,cause I have seen a lot of interesting products 😀
    I follow you now with bloglovin.I would be glad if you visit my blog too :)


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