My handbag and other stories

The handbag
1st Col: Nexus phone, Ray ban case, wallet and wayfarer sunglasses. 2nd Col: Some beauty bits and my diary. Last is the Coach bag

There is nothing more I dislike more than rummaging  for my keys, pens and other tiny things in a huge dark black hole of a bag! I have seen my Mum struggle with it and I have been no exception! But then there is also nothing that I love more than a sleek black bag (Of course not more than you Mr. Husband!). Hence my bag requirements look something like:
A) Black
B) Small
C) Leather
D) Chic
E, F G ….. Affordable!

My current bag of choice the Coach ‘Legacy – Penelope’ Leather Crossbody bag, is all of the above plus more. Its more spacious than it looks! I got this from Nordstrom last summer and has been getting a lot of love from me in the warmer months.
There was a time when I was crazy about bags and I had one of every size, shape, color, but that is history. I have become quite a spartan and invest only in “key” pieces.

I thought ill give you a peek inside this little gem, and the usual fare I carry in this everyday.

The essentials: That would be my sunglasses, phone and wallet. My wallet is from Hidesign and I bought it specially for small bags. It was a great find since it fits a lot of cards and has a zip compartment for coins and other bits. Rayban Wayfarers are classic and chic and not too feminine, which is what I like.

The beauty bits
The pretty things: I dont carry a makeup bag as such everyday but a few things which I may need through the day. The Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is a very good primer/moisturiser/skin booster and I have to have it with me at all times!
I also carry a tiny bottle of Dior Miss Dior perfume which was part of a GWP. This is my favorite perfume at the moment and I have a bigger sized bottle at home. Amazing floral smell which is so me!

The smaller sized L’occitaine Shea butter hand cream is a must have for my ultra dry hands! Its a very good one, non-greasy and luxurious. The benefit Posietint adds color to my lips and cheeks,and because its a stain it stays really long. I also carry the Rose Petal salve, which is such a good all-rounder, all dry patches covered! I use this over the stain, on the eyes, cuticles as a highlighter, talk about multi-tasking!

MAC Coffee eye pencil is my favorite of them all for a blackish-brown color and I have raved about it previously here.
The pretty mirror you see there was from a thrift shop in Korea. It has mother of pearl on its cover and inside is a very good quality two-sided mirror.

Thankfully all this stuff fits quite well in my handbag and does not make it burst at the seams! 😛

My handbag

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