Eye makeup for Dummies!


Clockwise from left: Nars Ashes to Ashes, MAC Patina, Indianwood, Bobbi Brown Burnt Sugar, and center MAC All that glitters

I am not a morning person, and it takes a lot for me to wake up and get ready and go to work. Eye makeup is the last of my concerns everyday, but the days I am in the I-dont-care-if-I-reach-at-lunch mode the first thing ill want to do is get those pretty shadows out and get to work! My colors of choice may seem pretty boring but they look pretty not-boring-but-hot on the eyes!

These are some my favorite eye shadows which work magic on the eyes all by themselves and also a little power-combo for those among us who love the smudgy grunge look!
The Magic Workers: If I were to have only one eye shadow for the rest of my life it would MAC Patina!*drum-roll* This duo chrome beauty was my first eye shadow from MAC! It has gold, grey and hints of green which is a winner in my book! This is a no fail color for me and a no-brainer! I could go on and on about this one but I think you need to try it to fall in love with it! I have not been able to find a dupe for this anywhere and if they ever discontinue it would be devastating!

 Nars Ashes to Ashes is another two-way shadowy-lady, a pretty taupe brown with a hint just a hint of purple in there. This looks amazing with a black liner smudged around the eyes and mascara.
An old favorite’o mine is the Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Burnt Sugar a pretty medium golden brown. Its similar to MAC Soba eyeshadow but more brown and more pigmented.

Another popular choice is MAC All that Glitters eyeshadow. This one does not add too much definition but just brightens the eye area. Its a champagne with hints of pink and peach. This may lean more pink on fairer complexions. This is a good choice to just erase any discoloration on the eyelids and make your eyes pop! I sometimes just use it in the inner corners alone, or with burnt sugar on the lid and its beautiful.

For the cream product aficionados MAC Indianwood paint pot is your man! This is a beautiful golden-brown shadow with more gold than brown in it. Its creamy and build able and looks very pretty on any skintone! Among paint pots this one is not discussed much, which is such a shame because I think this is a true one-wash-wonder! Pair it with mascara, or just black/brown liner and done!

The Grunge Gang: This was a discovery after an extremely busy day at work! I was at MAC to get my usual supply of MAC Coffee pencil, when I asked the makeup artist for an eye shadow very similar in color to the pencil to smudge it around the lash lines. She gave me two things, MAC Espresso and MAC 219 brush and bang! the perfect grunge look!

The smudge

Coffee eye pencil is smooth and creamy and not waxy and easily smudge-able on its own, but using a matte powder shadow like espresso creates a pretty halo effect, besides the powder helps to set it in place and it stays longer. This a very quick eye-thing I do and trust me it looks stunning!

Ill post pictures of me with some makeup on very very soon and ill try to use the ones mentioned above, then perhaps you would see what I am talking about!

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  1. Alessia

    I use All That Glitters and Espresso since I was 18 and I think they will stay on top of my preferences for long time. Indianwood is such a pretty hue….I’ve never tried it but it looks very pretty too

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  4. suzanne

    Thanks! Will wait for them.. and do post your pictures without makeup as well. It will help me a lot to decide..as i generally use channel and mac products..:)

  5. suzanne

    Nice blog!! i have a request..why dont you upload some of your pictures out here wherein you will be carrying all these makeup on your face. And the one without makeup so that it becomes easier for us to figure out what differnce do these products actually make.. I am about to get married in few months so i really need it. Thanks!!

    • Divya

      Hi Suzanne! Congratulations for your wedding! I am working on that front, ill definitely put up some pictures in the coming posts! Hope you’ll like it :-)

  6. Jaa

    I have MAC Patina! Such a beautiful and complex color! So easy to wear, too. MAC paint pot is next to try on my list and Indianwood looks absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the recommendation! :)

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