Summer Skin Saviors – Part 1

L to R: Nars cleansing oil, Clinique DDML, La Roche Posay Sunscreen and Clarins cleanser with cottonseed

L to R: Nars cleansing oil, Clinique DDML, La Roche Posay Sunscreen and Clarins cleanser with cottonseed

I am a winter person! Summer does not agree with me somehow and I spend a large part of it dealing with sun burn, rashes and even breakouts! After a lot of experimenting and failing and coming back to what works best, I can now confidently profess my love for these heroes which work diligently through summer  to keep my skin in top shape and keep problems away!

Those of you who aren’t familiar, I am on a very strict skincare regimen (you can read about it here) which only allows me 6 products for both morning and evening and I am not allowed to stray! (though an few drops of face oil and a weekly mask are just a small indulgence a girl is allowed *wink* *wink*)

Before that happened, I was absorbed in various lotions and potions and discovered quite a few skincare products some of which had great results and the others mostly duds. While this turned my good robust skin in to a sensitive little wimp, I did end up realising a few things:
1. Expensive does not always mean good
2. Stick to what works
3. There is no alternative to water
4. Every body needs a moisturizer
5. Everybody also needs to slap on some spf!
6. Stop looking for “the-thing” no one has ever found it!

The Wash: Cleansing oils are all the rage right now, and Nars has a great one in their lineup. I picked this up during a sale on Nars Cosmetics sometime late last year and started using this just a couple of months back. Such a delight! I have used Shu Uemura cleansing oils before and while those are amazing, a few of them are a little more “oily” and sort of leave a film behind. This one cleanses off with water completely and my skin is left clean and supple and no trace of either makeup or oil!
This is again one of those less talked about gems (whats with me and the underdogs!) but it sure gives the rest of them a good competition!
Come summer and this cleanser from Clarins is back on its spot in my bathroom. This is a very good cleanser for normal to oily skin. Its gentle yet very good at cleansing off all grime and makeup. I use this after the Nars cleansing oil as a “double-cleanse”, and my skin feels very comforted.

I use this alone in the mornings (a very tiny amount) and it freshens up my face for the day! I have used several tubes of this in the past and one of them will last a good 4 to 5 months with regular use.

The After Wash: Hot and humid weather translates to any makeup or moisturizer turning into water and rolling off my face! This was before I tried this combination which has changed summery mornings forever for me!
The Clinique Dramatically different moisturising lotion is a cult favorite across the world. Although my skin type is normal, for summer I prefer a gel-type moisturiser just to cut down on grease. The Clinique DDML gel with the LA Roche Posay Anthelios xl dry touch gel cream stays put on my face in the most humid of days. The gel textures of both help them sort of bind to my skin (how un-scientific but you get the point?) without making things sweaty or uncomfortable!

This bottle of the DDML shown here is a 125ml size and its nearly over. I won’t be repurchasing this immediately as I am currently hooked on the Clarins Hydra Quench Gel-cream which is uh-mazing! Expect a review of it soon as thats the only moisturiser I am allowed right now and I am not complaining at all!

This is part 1 of a series of post I plan to do for my summer essentials. Next one will be on some budge proof makeup bits for summer and hopefully you can see them in action on my face!


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  2. Jaa

    I’ve been loving the Clinique DDML as well! Although mine is a “lotion” version, not “gel”. I wonder if the gel would be lighter (and all around more fun to use!). Does the LA Roche Posay sunscreen leave a white cast or sticky residues?

  3. Kiss & Make-up

    I’ve used that Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel for a looooong time! Liked it! Still like it, actually. But I just like trying different things.

  4. Sunny

    Haha I like the 6 lessons you learnt when you were experimenting with skincare! I agree with you!

    The weather is good here, but it’s not summer summer yet so I haven’t thought that far ahead :p I don’t think my routine changes THAT much though. I use dry oil all year round, for example!

    • Divya

      We have very distinct seasons here! Like its already very very hot here! I love facial oils a lot and some of them work just as well for any season

    • Divya

      Hey Jasmine! Thanks a lot for nominating me! I had no clue about Liebster! I am very very new to the blogging world! just 10 posts old!
      I am really glad you like my posts! :D

    • Divya

      I know right? the damn cream is so expensive but I cannot resist the smell, besides it feels great on the skin! Welcome to the blog!!!

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