I have been shopping! : the beauty edition

The beauty Haul
From LtoR: Antipodes Avocado Pear night cream, L’occitaine Lavender Soap, L’occitaine 4 Roses hand cream, Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey mask, The Body Shop body butter, Chanel Chance EDP, Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel. Center: YSL Gris Deco Nail Color, OPI My very first Knockwurst Nail color

Hot weather = no going out in the day and spending some cash online! This hot bad weather has caused a serious dent on my wallet and I over the past few weekends I ended up purchasing a lot of beauty products and other stuff. This post is dedicated to my biggest addiction: Beauty Haul!


The Chanel: How does a girl resist a Chanel counter 500 meters from her place of work I ask?! My favorite thing to do when I need a boost right after work is to land up at Chanel beauty counter and go on a swatching, testing spree! Last time I was there, I picked Le Blanc De Chanel primer. Like I have whined before, its super hot here and everything just loves slipping off my face these days. I wanted something which keeps my face matte but also adds luminosity, hence the Chanel primer. I am yet to start using it but when I applied it at the store I completely fell for it!

The Chanel Chance perfume has been on my wishlist for ages! Since I recently picked the Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne,so I got the smaller 30ml bottle of this which is very cute and great for the handbag!

Skincare Bits: Now, these Antipodes goodies are a result of a late night online shopping on BeautyBay.com. Amazing website with free international shipping and great selection of brands and products! I got the famous Aura Manuka Honey mask and The Avocado Pear night cream all under the influence of lovely Estee, who has raved about these so many times!

The body bits
The Body Things: L’occitaine is my favorite brand for body products and I am yet to find a product I don’t love! My favorite bits are their soaps and hand cream which I have raved about here. I picked the Lavender Shea butter soap and the Rose hand cream. Both of these are repurchases and I am never going to stop buying them!

I also bought The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Body butter which smells delicious! They have changed the names and packaging of these, but the formula and smell is the same. Such a great non-synthetic rose fragrance and very very good at hydrating my super dry body! Love it in every weather!

nail paints
For Toes and Tips: Well this was completely unnecessary (what wasn’t?) but I couldn’t resist the pretty colors! I am a very nude-nail-color person and when I feel adventurous all I can paint brightly are my toes! I picked up this grey with pearl color from YSL No. 23 Gris Deco which looks great on my hands! Also this color from OPI My very first Knockwurst is a pastel pink which is great for both toes and tips!

Expect a review on some of the above in the coming posts! Let me know if you have tried any of these and what you think!


    • Divya

      Hey! I actually do not have a separate plugin as such.. My website is hosted on WordPress and they have settings to filter out spam comments so that saves me the trouble! You can check with your hosting site for help with those..

      • scriptmaddy

        only prob is Divya Im totally addicted to perfumes …so u mite hear me saying signature word to lot of perfumes ….lolz but u can always have more signature persumes rite ….there is no rules to it …face palm 😛

  1. katarinaandini

    My mom is a huge fan of L’Occitane :) its stores is blooming here in Indonesia, nowadays. As for me, I’ve been using TBS’ Moroccan Rose since the first time it’s launched (my ex bought the EDT for my birthday gift) and I keep on repurchasing any Moroccan Rose items since then. My favorites are the lotion and EDT 😀

    • Divya

      The only scent I love from TBD is the Moroccon rose! love the EDT and the body butter! the lotion is a little too light for my dry skin!

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  3. Sunny

    You’ve got some nice stuff, Divya! I’ve always wanted to try Antipodes, but my skincare wardrobe is PACKED for the moment. Really can’t buy anything else! Will definitely re-visit the idea next time I run out of something :)

  4. sleep and water (@sleepandwater)

    Gorgeous purchases! I love Jo Malone Orange Blossom cologne – one of my favourites recently. It’s just so juicy, clean and redolent of springtime. I have quite a few Antipodes products and generally like them. The mask is really gentle and lovely. The pear cream is nicely hydrating though the funky smell deters me a bit.

    • Divya

      If you can get your hands on it and don’t mind the price, go for the Hourglass mineral viel! it’s the best I love it :-)

  5. suzanne

    I will be patient!! take your time and i know how office sucks!!hate mine so much sometimes.. but will be waiting desperately as they will help me alot.. i am planning to get ready from mac.. What do you suggest??

    • Divya

      Yeah MAC is a good choice. Mine was done by a gorgeous MUA from MAC and she was really great! I didnt want too much makeup on me and she just read my mind! MAC people know their stuff :-) My advice would be to not try to look like someone else, just a better/enhanced version of yourself. Your makeup should be timeless as those pictures will be forever! 😀

  6. suzanne

    sample collections are just so awesome(may be it anything).. well u and your partner are cordially invited in my marriage which would be taking place in some palace of rajasthan i guess..its not yet properly decided.. and you need to come with all your makeup collections!! just kiddin..once decided will inform you immediately..

    • Divya

      Oh Im flattered! Thank you so much for the invitation! :-) I am planning to do a post on my wedding makeup and products used as well as one on my outfit and jewelry, hope you’ll like it. But, its going to take some time because I am really caught up with work at the office! Patience! :)

  7. suzanne

    hey divya! well i have used Le Blanc De Chanel primer before and hands down to it..and i recently purchased Chanel Chance perfume..and speechless!!!! it is such a delight..im totally in love with it right now and will make sure that it will be there in my bridal kit.. Still waiting for your pictures.

    • Divya

      I love the perfume! I also grabbed a few samples of these for travelling! Your wish is my command madam and I am working on it! :)

      • Sprinkle Days

        Love this perfume too =) It’s nice and light with a sweet touch to it. Nice post =)
        Feel free to check out my blog too if you have some extra time =) Take Care


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