The Liebster Award!

The lovely Jasmin from  JasminCharlotte surprised me big time by nominating me for this award! This is when I am not even 2 weeks old on the blogosphere! I did a little bit of research and found out thats this is an award to promote new bloggers and encourage them to keep up the good work! That is such a great idea in my opinion as it not only lets you discover new blogs and people it also brings a sense of achievement along!

The ground rules for the award are:
1. Someone nominates you and asks you 11 questions
2. You have to answer them and create a new set of 11 questions
3. You need to tag 5 other new fellow bloggers and nominate them for the award!

Jasmin asked me my 11 questions so here goes:

1. Where would your ideal holiday be?
Ever since I got back from Paris I can only think of how I can put myself back in that city! If it were to me I’d drag my husband to Paris every vacation we have! :D

2. What TV show can you never watch too much of?
I am a huge fan of the Modern Family! With work and home I do not get time to watch every new episode, but I could spend a whole weekend with just Modern Family re-runs and popcorn!

3. If money was never an issue, what would your ideal job be?
Money or no money I would just love to be a Makeup artist! I could just talk eat sleep makeup all day! Just Imagine!

4. Why did you begin blogging?
My love for all things beauty and traveling got me onto blogging! I have always enjoyed reading blogs so much that one fine day at work I just decided its time to start writing! I wanted to connect with all those fantastic people I love to follow and read! Besides, sharing whatever little I knew and liked! :)

5. Explain the name of your blog?
I am glad you asked! When I thought of blogging I was brimming with ideas for posts and could hardly decide on a theme, whether it’ll be travel or beauty or food or fashion.. so I thought I cannot give it a very genre specific name. So I thought of ‘The Conscience Fund’ a collective of everything I see, like, think, enjoy love!

6. Top three all time make up products?
This is a tough one! If I were to pick three makeup things id say.. A) Dior Show Iconic Mascara B) Hourglass Radiant Light Powder and C) Nars Tzigane lipstick

7. Do you want to get married? If so, where?
I am one of those lucky ones who get married to the love of their lives! :D I am blissfully married for 3 months now!

8. What is your favorite sea creature?
I love Dolphins!

9. What is your top phone app?
Instagram! no brainer! :P

10. Where is your favorite place you have travelled?
Je t’aime Paris!

11. Sweet or savoury?

*phew*! so thats done, no my turn to ask questions!

First, I’d like to nominate the following lovely people and their blogs for this award:
1. Get Your Inner Beauty On

2. Namas Taylor

3. Eithne Loves Lipstick

4. The Chic Mommy

5. Sincerely Regan

6. Ella Liebt

My questions are:

1. Whats your favorite thing to do on a weekend?
2. Which is your most repurchased beauty item?
3. Which is your favorite kind of food?
4. What is your job and do you love it?
5. Who are you closest to in your family?
6. Which is the one place you have always wished to go? and have you been there yet?
7. Whats your favorite clothing item?
8. Shoes or bags?
9. Who is your favorite celebrity?
10. What are the 3 things you’d tell your 14 year old self?
11. Which was your favorite book/ book series as a kid?


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  1. Jaa

    I like the idea of how you came up with your blog name! Mine is just way too simple, lol. Hello and myname?! Hahaha.

    And congratulations on your wedding!!! <3

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