Summer Skin Saviors – Part 2

This is the second part of my Summer Skin Saviors series. You can read about Part I here, where I wrote about some of my indispensable and fuss-free cleansers, moisturizer and spf. While the nonchalant among us might find even a simple cleanse-moisturize-spf routine too much, the rest of us are pretty devoted and regular when it comes to skin care! Although, I am on a six product maintenance routine, I have used the following in the past and seen results! I thought its only fair to sing some praise and let you know of a gorgeous product you might have overlooked!
All the products mentioned are my own purchases and the reviews are not influenced by the brand or affiliates.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir (100 ml 49$): I have talked about my love for the beauty elixir in one of my previous posts here. I started using this about two years ago. Driven by the raving reviews around the blogosphere, I bought it instantly when I spotted it at a pharmacy in South Korea! The first time I used it I found the aroma really strong and it felt very menthol-like on the skin. I dismissed it at first but gradually when summer approached this became a treat for my face!


I use it more ways than one, except for the one way it is supposed to be used- Toner! I use it as a finishing spray on my makeup, it immediately settles the makeup down and adds a distinct glow! I sometimes use it under face masks to dampen my skin after washing and drying. This, I think is a really good way of using it because when you apply a mask on top, both the elixir and the mask get a lot of time to sink into the skin and enhance the effect of each other! I have used several face mists in the past all of which were good in their own way, but this to me is an all-rounder and eliminates the need for any other mist altogether!

At 49$ its not cheap at all, but if you are considering getting a face mist with some skin benefits and want it to work, get this! This is available across a lot of online shops including CaudalieSephora, Nordstrom, LookFantastic, FeelUnique etc.

Pai Rosehip Bioregenrate Oil (30 ml 20£): This is a new addition to my beauty rack and I ordered it off about two months back. As claimed by Pai  it works to help reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, fine lines and UV damage in all skin types. 
This has been such an amazing discovery for me! I have used and loved the Clarins Lotus Face Oil last summer which was a little heavy with a strong odour and was targeted specifically for oily skin. While it was a pleasure to massage it into my skin, I didn’t see much of an effect on my breakouts or milia or even on marks left by previous breakouts.

The Pai oil is much lighter with less of a smell and gets absorbed really quickly into the skin as opposed to the Lotus oil which took a lot longer! I have used it for two months, around 3 – 4 times a week and I have hardly made any gaps in the bottle! I just need around 6 drops for my face and neck and then massage it gently. In case of face oils, less is always more, as you can always add more if you feel the need, but if you go over board with it you might sleep with a very oily face ( not a nice thought! )

I have observed quite a difference in my skin and T-zone specially. I am much less worried about my skin now and it looks way more clear and balanced and mid-day blotting is history! I do break out sometimes, but I think this oil helps to get rid of all the after-marks, it meets expectations at least in the scarring department!

You can order this oil from Pai, BeingContent, and BeautyBay among others.

I believe in investing in the one good product you know works for you rather than experimenting again and again! What works for one may not work for another, is always to be kept in mind!

Let me know if you have used any of the above and if you liked it?


  1. Jaa

    The Pai Rosehip Bioregenrate Oil sounds like an amazing product! I have never tried either one but I’ll keep the Pai in mind when I run out of my current face oil! :) The menthol scent of the Caudalie mist won’t probably get along well with me but who knows, it might be very refreshing to use during the summer months!

    • Divya

      I was really skeptical of the Pai oil when I ordered it and didnt have very high expectations but my GOD what a product! its half the price for the Clarins oil and so much more potent! You should give it a go!

  2. Julie Khuu

    I’ve heard amazing things about Caudalie but have yet to try it! Especially shelling out beaucoup bucks without a sample, I’d be nervous! Thanks for the write-up, makes biting the bullet that much easier!

  3. Sunny

    I’ve tried both! While I don’t like the Caudalie Beauty Elixir that much anymore (a bit too much alcohol, and peppermint essential oil is a potential irritant), the Pai oil is indeed pretty good. It’s a great multi-tasker! Now come to think of it, I should grab another bottle and use it on my poor, dry hands.

    • Divya

      I didnt like the beauty elixir that much initially because we are all secretly expecting a miracle product! ;-) but after a couple of uses in the summer I was hooked! You know the best way to use it hands down is on top of your makeup! brilliant!!

  4. Stacey

    I’ve heard so much about Pai Rosehip Oil – I’m glad it lives up to the hype! I’ve been really into facial oils lately (it’s the only thing that hydrates my skin against the cold weather here in Australia) so I’m super keen to try it out!

    • Divya

      Yes please do that! but for winters I prefer the Clarins Blue Orchid face oil! its a boon for dehydrated and dry skin! Clarins is really great with samples try that oil out! im sure ull like it!

  5. suzanne

    i would suggest you to use this one SUN INTOLERANCE TREATMENT BODY SPRAY by INSTITUT ESTHEDERM! though its a fragrance free ideally suited for sensitive skin. I tried this product last year when I went away and I didn’t break out anywhere and ended up without any nasty red blotches on my skin. This is now at the top of my holiday shopping list!! Highly recommended.. try it once you done with your own lotion.

  6. suzanne

    hey divya! here i am using both these products and could possibly rate it 5 out of 5.. its texture is so rich and redolent.. cannot stay without applying them even for a day now.. D:

    • Divya

      I know its such a gamble! They should do samples for sure! You can with your friends if they have it and then try from theirs? :-)

      • blushingbiddies

        Ugh, I wish! I just moved to a new city, no where near where my main friends are. And also my friends are verrryyyyy behind on the skincare-bandwagon D: I wish Pai was sold at Sephora, I could get a sample there!

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