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Bobbi Brown stick foundation in 4 Natural, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Ever since I turned into a beauty junkie, travelling hasn’t been the same for me! Gone are the days when I would pack my backpack with just clothes, shoes and tooth brush and off!
Now I travel with a big suitcase which is half full with all my “beauty things”which i can’t seem to live without even on a vacation! Gawd whatever happened to good’ol careless-sun-food-sleep holidays??

Nostalgia apart, this post is not about my pre-makeup days, its about two amazing makeup heroes which make my suitcase lighter and my clothes safer from spills when I am traveling!

Everybody who is anybody in the beauty world has raved about this beauty gem which goes by the name Hourglass Ambient lighting powder! I managed to score this limited edition palette (now permanent yay!) from Sephora last year in their annual Friends & Family sale. I had been itching to try these powders ever since they launched and the moment the palette was released I couldnt wait to get my hands on it!

This palette houses 2 of the permanent shades Dim light and Radiant light and one of the new shades exclusive to this palette, Incandescent light. while Dim light doesn’t do much for me and Incandescent light is a nice subtle highlighter, Radiant light is the one I love the most! Its a beautiful golden-brown powder which adds subtle definition with a beautiful glow! I wouldn’t call it a full-on bronzer, its just a powder with an extra oomph. This palette itself is quite sturdy and served me well through the 12 days in Europe (probably thanks to my makeup bag.. Travel beauty packing post anyone?)

Next up is this foundation stick from Bobbi Brown which is absolutely God sent! I have it in two colors, 4 Natural shown above and 5 Honey (not in the picture). while Honey is couple of shades darker for my complexion, Natural is a very spot on match!

Its a thick classic foundation stick with nearly full coverage. It might be too much in summers but for winter-dry skin its amazing to use. I use Natural more as a concealer in areas which need a bit of cover and blend away with fingers, while Honey has more use as a contour or during summer when I am much more tanned. One needs a tiny amount to cover most of the face and this makes the actual stick last a very long time.

This combo was pretty much what I carried to Europe this year (of course lipsticks and blushes and etc etc), both of these kept me covered in the foundation and glow department!

Have you tried either of these products? How do you find them? Let me know!

P.S: before I give into my heart’s wish my head would like to know of a more affordable dupe of the Radiant Light powder! Anybody?


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  5. Faiza

    Hi Divya!! I want to ask you about the color match of BB stick foundation with mac one…like I am NC 30 in mac what could be possible match in Bobbi brown stick foundation according to you.. what I personally think it might be the warm sand or beige…but not sure about it….

  6. Claudia Fox

    I am so glad that they have made the Hourglass palette permanent, now I’ve just got to wait for it to actually be in stock! I love their ambient lighting blushers already so I kind of have to buy the palette don’t I?! lol x

  7. Stacey

    I just purchased the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, and it’s absolutely amazing! Now I’m interested in more from the range lol. Think I’ll check out that Bobbi Brown foundation stick too!

    • Divya

      Seriously! I am dying to get my hands on both the Rdiant light powder and the Radiant Magenta blush, both are firmly at the top of my wishlist!

  8. Jaa

    Oh I’m totally bringing the Hourglass palette with me to Thailand later this month!!! I’m like you, half (or more) of my suitcase is just jam-packed with makeup!!!! I mean, you never know what mood you’ll be in right? You have to bring options!!! Red, coral, pink, nude, I mean it all adds up and before you know it, you basically haul your entire collection with you. Hahaha!

  9. suzanne

    Bravo!! I was waiting for these two products to be posted on this blog. And there you go. Good collection lady, must say. Very handy and evocative!! Hourglass palette. loved it!

    • Divya

      Ha ha thank you Suzanne! After spending so much time and cash on makeup I have atleast learnt whats good and whats not!

  10. Kiss & Make-up

    Oh I can totally relate, I can never just take hand luggage, not even for a short trip, because of all the make-up I need/want to take with me. So do products in stick or cream form not count as liquids? I never know whether like for example a lipstick or a foundation stick can go in my hand luggage or not.

    • Divya

      oh they totally can! ecept for spray bottles and liquids over 100 ml you can carry all the sticks etc you want! atleast I was able to!

    • Divya

      I have an OCD when it comes to carrying liquids with me on travel! So much so that I have stopped buying liquid bottles for foundation all together! 😛

  11. M's Fashion Hour

    Oh my God! That mini palette from Sephora looks amazing! And I heard a lot of great things about that foundation stick from Bobbi Brown! Could you do a bigger review on this product?
    I would be really great a post on “What’s on my travel bag?”. I am really messy when it comes to packaging the right things, and I always forget something. How do you keep everything organized?
    Really liked this post!

    • Divya

      Thank you so much! I love to see how people pack their beauty things for travel its so useful! Ill definitely do one soon as I will be traveling again! *yay*!

  12. Sunny

    Oh I bet Radiant Light is really great on your skin tone! Don’t think I can think of a cheaper dupe. I was going to say maybe Chanel Les Beiges COULD be similar in a way, but it’s really not cheaper anyways :p

    • Divya

      I have lost count of the number of times I picked Les Beiges to buy then dropped it back! As soon as I grab it I remember Karen’s review of it saying its just the costlier version of Mac’s Careblend powder which in fact is spot on!
      Oh shoot I could get that in a darker color! right?

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