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So while my extensive skincare routine has taken a back seat for the past month, I have been indulging in a lot of nail color orgy! One way or the other I am going over board with nail polish buying, nail color changing, filing, cutting, scraping *phew*!

I recently posted about my beauty haul which featured this beautiful grey nail color from YSL, Gris DecoI am a lover of nudes (ahem well..) when it comes to  nail colors and anything understated is what I gravitate towards, especially for Summer. This grey-pearl is a little different from the various beiges and taupes I usually opt for, and if you are on a budget Max Factor Nail color in Opal is the closest dupe I could find!

For tools and nail care my go-to brand is Sally Hansen. I have loved whatever I tried from the brand except for their nail polish removers which suck! They come in various formulas for different nail conditions, what I find odd is that its a real hard work getting them to remove the simplest of nail colors! I mean which nail product company screws up their nail polish removers??

One of my recent procurements was the famous Bourjois 15 seconds nail polish removerThis stubby little pot of goodness has been on my radar for a very long time and I finally gave in after I had had enough of the Sally Hansen stuff! This is indeed worth all the hype Ladies! I am so bad at applying nail color properly and usually go through multiple attempts before I am happy with the result! This Bourjois pot is to nails colors what Bioderma Sensibio is to Cat eyes!

Nail Color

Coming back to Sally Hansen, The instant cuticle remover is also a newish purchase after multiple raves from ViviannaI have only tried this once and wasn’t too impressed. I mean it did do its job, somewhat, but nothing what dipping my fingers in warm water wouldn’t have done! May be I am not using it correctly? Will give it a few more attempts!

The one product which I adore and have repurchased multiple times is the Insta Dry top coat. Now this one was an impulse purchase the first time around when I hunting for a good top coat. Thankfully this works beautifully and actually dries my nail paint super duper quick! I couldn’t have been happier!

I do not like to spend a lot on nail tools as I frequently change them. the ones pictured above are from Sally Hansen. I have previously used OPI’s tools and they are far better in quality and last much longer.

For keeping my extremely dry cuticles in check I use the good’ol Nivea cream. It is fuss free, thick and really hydrates. I use it at night as its too thick for day time. In fact any thick balm like the Lush Lemony Flutter which is a more expensive and similar product or the famous 8 hour cream, works for moisturizing!

What are your favorite colors for the season? Any nail tips I could use? Let me know!

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