Summer Essentials : Beauty

All I can think of sitting in my work chair is of beaches, oceans and frozen yogurts! I can feel myself yearning for a holiday already inspite of having just been on one couple of months back! Well, forget vacations, for now ill just do with some good rainfall on this parched land!  So while it doesn’t rain and I have to battle this summer let me share with you my current favorite products for this god-forsaken weather!

I hate the feeling of foundation in hot weather so much so that I am ready to step out bare-faced and not care! I reserve full face of makeup only for nights and even then just a bit of concealer if something very obvious has popped up uninvited!

Summer is completely insufferable for me without this amazing rose water mist from Forest Essentials which I use all through the day to hydrate and cool my poor face! The smell of roses makes it absolutely indispensable for me!

Not all of us privileged with a beautiful ocean view out of our windows but that should not stop us from getting beachy waves once in a while eh? This amazing spray from Stockholm’s Sachajuan has made me a beach spray convert! Imagine big wavy tousled hair without the crispiness which comes packaged with such hair sprays. This smells incredibly fresh and does not make my hair suffer!

This Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne has already made an appearance on my blog here.I have been loving this floral fragrance a lot for the past month and I already have the bigger bottle on my wishlist!

The only mascara I have ever repurchased is the Dior Diorshow Iconic and I refuse to use any other! There may be better mascaras and definitely more affordable ones out there but this is just the best I have found!

I feel no post of mine is complete without the honorable mention of my beloved Tarte Blissful blush! The perfect peachy pink, no the best peachy pink blush ever! I have reviewed this here.

On the lips I like to keep things fresh and light and what better than the Korres Lip Butters! I love pairing pomegranate with blissful, peach-pink goodness all the way!

What are your favorite products for Summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Sunny

    Hey Divya, have you tried Diorshow Iconic Overcurl? I love that thing SO much and I just bought the black waterproof version for summer! Now THAT is a summer must-have!


    • Divya

      Oh no I haven’t! Does it give you spidery lashes?? :D I switched to the waterproof version of the diorshow iconic and that sort of works!


      • Sunny

        Haha no not spidery! It gives me very fanned-out, soft and fluttery lashes! I have good luck with Dior mascaras in general, but Iconic Overcurl is the best so far :)


  2. suzanne

    So far i have’nt tried Sachajuan Ocean Mist and and Korres Lip Butter. But i use the rest of them and hold on! they are just awwesomme.. and Korres Lip Butter id on my wishlist! it looks so rosy, juicy and yuummm..(well no clue how yumm comes up here);)


  3. Jaa

    I have Tarte Blissful and I love it, too!!! It’s such a bright and youthful shade perfect for Summer. :D I’ve been wanting to try the Korres Lip Butter but I’m not a big fan of anything that comes in a pot so it will have to wait. Haha.

    Sorry to rub it in, but I’ll be on the actual beaches in Thailand later this month. CANNOT WAIT!! LOL!

    Otherwise, Great picks!! :D :D :D


    • Divya

      I know pot packaging is very prone to bacteria but you have to try this color! it sure is going to convert you! I am so jealous about Thailand!! Which places are you planning to visit!? Let us know what all you’ll be carrying with you! Would love to take a peek at you fabulous beauty packing! :D


      • Jaa

        I’m thinking of doing a typical “What’s in my travel makeup bag” when I get back! :D I don’t know what I’ll be doing yet but I know just by being in my own country will make me happy, whatever I do, wherever I go, doesn’t matter. Though I plan to spend a lot of time on the beach in the south! :D


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