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The past week has been a really tiring one for me with a lot of work and a couple of migraine bouts dotting my days. A few things which saved it from becoming the worst monstrous week ever were lovely fresh Jasmine flowers, a cult beauty order arriving timely! (yay!) and some amazing posts by some of my favorite people on the web!
I thought i’ll do a roundup of posts that I loved the most this past week and in case you are new to these amazing people make sure you follow them!

Lisa Eldridge
If there is one person I can watch over and over again is Lisa! She completely mesmerizes me with her effortless and beautiful makeovers. This past week she had a “3 product make-up” video up and I jumped at it! For a lazy girl like me this was heaven!

Private Life of a girl
Sophie is my latest girl crush and I love how sensible and amazing she is! Probably too wise for her age she has some amazing advice for all of us beauty obsessed folks and I love reading whatever she has to offer! Her Daily Wears series has me really hooked!

Into the gloss
Into the Gloss is my bible for all things beauty! It is one of the first online magazines that I started to follow and they can do no wrong when it comes to the most interesting content on the web! I particularly liked this post last week where Lacy Gattis bashed all those running after “Cara Delevigne-esque” brows! Give it a break ladies appreciate what you have as you are unique!

Sub Genre of a dream
Are you looking out for new ideas for storing your makeup pile!? Well Daphne has a great answer for you! I hadn’t heard of her blog before I started blogging myself ( slap on the hand!) and she is one of the people I am really looking forward to reading every post of! God do I like reading blogs more than writing! (Damn!)

Let it be cosy
Roccio lives in Mallorca *dream* and blogs about food and beauty! Her photography pulled me to the blog initially but then I discovered theres much more to it! A beautiful and simple girl her recipes are healthy and very scrumptious! She occasionally writes about beauty and health and its a delight to read!

Chapter friday
I have only now started following this blog and I wish I had found it sooner! Yara writes about a wide array of things and her articles are fun to read! This particular one couldn’t be timed better for me, what with all the work stress I was going through!

There were so many posts that I read through the week which I absolutely loved and I wish I could include everything here like a glossary of all blogposts by everyone! That would not make for a very interesting read trust me!
There are a lot of new blogs which I recently came across and have already bookmarked them! I’d mention them in a separate post!

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Thank you for reading, let me know what your favorite posts were this past week!

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