Gems From The Neglected Lot – 1

The 5 product face: moisturised skin, Dior BB Creme, Makeup Forever Sculpting blush #10, Makeup Forever Eye shadow as Contour #76, Tarte LipSurgence in Elite on the lips

This happens with me a lot : Buy things on impulse, get disappointed in one use, shove them away, then buy some more, then find the forgotten ones again while clearing out the clutter! This in fact is one of my fail-proof ways of keeping my makeup in rotation before most of it goes bad! So every two weeks or so (or whenever I can remember to) I go through my stuff and pick out the makeup I haven’t used in a while and put them at the top of the pile! next I am going to index everything and write an algorithm for maximum efficiency! The nerd me taking over! help!!

To start with, I bought the Dior Nude BB Cream last summer under some serious #bblogger pressure! With catch words like ïlluminating” and “second skin” floating in my head I came home excited only to be disappointed! So like so many other foundations this poor BB cream got stashed away without much use!

Cut to almost a year later, I now understand this product! I got the shade #3 which was a tad dark for me then, but once blended in natural light it looks appropriately natural!
Its about medium coverage and mostly matte, and is best used around the T-zone to just even things out and add a very very barely there glow! In the above picture other than a moisturizer I am not wearing any concealer or powder in order to show the true effects of the BB Creme. I have used it in the T zone, forehead and around my mouth, see how well it blends!

Next, are these two makeup pieces from Makeup Forever. I got the matte eyeshadow in #76 beige and the Sculpting blush in #10 way back in 2012 (thats not too old for powder products right? ). I don’t know whats with the store lighting, products always change their behavior once I am back home! This eyeshadow looks quite powdery on my eyes the blush, supposed to peach was too pink!

Anyways, luckily for me the eye shadow works really nicely as a contour powder and now that I am into more pink blushes, things look a little bright! Together these two blend perfectly on the cheeks and create a very sculpted look as you can see in the pictures!

Forgotten Makeup

The Lancome Hypnose Mascara is an ideal contender for the “Youtube made me buy it” makeup! I don’t love it, there I have said it! The formula is thick and gloopy and gives me unwanted clumpy lashes! I am more of an “understated but defined lash” person, so this was abandoned right after it came home! The last couple of weeks I decided to use it up and found a way around with the formula. I now dab the wand on a tissue before coating my lashes and that does not cause any overkill! I am definitely not repurchasing this but its good as long as it lasts!

Please ignore my unruly eyebrows! they had vowed not to behave!

At last, my lovely Tarte Lip Surgence. This was part of a set of 5 lip surgences couple of seasons back. The shade I am wearing is called elite. Perfect peachy pink very appropriate for this time of the year! I have other colors from this set as well, including a matte Exposed lip tint and I am currently wearing them in rotation. Why did I ever stop wearing these ? I wonder!

I will be doing more of such posts in the future, as you can tell I have a lot more makeup which is waiting to be rediscovered!

Hope you liked this post! I am happy the pictures can actually show the contour effect of the beige shadow, and as long as the infamous Kevin Aucoin sculpting powder doesn’t come my way, I hope to make full use of this!

I am so thankful to all the lovely ladies and gentlemen for reading and appreciating my blog! Thank you all so much for the encouragement! If you want regular updates of my posts you can join me on Bloglovin’ an easy way to follow all your favorite blogs from one place. Thank you!


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    • Divya

      Ha ha thank yo so much again! 😀 Oh they were a rage few years ago then their bolder nicer cousins came along! I had forgotten about these until a couple of weeks back i dug them out! I have been using this everyday for almost a month now straight!

  3. P

    Your beautiful and cute !
    I had the same mascara before. It is a really good product, I swear only by Lancôme (perfume, mascara, fundation,…) but I have discover a new masacara (not a Lancôme) and now I am unfaithful to Lancôme (bad bad bad) but my lashes have more lengh and volume ! SO… Sorry Lancôme ! Aha

    Feel free to visit my blog 😉

  4. Lorna

    I end up buying things on impulse too, it’s a habit of mine when it comes to beauty, but I have found some amazing pieces sometimes! Also, I just wanted to say that I really like your blog! I’m glad that I found it through Kayture (it seems we have a mutual liking for Kristina’s blog!) It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I’m from England) as I post my outfits, personal style, likes, new purchases and much more :) :)

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  5. Paisley

    Beautiful!! I have a question about BB cream…have you compared the Dior BB to a cheaper brand? I use Maybelline BB cream and really like it but maybe if I tried Dior it would take everything to a whole new level! Let me know what you think!



    • Divya

      Hi Paisley thank you for your comment! I have in fact only used one BB creme so far and that is this one. I invested in it after researching quite a bit into it and all the other BB cremes that were there in the market. I didnt like it initially because at that point I needed something more illuminating than this was, now when my preferences have changed to more natural finish this works beautifully! Having said that, I did try the Maybelline BB creme at the counter sometime last year, and actually didn’t find a good color match for me, the colors that they had were all a little ashy on me. I hope you like using it, because The purpose of the post is not to make everyone go out and buy it, it is to remind people who already have this from last year and not using it.. that its a really good one, so better start using it again! 😀

  6. Stacey

    You look gorgeous Divya!! Love the lippie + blush combo. I think I have rotate my daily pile more often, my forgotten makeup stash is getting more and more unmanageable. 😛

    • Divya

      Thank you Stacey! 😀 Its a coral look appropriate for the season I think! Yes please look into your stash before you splurge! 😛

  7. Jaa

    The first photo makes such a good impact! I was like, staring at your pretty face for a whole minute I swear! LOL!

    Also, WHY CAN’T I HAVE LONG EYELASHES LIKE YOURS?!!! Mine is so non-existent. :((

    I have the Dior BB Creme somewhere. I should start using it again. 😀

    • Divya

      OMG Jaa!! Thanks a lot! I am telling you its all thanks to my Dad he passed down some “lashy” genes! :-) Dior BB Creme is surprisingly good you know! its a little thick but sets in pretty well

  8. themakeuptrain

    How pretty you are!

    It’s disappointing to read that the Lancome mascara is not great. I always hear that it’s one of the company’s star products, but maybe that’s just hype.

    • Divya

      Thank you! I think its all genes 😛 But Lancome Mascara was a let down, after seeing how clumpy and goopy it was from the first time!

  9. jenn f

    hahah i know what you mean!!! i have waay to many things and most of them are forgotten. glad you made a point to try and look for old favorites again. it reminds me i need to do that too.
    quite liking the MUFE shade!
    A Beautiful Zen

  10. sylirael

    This is such a good idea! My usual method for keeping things in use is to pick some stuff, put it in my little makeup purse for work, and reapply whenever I get bored 😀 It only really works for lip products, but that’s what I have most of, so I guess it works 😀

    I have tried about four or five different Lancome mascaras (all samples), and they all give more or less the same result (mascaras are TOTALLY lost on me, LOL) – I think the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl or the YSL mascaras are nicer, personally (much as I love Lancome). The Dior BB Creme looks lovely on you! :-)

      • sylirael

        You have a lovely blog, with beautiful photos! I was feeling bad because you’re always commenting so nicely on my posts, and I hadn’t managed to comment properly on yours yet! 😛

        • Divya

          Oh thanks a lot for that! I am an avid blog reader before a blogger! 😛 So I love reading through the stuff you post and also others! 😀

  11. suzanne

    Even mine will be a proper tarditiona hindu wedding as my would be is some Rajput!! 😀 so i think that would actually help me. I am wearing Lehnga and i am so excited about it plus nervoussss tooo..!!

  12. Sunny

    Hey Divya, oh you’re goooooorgeous!!! I have a tube of Lancome Hypnose somewhere that I still have to bust out and try. It makes your lashes look SO good that I’ve got high expectations now :)

    • Divya

      Hey Sunny! Thank you *blush* 😀 I have naturally long lashes and quite a bit of it! I shouldn’t actually be reviewing mascara’s! But this one is a favorite of a lot of people so probably its good! 😀

  13. suzanne

    Thankyou so much for the suggestion:D I think i will go for less than medium coverage. I personally dont like too much of glow as it is sometimes looks a bit artificial. That is why i liked the skin tone u carrying. I do sometimes use Nars Tinted moisturizer and it mesmerizez me anytime i wear it.. I am too worried for my bridal makeup now!!housshh!!! Keep updating me.

    • Divya

      Ill be putting up a post on my wedding makeup. Mine was a traditional Hindu wedding not sure if that’ll be of much help but it might surely give you an idea of the quality of things!

  14. suzanne

    Hey divya! You look very pretty indeed! Dior Nude BB Cream looks really awesome or its just your actual skin brightening you up so much..Whatsoever I am gonna buy it tomorrow. Cant wait.. and that Tarte Lip Surgence i bet it can do wonders even on a dull and tired face.. thankyou!!!

    • Divya

      Hey Suzanne! phew! you like it! 😀 I am just wearing my usual clinique moisturizer and the BB Cream here. The pictures are untouched and taken in natural light. But, I have a few suggestions for you.. in case you need a lot of coverage then this is not what you should get instead Nars Tinted moisturizer is far better, if you need lot of glow, get the Jouer Luminizing moisture tint which is amazing and if you need less than medium coverage and nearly matte finish then this is your guy! :-)

  15. Judith

    You look really pretty on that picture! MUFE matte eyeshadows are indeed a bit powdery, but they stay put and blend so well.

    And powder products do not expire according to some make up artists,

    • Divya

      Thanks Judith! 😀 Thank God someone can vouch for that! I have loads of blushes and eye shadows which I am never going to hit pan on! 😛

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