The Best of Beauty Hacks

Beauty Hacks

Before we get into the details of the post shall we take a moment and applaud this 20th post on my blog! A big THANK YOU to all those wonderful people who have liked, commented and disliked whatever I have put up here! You appreciation as well as criticism means a lot to me! I am just two days away from “A month into blogging” milestone, and the past days have just flown by! The experience has been amazing and I am sort of getting better at managing time between home, full time work and blogging! A special thanks to my lovely husband without whom none of this is possible!

Before you reject this post seeing that random old T shirt as rubbish, let me explain! Over the few years that I have been consciously taking care of myself and actually investing time and money into it, I have learnt a few things on the way in the form of advice, tips and tricks. I’m sure all of us follow our own wisdom when it comes to beauty and health, I thought ill share a few of mine with you!

1) The T-Shirt trick: Lets get that ugly t-shirt out of the way shall we?! I actually came across an article on Byrdie which got me onto this one. After washing my hair, instead of wrapping a towel around it or drying it with a towel, I use a soft and old T-Shirt! The older and tattered the better. I have been doing it for the past month or so and it has reduced my hair breakage tremendously! The logic behind this is, the texture of a t-shirt is much less coarse so the cuticles and actual hair does not get caught in it, and due to lack of friction everything is smooth and nice! It may take longer to dry, but another advantage of this trick is natural waves!

I usually bathe before sleeping, and my hair-washing happens then. After keeping my wet hair wrapped in a t-shirt for about an hour before I go to sleep, I keep dabbing it between the t-shirt fabric and make sure all the water is out, and then just go to sleep. On days when my hair needs extra care I rub a serum on the ends. Next morning lovely curly hair glory!

2) Another one for the tresses: This advice rescued my hair from the depths of hair-gloom! I had the most dry and frizzy hair possible not very long ago! This genius of a hair dresser that I go to, asked me on one of my first visits, how I conditioned my hair if at all I did! I always condition my hair but it never had much of an affect, to which he pointed out the simplest of things: towel dry your hair after shampooing and before conditioning! Oh God! How did I not see it myself! This was a life saver!

Getting rid of excess water from the hair before conditioning, exposes the hair more and the conditioner is able to work on the actual hair strand instead of the water that coats it! Try this and thank the hair dresser later! :P

3) Half the refrigerator is for my beauty stash: Oh yes it is! My husband is royally irked when there is no place in our tiny fridge for the freshest produce because the Clinique’s, Chanel’s and Dior’s are residing there! The three things I definitely store in a cold storage are A) Eye creams B) Face Mists C) Nail polishes.

Cold storage not only prolongs the shelf life of most skin care and liquid makeup it also keeps them fresh and increases their potency, especially eye creams. Start storing your eye cream tubes and pots in the fridge and you may never need an eye roll on! Same goes for face mists, specially in Summer, when nothing can beat the feeling of a cold spray of natural goodness on your face!

The nail polish trick is new but totally works. I somehow manage to fit all my expensive nail paints in the fridge. I don’t use them very regularly so keeping them in the fridge keeps them from spoiling and getting thickened.

4) Fail-proof eyebrows: Guess what! I came up with this one when I was struggling with filling my brows, and a few days later I discovered the amazing Lisa Eldridge and she did her brows the same way! The actual trick is simple, instead of brushing your brows in place before you fill them up with either powder or pencil, brush them downwards so that all the gaps are properly exposed. Then just go ahead fill those areas in the direction of the hair (which is downwards at this point). Now brush them back in place!

This has always given me the most naturally filled brows. Love this one!

5) Jojoba oil is still good for you: Yes oils are totally in right now and this one was raved about a lot last year while this year is dedicated to Coconut oil and its goodness! I use Jojoba oil on a Q tip to remove eye makeup and coat my lashes for some healthy volume! Its non scented, non stingy, not very thick, stays the same in cold weather and amazing for hair growth! ‘nuf said!

6) A full pout in a jiffy: Inspite of hoarding like a zillion lipsticks, nothing gives me a more natural pout than a good lip pencil on a good lip balm! Lip pencils usually have a harder formula so need some medium to get them working. I usually work some Reve de miel or any non shiny slightly thick lip balm on my lips, then go around with a lip pencil on my entire lip, not really worrying about the shape ( its all natural after all). I find MAC pencils to be the best out there with Spice and Dervish my favorites. Naturally full pout in under a minute!

7) My nose needs to shine: yeah most of us will hate the idea of a shining nose, but when done very precisely and subtly it adds dimension to the face. Whenever I add blush to my cheek I make sure to touch a little bit on top of my nose on the bridge. That tiny bit makes everything look very natural and tied up.

When highlighting, for everyday i use the tiniest amount possible of the 8 hour cream just at the “C” at the corner of my eyes and then run the remaining on my finger, down the bridge of my nose. A bulb suddenly glows! This is the best makeup trick that I picked up and I do it every every time! Its the best!

8) Natural creamy mascara: This one works for me, may not work for you if you have sensitive eyes. I use shiny lipbalm like vaseline, 8 hour cream or the Rose petal salve on my lashes to give then shine and instant volume. This is specially good for colder weather, as the balm is not too flowy and nourishes my lashes while giving it that kick! Natural mascara without the gloopines and clumps!

Which of these do you like best? What are your beauty hacks? I would absolutely love to know!

Ill keep sharing other beauty tricks as and when I discover them, till then if you like my blog and want to get all my post updates regularly you can follow me either on Twitter or Bloglovin’!

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. MyWonders❤MesMerveilles

    I’m hesitating putting my nail polishes in the fridge. I read many comments about it but always found them contradictary. Someone put her Chanel polishe in the fridge and it turned bad. Many people said it’s better to keep them in room temperature, many other said like you. I feel really confused.
    I would like to keep my high end nail polishes (Chanel, Dior, YSL, Guerlain, etc…) as long as possible and i’m worrying that they turn bad by stocking in the fridge. Cream products seem to be good for storing in the fridge because of the bacteria
    Cause the concern about nail polishes are not bacteria. Guess nothing can grow in this toxic conditions. The concern is the chemical éléments and how they react in low température and the effect on them of the changes of température when you take the nail polish out, apply, and then put it back into the fridge.
    I’d like to see a scientific commente about this. I’m still looking for…




    • Divya

      Hi Michelle, thats a really good point you are making! I am sure there are many exceptions to the “store-in-the-fridge”. I forgot to mention that where I live, except winter the temperatures here are upwards of 35 C so there isn’t really a cool spot any where in my house except the refrigerator! :P I think storing your nail colors in a dark corner away from light and flame should help prolong its colors and finish!


  2. Jaa

    Wow I learned so many new tricks from this post alone! Thanks so much, Divya!! I’m definitely going to try #1, 2, and 4! How did I never think of that before! Lisa is such a genius. She’s a truly incredible MUA! I love her! :D

    And congrats on your 20th post! Here’s to another 200!!!


  3. neversaydiebeauty

    Cool tips! I love the rationale behind why it’s important to towel dry hair before conditioning. I’ll pass that on. I used to be a big nail polish in the fridge person but now I keep hordes of hot sauce instead and keep the polish in a cool dark closet, lol. Congrats on 20!


  4. Rachael

    Great post! I love reading about different beauty tips and tricks as they make my life so much easier! I’m definitely going to try drying my hair with a t shirt instead of a towel, it sounds like it could be a lifesaver for my hair! I did a similar posts on my blogs a few days ago all about my favourite beauty hacks if you’d like a read :) x

    Rachael |


  5. Kiss & Make-up

    What whut, you haven’t even been blogging for a month? But your blog is so good! Already! But back on topic: nice beauty hacks. I also keep some of my beauty products in the fridge :-) Boyfriend knows not to touch them.


    • Divya

      Thanks Jasmine! :D yeah you should try it out! also the t-shirt trick is amazing for the hair! I did it just last night and cant stop touching my hair! :D


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