Going Organic with John Masters

John Masters

I am one of those people who always thought “Natural = Useless”. Thats a really immature thought and I am slowly but consciously trying to change that. If you know my blog for a while,  you might have seen this post on my hair care routine where I have sung praises for the Kerastase line. I had been using it for more than a year now and felt it wasn’t working as well any more and I had to do a lot of post shower work on my hair to make it look good. All that is history now!

Little bit about my hair, I have thin hair in the front which tends to go limp easily. The rest of my hair is thick, but dry in the ends. I have had issues of breakage and hair fall almost always for the past many years now. My scalp is sensitive to certain ingredients which sadly I have not been able to exactly pin point, but for reference The Body Shop Rainforest line shampoos caused tiny painful bumps on my scalp every time I used it!

I must have tried countless shampoos and conditioners which have worked for a while and then stopped working or my scalp got the better of it and started reacting. But never through any of that did it occur to me to try an all natural organic hair product!

Meg from Lipsofacto is one of my favorite people on the web and when she suggests something, I sit up and listen! I read her review of the John Masters Bare Unscented duo eons ago and decided to give it a shot. I ordered it off Beauty.com, and ever since, it just sat there unopened and unused. A couple of weeks back I decided to take these out for a run and was instantly stunned!

Both the shampoo and detangler cost £14.5 in the UK and $14.5 in the US, each. I think for the price the product is well worth!

From the first wash itself I knew this was a keeper! My hair was soft, bouncy, clean, shiny, textured! Is that even possible?? I didn’t have great expectations starting off, but this one just blew my mind! I have been only using this shampoo and detangler for the past weeks and absolutely nothing else on my hair and it feels the best it has in a decade!

The shampoo is fragrance, sulphate and paraben free. It has Jojoba oil (to moisturise), white tea (detoxifying the scalp), chamomile (to cut on excess oil) and Hyaluronic acid (to lock in moisture). The shampoo does not lather much, but enough to nicely clean my my scalp without drying it up. The best part has been that  my scalp has not gotten oily the next day so I have to wash it fewer times in a week. It is meant for all hair types, including sensitive and that I can vouch for!

The detangler has normal consistency minus the fragrance and wonderfully smoothes every strand! Except for Jojoba oil it has all the other ingredients from the shampoo besides, it also contains Arnica (a hair growth stimulant) and Calendula (an antibacterial). I use it all through my hair except the roots and put it all under a shower cap for 5 minutes. It gets easily washed out and my hair feels very nourished and not heavy at all. I did not need to add any serum or leave-in product post shower and my hair felt and looked amazing!

The Bare Unscented line has been such a revelation that it has opened my eyes to new possibilities with other all-organic products. I am very impressed with this line and brand in general and will definitely be trying other kind of products for face and body!

John Masters is available at a lot of places if you are buying online, Content, Beauty.com , John Masters Organics and Love Lula

If you have other queries regarding this shampoo and detangler and my experiences with this, Ill be happy to answer!

Let me know what your favorite organic products are! I need recommendations now!

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Ruta

    You had me at hair growth! I’m currently using L’Occitane but it’s not doing it’s job all that well and the fall out has been somewhat ridiculous due to stress recently.
    I’m a massive fan of natural products (nettle rinse for improved growth and condition is a thing, saved my hair when it was too tired of too many products) so this sounds amazing.

    That said, any idea how it would react to curly hair? And I mean thin, sparse, loose ringlets kind of curly.

    • Divya

      Hi Ruta, thank you for the comment! In my opinion a shampoo is meant to clean/treat the scalp and not so much the hair, so it doesn’t really matter what your hair type is. Its your scalp type that matters. You alwasy have to top it up with some sort of conditioner for your actual “hair” know what I mean? So this one I have found to be very gentle on the scalp and quite volumising, although volume is not something this is supposed to deliver. That said, I sometimes find it a bit drying for the actual hair if I use too much quantity. Its been great for my sensitive scalp which tends to be dry more than oily. You definitely have to use a conditioner after this if your hair is unruly or prone to frizziness like mine!

      I really hope that helps, if you want to know more you can mail me at consciencefund@gmail.com :-)

  2. Ruta

    You had me at hair growth. I’ve been a huge fan of L’Occitane but I’ve been feeling like it’s not doing it’s job any more and the fall out is getting ridiculous. I’ll try to finish my current routine as much as I can and definitely giving this a go.

    That said, any idea how it would work on curly hair? And we’re talking thin, sparse loose ringlet kind of curly…

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  5. claire

    I actually gave up on natural haircare products, I don’t know what it is about them them but they make my hair looks really blah. I remember having a generous sample from JMO and like the shampoo, but my hair loves shu uemura and kerastase.

  6. Debra

    These sound like pretty good products. I use organic shampoo and conditioners only but am kind of sick of the ones I’ve been using since I’ve been using them for so long. Probably going to give these ones a go :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  7. Sunny

    Hey Divya, I’ve been eyeing the brand for a while now, but I haven’t tried anything from them yet! I’m glad to hear these work so well for you! Must really look into it now :)

  8. suzanne

    I have used this JM shampoo and detangler few years back. It was good but then someone suggested me to try JM’s Organics Rosemary Lavendar Shampoo and Lavender and Avocado Intensive Conditioner. and then i was like Bingo!! Finally here my search ends for the best shampoo.. But few days back i used Shea butter shampoo and conditioner from Organix.. i kinda like like it a lot.. actually my hair gives a buttery touch :D I would suggest you try this one. You will love it.

    • Divya

      Hey Suzzane, I think I might stick with this one for a while, my hair absolutely loves it and in fact from the first wash I knew this was it! So unless it ditches me I am not using anything else! :P

  9. Melissa

    I tend to have a similar silly outlook about more natural products. I need to try and get away from this. I will have to try these as a starting point x

    • Divya

      I know right? I don’t understand why we are so averse to natural things. I have been trying a few things lately like the Pai Rosehip oil and now this, I am telling you these organic brands are onto something! :D

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