My Wedding in Pictures

The bride

I have had a lazy weekend! You can tell because I have been too lazy to put up anything on my post and had the best time reading through all the posts in my Bloglovin’ inbox! That and an amazing chicken curry by Mr. Cook! My husband is the most meticulous, methodical and amazing cook I know! He takes his own sweet time cooking, but its totally worth the wait!

Blabber aside, I wanted to share my wedding moments with all of you! With me however much I plan things to the last detail and rake my head over tiny things, when things actually happen, they take their own course! Ours was a traditional Hindu wedding, and everyone from my husband’s family and my family were present. The wedding was on the 9th of February this year.


I wore a sari for my wedding which was from Banaras, also popularly known as Kashi, which is famous for its handloom and silks. I just found it at a shop in the city, after going through countless saris in an endless hunt for the perfect one! rather, it found me, because it was the perfect color, carrot pink, perfect embellishments (gold and pearl) and just the best thing I could have had!

A very dear friend who happens to be a makeup artist at MAC, did my makeup for me. I wanted her to highlight my eyes and give me matching lip with my outfit and I was very happy with how it turned out. My hair was something I hadn’t decided till the last minute (Never ever do that people!) she did something she wanted to and I couldn’t have been happier! Later my cousin got me some fresh pink roses for my hair and everything just came together!

I got traditional kundan jewelry made of gold, uncut diamonds and pearls from Tanishq. In fact, my parents and I had bought my jewelry much before the outfit! so, I had an added onus of getting something which matched up with the jewelry!

DSC_4682 copy

Finally some makeup pictures for the my makeup-loving lovelies! That lipstick is YSL Rouge Pur Couture #4 Rouge Vermilion. You can see it in action in the first picture.

My friend used everything MAC except a few of my makeup bits, like the Mary Lou Manizer, the lipstick, and nail color which the Chanel nail polish in Elixir. Ill be putting up a post on my makeup and may be a how-to! Let me know if you guys are interested! :-)

Thanks a lot for reading! Let me know how you liked it!

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Pavithra

    Divya! You make a stunning bride! I was looking around for some makeup inspiration for my sis who’s getting married soon. I love how gorgeous you look without seeming like you have been whitewashed or painted on, forwarding this to her!

    • Divya

      Awww thanks Pavithra! I can give you a break down of my makeup if you need! It was mostly MAC with Mary Lou Manizer as my highlight and YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #4 as my lipstick! Wish your sis the best for me! Lots of love! :-)

      • Pavithra

        I’d love a breakdown. I’m totally digging your base here, can’t tell you’re wearing anything! I recently got the Mary Lou Manizer (love it!). I haven’t tried any of the Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks yet, have to check them out.

        • Divya

          Will do! Ill send you a mail tomorrow! The base is MAC face and body one layer. Had pretty good skin around the time didnt need much at all. :-)

          • Pavithra

            Thank you Divya! Take your time, I know you’re a busy girl :) I had a question about how you apply Chanel’s destiny – I will find a blog post where you reference the blush and ask there!

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  5. Divya

    Thank you so much Ramandeep! I am happy you liked the idea! I love the idea of wearing a pretty saree with beautiul jewelry..

  6. Ramandeep

    OMG!! You look stunning Divya.. what a graceful bride. Loved you makeup, sari and the necklace u wore is just gorgeous, something I am eyeing from long. You gave me an idea darling. 😊

  7. natasjaepb

    It’s fun to have a friend who is a MAC make up artist 😛 I think you looked beautiful on your wedding day.. your dress and jewelry looked great too! I also love the focus on make up in the pictures 😀

    • Divya

      I even had friends taking candid pictures of my wedding! 😛 It helps definitely to have people who know you well cover such important events in your life! :-) There are so many many pictures but I could share only few.. space constraints!

  8. jaspreet

    Hey Divya!! U look pretty indeed but somewhat like brides elder sister 😀 and definately lehngas does not look regressive at all as u said couple of times. Girls prefer wearing lehngas coz they actually dont find other occasions to wear it so their own marriage is the best time. U should have gone through certain designer lehngas and they would have worked in a much better way. It would have given you the proper traditional bride look which u certainly lacking. You will look all the same for the rest of the ocassions of your life or near about which is but a sad part. Though you look beautiful!!

    • Divya

      Hey Jaspreet! thanks for visiting my blog 😀 I am so thrilled to read your comment! I don’t like the idea of lehnga’s for more reasons than one with their heavy price tag being the top most! I have always been in love with sarees and they suit my tall figure a lot more I feel! I tried a lot of lehnga’s and didnt feel all that great! I am sure a lot and lot of Indian women prefer lehnga’s but I wanted my look to be more chic and sophisticated than you know the R word! 😀 eeeks sorry if that offended you, it was just my opinion!

    • Divya

      Oh yes I am planning to post about my wedding makeup, but I don’t own all the makeup products that were used. Ill speak with my friend from MAC and suggest dupes of things which she had used! :-)

    • Divya

      Hi Anamika! I have been on your blog more times than I can count! :-) I find lehnga somewhat regressive and Sari is much more “me”! Besides, I wanted to spend on jewelry which is timeless and not on a lehnga which I will never wear again! 😛 I hope that makes some sense!

  9. Vanessa {Citron and Guavaberry)

    ….yeah see, I didn’t know you’re married because you look SUPER YOUNG IN YOUR PROFILE PHOTO IT’S MISLEADING, YO.
    BUT HOLY SMOKES, these photos are insanely gorgeous! I can ‘feel’ the energy/excitement in the photos, and the colours/makeup/lighting/everything is stunning here. 😀

  10. Sunny

    Hey Divya, thanks for sharing these precious pictures!!! You were SOOOOO pretty that day! Is it just my impression or is it that brides in traditional Hindu weddings do a bit more than the “no makeup makeup” thing that people tell you to do? It’s sooo gorgeous!

    • Divya

      Ha ha.. there is absolutely no “no-makeup” look going on here! 😛 Actually Hindu brides wear a lot of reds and red-family colors, besides the decor and everything is really bright and lighted and the wedding is usually in the night, so one has to amp up the makeup in order to not look washed out! But nevertheless, I went for a neutral gilded eyes and bold lips.. thats the most I could handle! 😛

  11. suzanne

    Pristine!! U look fab.. and the roses they just enhanced your beauty. Congratulations to both!! I could see that you are not carrying that chunri which is actually giving it a mod look..cuz as per my research in proper hindu wedding brides do need to carry chunri while exchanging garlands 😀

    • Divya

      Ha ha there is no such rule! I wanted my look to be very retro glam and I find chunri to be a little regressive! Anyways, during the actual ritual for the wedding the bride has to cover her head which I did! So no objections to that! :-)

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