Le Blanc De Chanel

Chanel Le Blanc primer

I have never had “priming” as part of my makeup routine before and it was about time I tried one. My skin is a combination of an oily nose and forehead with normal cheeks and chin. The oily-ness isn’t something which a quick dab of blotting paper cannot handle, but a little pore zapper and glow giver is always welcome! I read a few reviews on good primers and next to Hourglass, the Chanel one seemed to get a lot of  love.

Le Blanc is a flowy white liquid housed in a sturdy glass bottle which annoyingly does not come with a pump! The primer is very easy to apply, and I use my fingers for that. It goes on colorless and just leaves a glow on the face which when you touch seems semi-matte. For days when my skin does not feel its best and looks dull, this one perks it up nicely! When I wear this under my foundation I don’t need to use an additional highlighter, especially for the day-time.

The Weekend Face

I don’t wear foundation everyday, but for days when I do, specially when the sun is out, this primer has really helped in keeping things comfortable and polished. On top of this, I need much less foundation to cover up everything. Foundation also applies more smoothly on the face and stays put through heat and sun. This has no spf in it, which might be a plus or a con for people depending on their need. I found the effects of this very similar to Becca Shimmering skin perfector in pearl, a little less shimmery.

I didn’t see a major difference in the pores or redness. While still blurred, the pores were not completely covered.  Redness in my inner cheeks (area close to my nose) was very slightly subdued but no color correction happened.

It photographs really well, and although the pictures were taken during the day, in flash light I didnt see any extra shine of flash-back. Because it is more on the dewy side, I think it will fare well in the colder months for me.

I have mixed feelings for this and its definitely not a miracle product. I am still pretty firm on my affection for the Hourglass Viel Mineral primer, which is hands down the best face product I have used! It also has spf 15 which is an added plus. I have a tiny bottle of that thing which I save for ultra-special occasions, for everything else Chanel more than does the job!

Price-wise the two are quite comparable, the Chanel one retails for $45 and Hourglass at $52, and for people who do not have access to Hourglass this is a really good option, besides, being a Chanel fan will help overlook any cons if there are any!

Chanel face

Additional makeup worn in this look:

Face: Le Blanc de Chanel under Dior Nude BB Creme
Eyes: Chanel Stylo Yeux eyeliner in espresso and Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara
Cheeks: Chanel Le Creme blush in Destiny
Lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Liberte and Chanel Nakkar lip gloss on top

Have you tried Le Blanc yourself? What are your views on it?


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  4. sleep and water (@sleepandwater)

    I’ve been wanting to try Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector for ages, but I guess this product from Chanel is similar. I’d rather buy my first Chanel foundation than this though :p Heard so many raves about the Hourglass – I may need to get my hands on the small size soon.

    • Divya

      Hey thanks for the Comment! I have both the Becca and Chanel one and there really isn’t much of a difference. The best primer I have tried has been Hourglass.. it isn’t very glowy but it is amazing for the overall look of your makeup! Get that if you really want to.. for glow there are already so many highlighters! :-)

  5. sylirael

    I’ve tried this! My sister has some :-) It felt lovely, but the funny thing is, when you’re as blindingly pale as I am, it actualy ‘whitens’ you even more (if that’s possible). It’s not really a bad thing, but it did make me laugh. You look lovely in your photos as always!

    Ooh, one other thing: did you find the perfume in this product really strong? I know Chanel is scented generally, but I found this one particularly potent. What did you think?

    • Divya

      I keep reading about the smell of Chanel powders and foundations and surprisingly my nose has not been able to detect any! Same goes for this one! 😛

      • sylirael

        Whoa! Tha’s actually impressive – my eyes literaly watered a bit at the strength of the perfume in Le Blanc de Chanel! Haha, maybe we got an extra scented one :-P. The smell on the lipsticks is medium strong for me, on the blush it’s not so emphatic.

  6. Kitty

    Great review… You’re absolutely gorgeous! I’ve just discovered the Hourglass Mineral Veil and I’ve fallen head over heels for it too!! This one looks lovely too, and as ever I love the Chanel packagaing, but if their price is comparable I’ll stick to Hourglass :) love from a new follower xx


  7. natasjaepb

    I don’t think I will start wearing face primer any time soon, but from the looks of it… it does its job well. You look absolutely stunning in that picture! Even if the primer only added the glow. Stunning!

    • Divya

      Thank you so much for the compliment *blush* I am not a primer convert yet but I seriosuly think the Hourglass one is amazing! Have you tried it?

  8. Sunny

    Wait, this has no pump? No good! I will probably just pour too much of the precious fluid out!

    I have been toying with the idea of trying this one, but for the moment I own enough primers. I really love the Hourglass one as well! Maybe when I go through the ones I own, I’ll look into this!

    • Divya

      Hourglass is definitely a superior product as it does multiple things! I love this for the glow.. so on days when my skin is very dull i bring this out!

    • Divya

      Hey Judith! thanks for appreciating! We are so used to raves all over the blog world, I wanted to write exactly what it was! :-)

  9. Thechicmommy.com

    The best one I’ve found yet is Laura Mercier. I just got Bobbi Brown’s though and the lemon scent is delightful. I always have to use primer or my skin just sucks in the foundation.

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