Lipstick Queen Saint Eden Review


Living in a country which is deprived of most of the best selling makeup brands of the world has its advantages (read- save money big time!) and disadvantages (well! thats obvious). I have had the lucky happenstance of having a boyfriend placed firmly in the States, which meant everytime he visited I had a suitcase full of goodies to pounce upon! 😀 I cannot even begin to divulge the obscene amount of money I may have spent on stuff!

Now that we are settled in India for atleast the next few months, I no longer enjoy access to all those amazing things which are hands down the cheapest in the US and have to rely on websites which are generous enough to ship to India!

One of such gems is CultBeauty, my newest wallet foe, which graciously shipped me the Queen of lipsticks! Yeah I am talking about Lipstick Queen! If you have been following my silly splurges over the web, you might have noticed I recently spent a pretty penny on Cult Beauty and one of my purchases was the Lipstick Queen Saint lipstick in Eden.

Now, purchasing something without trying it on ever before and “adding to cart” based on someone’s lip swatches you looked up on Google-baba isn’t the smartest thing to do, but this girl had no choice! This is my very first Lipstick Queen purchase and ever since I read Poppy King’s Top Shelf I was adamant to bite the bullet (quite literally).

lipstick queen

Eden is the most stunning, gorgeous, outstanding, juicy, plush, hydrating, comfortable and luxurious pinky-bright-red I have ever seen on myself! phew! I bought it for £16.66 after discount and it usually goes for £20 on Cult Beauty.

fell in love with it from the first swipe! This is just about the best sheer (such a misnomer as this packs a great deal of pigment) lipstick out there and the best in its price range! I have tried things from Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, Tom Ford, MAC, Lancome almost everything out there and nothing has left me as wide-eyed and elated as this!

It does not enhance any dryness or lip imperfections and stays pretty long. Even after a couple of hours of wear this leaves a lovely Clinique-chubby-stick-esque stain on the lips which is very natural and pretty. That could also be because its a bright color, but I am expecting great things from the paler colors as well!

Lipstick Queen

I love it on myself and I can imagine it to be super duper pretty on any and every body! Lipstick Queen calls these sheer with just 10% pigment, but as you can spot in my pictures, these are way more than sheer. Sheer for me is Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shines and this is more than double the pigment of those! I cannot imagine what the Sinner line (the more pigmented version) of lipsticks would be like!

Lipstick Queen is my new favorite line for lipsticks and its going to make a huge hole in my wallet soon! is someone reading this? 😀

Eden, sadly seems to be a very exclusive color which I have only spotted at CultBeauty. You can buy other shades from this line at various retailers like,, Lookfantastic, Lipstick Queen and Nordstrom among others. I highly recommend the brighter hues from the Saint line and I feel a little flutter inside for the Rose and Natural shades! Oh no!

Thanks for reading! Can’t believe its Friday already! this week just vanished before it properly started for me! I am watching the X-Men tonight and I am totally gawking at James McAvoy to my hearts content! 😛

Have you tried Lipstick Queen lipsticks? What are your favorite hues? I need recommendations! Can’t see myself wearing anything but this for a long time to come! 😀

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