Posts I loved this week – 2

Posts I loved this week 2

Well here we are with another edition of PILW! yeah I love having short forms as you can tell and this particular series is most fun for me to do! I missed out on this the last week due to other work commitments, and although I was devouring on my daily and weekly dose of amazing blog reads I couldn’t really devote time to this little post! We have a lot of catching up to do!

Small Things Blog

Have you ever been apprehensive of getting a chop? Scared of getting a style change? How to get your ideas across to the hair stylist? Then lovely Kate, from the Small Things Blog has an answer for you! She is utterly talented and beautiful and runs a popular blog where she posts about life, beauty and food and I have been loving going through her blog lately! She has an adorable baby boy and little stories about him make my day that much happier! A new discovery for me and a great one! Thank you Bloglovin’!

Parisian to be

Lilian is witty, smart and learns ballet which makes her a superstar for me! 😀 Parisian To Be is another one of those Bloglovin’ gems which I have been enjoying a lot! Her love for Paris is something which we have in common *wink* and her photography is something I wish I could learn! She is very thorough with her reviews and does not mince words which I admire as she is honest and states her opinion clearly! She is the one to go for to get good advice!

Thunder Love

Gorgeous Natalie from ThunderLove is my new girl crush! Her writing, blog design and content is top notch! I discovered her very recently through other popular blogs and she has quite a following of her own! A beautiful girl with a great eye for perfection and those hidden gems which most of us overlook! Check out her blog and thank me later 😉

A Little Opulent

A Little Opulent has to be my favorite online magazine at the moment! Created by some of my favorite bloggers it covers amazing articles on beauty, style, home, living and entertainment. This particular article on 10 People you’ll meet in every coffee shop had me in splits! Their Home&Living section has the most drool worthy photos and great inspiration for people like me who are in the process of bringing up a new household!

Into The Gloss

No PILW of mine is complete without a mention of Into The GlossElizabeth Brockway is the gorgeous Managing Editor at ITG and her articles are my favorite! She recently posted about her in-flight essentials and routine which I have promptly bookmarked! She is one of those babes who can never go wrong IMHO! 😀

Here are some of my must reads for the coming weeks:

1. The Painted Rogue : Syl has to be the most hilarious person I know on the web! Her style of writing is rare to come by and she never fails to make me laugh!

2. A Beautiful Zen : Jenn has a lot to do with lipsticks! One of my new finds and I am quite enjoying going through her posts.

3. Claudia Fox : Claudia is a gorgeous girl and her FOTD posts are eye candies! Her pictures are crisp and true to colors and her blog design is simple and easy to navigate. We have shared a lot of blush-love over comments and she sits firmly among my new favorite blogger’s list!

4.  10amBeauty : Allison has a very successful blog and for a reason. Her posts are very informative and unique! I find her content really fresh and different from what we are used to normally and she has a lot of wisdom to share!

I hope you enjoy my recommendations as much as I do! There are so many amazing people out there who I want to mention here but then I do not want this post to get unreasonable long! Lets keep that for another week shall we? 😀

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