A Handful of Makeup Brushes

Handful of brushes

Some great things have happened over the past weekend, which makes that week offically “the best week for my blog by far!”. Other than getting two glorious blog links/reviews for my blog at Temptalia and ThunderLove, I have crossed 11000+ views in my first month! This by my standards is unbelievable, given how short my span has been in the blogging community! I am thrilled and excited beyond comprehension! Thank you everyone who has seen, commented, liked and followed my blog! You have made all the hard work worth it! :D

Getting back to the subject of this post, a handful of brushes, which I use everyday and any day, which make makeup application and beautification that much easier and enjoyable for me. My Mum wanted me to do this post for the longest time as she finds all my “makeup-cum-paint” brushes very amusing!

I have been one of those people who deemed, investing in such “ridiculously” priced brushes is a waste of money when you can instead get that pretty blush or that sexy eye shadow! But dear “my-old-silly-self” how did you ever think you’d put all that on your face eh?

After stashing away completely good quality eye shadows and blushes for lack of good brushes to apply them and getting completely frustrated with badly done eye makeup, I finally decided it was time to take the plunge! After going through multiple reviews for “good” brushes, MAC came up as the obvious choice, so I diligently picked up the infamous MAC 217 $24, and MAC 239 $25MAC 219 $25 is a new addition to my kit and I have covered it here.


Post an eyebrow-threading session gone bad, it was time to get hold of some eye brow grooming tools and while shopping in Korea I picked up quite a few things from Bobbi Brown, one of which was the Eye brow brush $27 along with their matte eye shadow in Mahogany. The eye brow brush is just perfectly slanted, perfectly dense and perfectly stiff to apply eye brow powder perfectly! Well a perfect moment to applaud this perfect brush! :P Eyes Sorted!

For cheeks, my preferred tool is the MAC 116 $35 , which won over MAC 129 $35 in the “battle of the blush brush”! 116 is rounded at the top and flattened on the sides, which makes it great at applying and blending blushes.

With more and more makeup artists filling up my YouTube subscription box, I was completely gripped with the idea of owning a few Real Techniques gems, so I went ahead and picked up the Core Collection $18. They seemed so much more reasonably priced compared to MAC brushes and with SO many people raving about them I had no reason to not get them!

Of the 4 brushes I got as part of the collection, I get the most use out of the Buffing brush, not for foundation but for powders! It applies face powders like a dream, just the right amount. I sometimes also use it for old blushes which have gone a bit stiff, as the dense bristles of this brush pick up pigment really well!

For foundation or any liquid products I prefer my fingers! I normally use baby shampoo for cleaning my brushes at the end of the week (hence those sparkling white MAC brushes in the picture :D), and have been avoiding indulging in more expensive options (hopefully that will last).

I am a minimalist at heart, and when I find something that works I just sit back, relax and enjoy till it gives up on me!

MAC Brushes are available at MAC Cosmetics and Nordstrom online. Real techniques brushes are available from various retailers like, RealTechniques, Amazon, LookFantastic etc.

What are your favorite brushes please let me know in the comments! Thank you so very much for reading! If you like my posts and blog in general and want updates, please join me on Bloglovin’ or Twitter!


  1. Jae

    LOL. I used to think the same way about brushes. Blah, what are those pricey things? Absolutely don’t need them! Lemme continue using my fingers! :P
    I learned now how good quality brushes can affect makeup application. I’m definitely gonna get the 217 soon!



    • Divya

      LOL! I know right? We always feel fingers are good enough! :P For foundation though I still prefer my fingers.. If there is one MAC eye brush you must have its 217!


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    • Divya

      I had the same feeling about that brush! :-) Its perfect for the brows! I haven’t tried the MAC options.. as this just does the job so well! So glad you visited my blog Daphne! What do you think? :D


  3. jenn f

    i keep hearing about the MAC eyeshadow brush but still haven’t gotten it. i have more than a few other brands in my tool kit already so eh. whatever :)


  4. sevda

    I came across your blog last week, sorry I can’t remember where but i do like. What I like in a blog is just the writer telling us what they like/don’t like. No need to say sorry for not posting once what you post is worth reading.

    I love the RT Buffing Brush for foundation, it’s best for a slightly thick ish foundation. I’m currently suing Bourgeois 123 CC find fingers are best. I don’t have many MAC brushes but the 217 is a legend – just the perfect size. The MAC 109 is another favorite. I have an ELF which is brilliant for contouring if I could contour, I think elf has close, must check. But otherwise I am open to any brand.

    My favorite blusher brush is a POUT one (discontinued). It has started to shed a bit and I still love it.

    Once again, well done, looks to be a great blog.


  5. Smita Roy

    Hey Divya, nice post..just came acros your blog n its interesting gal :) about brushes, first of all, ur brushes r so white…looks like u’ve never used them :P n ya even I have been wanting to buy few real techniques brushes myself…they r a gem…


  6. Sunny

    Heeeey your MAC eye brush collection is exactly the same with my starter collection! I still use these very often. I used to use a BB brush and eyeshadow to do my brows as well, but I think my brush is bigger than yours. I had to switch to a pencil because my brows are too sparse to be effectively filled in with an eyeshadow.


    • Divya

      Really? :-) I have not invested in brushes other than these.. these pretty much work for most things.. They might have changed the design of BB brushes.. this one is perfect size! Which brow pencil do you like?


  7. sylirael

    Congrats! You deserve all your success! :-D

    I would *love* to have the 217 and the 219 especially, but they’re like $80 each here or something criminal, so my fingers will have to do for the moment, LOL! They haven’t let me down yet!


  8. nausheensiddiqui888

    Great posted, right now i am trying my hands on new colorbar brushes, i love the way the look and yes they are cheap and does the work well :)


  9. Vanessa {Citron and Guavaberry)

    Damn gurl, you are on a roll! Several grand accomplishments for only being in your first month of blogging, so congrats on that!
    I don’t own any MAC brushes (or any ‘high end’ brushes for that matter), but Real Techniques is more than enough to keep me happy in terms of brushes. The buffing and expert face brush are my faves!


    • Divya

      Thanks Vanessa! :D I was overjoyed to read good things about my blog on others! Real techniques are such amazing brushes! If I ever buy other brushes it will be from that brand!


  10. Faiza

    A really good post!! Infact I am getting my hands on some good quality brushes, might be coastal scents which is great value for money…


  11. WengYee

    Yay, congrats on the 11k page views – that’s such a great accomplishment! I love the RT Buffing Brush too. Have you tried EcoTools? They’re super affordable and really great in quality as well.

    find me on 9outoften.com


    • Divya

      Thanks a lot WengYee! I am such a big fan of your blog! :D I was this close to getting a few Eco tools brushes from Paris but didn’t as again I thought of “Do I need it” :P


  12. Danielle

    I found your blog through Thunderlove’s post – and well done on so many views! Your blog may be young yet but I think you’ll do so well! The Bobbi Brown brush looks like a dream (the monochrome!), I’ve never considered their range of brushes before. I’ve also whittled the amount of tools I use down to just a handful as it’s overwhelming owning a lot of brushes that really don’t get much use – minimalist tendencies, too!



    • Divya

      Hey Danielle! So glad to have you here! Natalie has been so gracious to praise my blog over hers! :-) Bobbi Brown brushes are really very good.. but I try not to get carried away and get more than what i need! :-)


  13. Lizzie

    I got the RT core collection too and that’s also my favourite brush! I’ve wanted to try MAC brushes for ages but the price tag is so expensive :( Lovely post! x


    • Thechicmommy.com

      A great brush really is worth the price tag! I bought an all over brush from Sephora two weeks ago (their store brand) for around 40 bucks but it is so great at distributing loose powder.


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