Gems From the Neglected Lot – 2

Makeup Forever Face and Body Foundation review
On my face: MUFE Face and Body Foundation #22, Clarins Hydra Rouge Lipstick #03, MUFE Sculpting Blush #6, MUFE Kohl pencil #1k, MUFE Matte eyeshadow #4 Matte black and Benefit Sunbeam

It happens more often than not that I set off to clean the house and end up spending the whole day only rearranging the dresser! For the past so many weeks with summer I find myself spending most of my weekend just digging out old makeup and tossing some into the bin or keeping at the top to be used! One such adventure recently brought these oldies out, which had not been used in a good while! perfect material of another of my “Gems from the neglected lot” posts, although this is not exactly all about the “Gems”!

In order to keep the text short and stay focused , let me begin by saying the Makeup forever Face and Body is a strange foundation. Strange need not mean bad, it just means,
A) Its mousse like in texture
B) Goes on like a liquid
C) Sets into a matte finish
D) I was expecting it to be like MAC Face and Body and its not!

I tried it under store lighting and bought on a whim (yes, I have been that stupid once), and never liked it much again. I was color matched to #22 which is completely off on my face and extremely peachy. Although its good on parts which are a little blue like the under eye, but everywhere else its ashy or dark (see.. strange!). I am trying to use it up by spot applying to areas and blending. It does not cover much unless you layer it a lot (see the pictures)! Lesson Learnt!

Wearing MUFE Face and Body Foundation #22, Clarins Hydra Rouge Lipstick #03, MUFE Sculpting Blush #6, MUFE Kohl pencil #1k, MUFE Matte eyeshadow #4 Matte black and Benefit Sunbeam
MUFE Face and Body Foundation #22, Clarins Hydra Rouge Lipstick #03, MUFE Sculpting Blush #6, MUFE Kohl pencil #1k, MUFE Matte eyeshadow #4 Matte black and Benefit Sunbeam

Now to the good’uns! If you have read my last GONL post here, I had raved about the MUFE Sculpting blush in #10. I have another one of those in #6, a bright cool pink which magically transforms itself into a more natural pink on my cheeks! I think the color is similar to Nars Gaiety blush, but since I don’t have that I cannot compare. I don’t have another one in this color, but all I can say is.. inspite of its brightness and coolness, its very natural on me. (It leans almost brown in the picture.. can’t explain!)

My most loved eye makeup involves a soft smudgy pencil, and a matching colored matte eye shadow. MUFE Kohl pencils are such amazing unsung heroes IMHO! They are very pigmented, soft, smudgable and long wearing! The only hitch is its not waterproof.

I have been loving wearing the eye pencil in No. 1K on top and bottom lashlines and waterlines and then softly smudging with a matte black eyeshadow. The MUFE eyeshadow in #4 Matte Black is the most pigmented and buttery black eye shadow I have found. Its so much better than MAC’s Carbon which really falls flat in terms of pigmentation for me!

Make up forever Face and Body Foundation review
Additional makeup worn: Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara and Stila Concealer pen in medium

I had forgotten I had a bottle of Benefit’s Sunbeam till last weekend! Its such a gorgeous bronze gold which is just the right amount of shimmer! Its got more bronze to it so it may show up more on fair skin tones, on me its a very natural highlight. In the photograph, I am wearing it on the outer ‘C’ of my eyes, down the nose, on top of the brows and in the middle and inner corner of the eyes.

For lips I am so glad I am re-united with this Clarins lipstick! I got it on sale sometime last year and was wearing it everyday till other lipsticks came by! That happens right? Now that I have this back, I wear it all the time. Its a browny peachy nude, part of the Hydra Rouge line in No. 03. Very natural on my lips and actually pairs really well with natural blushes like Tarte Exposed. Sadly, this line of lipsticks is discontinued, but Clarins lipsticks and lip glosses are very popular for a reason!

I am actually quite enjoying finding old stuff which I haven’t worn in sometime and bringing them back in rotation for everyday. Its almost a therapeutic exercise and keeps me from popping up at the local beauty store too often!:P

I would highly recommend going through your stuff which you haven’t touched in while and try them on again before investing in new stuff! As my theory goes, brands always bring back their old stuff in new fancy packaging with a heavier price tag and make it all so hyped and coveted for us folks! Not like I don’t or would not fall for it.. but lets not all be foolish consumers for as long as possible! 😀

Hope you liked the post. Are any of the above among your favorites? Whats your old makeup gem that you rediscovered recently? Let me know!

Happy Hump Day! 😀

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