A Few Good Things on a Friday

Loccitane Shower Gel, MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in 4
Last week was a bit relaxed for me work wise, so I had plenty of time to think, read and write (hence a post nearly everyday this week!). Less work also means I get time to go to the stores and check whats new in, try things out and of course lighten my wallet. So a bit of Friday haulin’ happened and I ended up buying a few things, some of which I needed and some I didn’t! Besides, I now have a wishlist of things as they say “longer than my arm”! window shopping does this to me!

L’occitane Roses 4 Reines Shower Gel £20 for 250 ml: I recently got the L’occitane Rose 4 Reines Hand Cream which I love, and had been itching to get the matching shower gel. Perfect opportunity, had some points on my card to be used and this straight went into the basket! The Verdict? : Roses! Amazing! I am completely, hopelessly in love with it. I firmly believe that L’occitane know there body products and deliver everytime! L’occitane can be bought online in India here and here.

MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer $19 for 9 ml: Once I started photographing myself more frequently, my under-eye darkness has become very obvious to me, which I always overlooked before! After much research and reading a thorough review by the gorgeous LeBeautyGirl it was decided that I get the this concealer. Its fantastic! This stuff does not budge people, like at all! no creasing, no fading and covers everything in a swoosh! My shade for this is NC42, which is dark for my face but for under the eyes its perfect!

Btw, The pointed foundation brush which I received as part of the Real Techniques Core Collection is pretty good for applying concealer, under the eyes on the face anywhere!

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in No. 4 $34: YSL lipsticks are my weakness and never have I been able to resist getting one whenever I am at a counter! I got something which I have been lusting over for a long time, and which never happens to be in stock. I know! I know! its just a balm but my Dior Lip Glow got over and I wanted something luxurious for the lips to wear all the time. In fact for things which I know I’ll use a lot I don’t mind spending!

Who likes samples here? Everybody? I received a generous helping of the Immortelle precious cream, a sample of the YSL Le Tient Touche Eclat foundation and a gorrrrgeaous gold pouch from YSL!! oh this one is pretty alright! its going to come along with me every where, it doesn’t fit compacts but for lipsticks and liners its perfect.

I remember getting really overwhelmed and wanting everything, right after watching haul posts and videos! I would instantly make notes of what I’d get the next time I am at a store. This caused a major major dent in my bank balance, needless to say turned me into a beauty junkie and an obsessive impulsive buyer! I have worked very hard to put brakes on this and sort of gotten in control. I would never ever advise anyone to rush out and buy things just because I like them and wouldn’t do that myself any longer! I have been telling myself :

    1. One should always use one’s judgement and only get things one would need instead of what one wants.
    2. Its always very easy to get carried away and get everything, but for everday, we hardly use all of it and most of it goes bad till its turn arrives.
    3. Its good to have wishlists and spend a lot of time researching about products.
    4. There will always be one or the other coupon/voucher code floating around.. don’t get encouraged by them and buy things you don’t really need
    5. When you actually need to get something, do look for a voucher/coupon code! 😛
    6. You should never get something instantly, think over it go back and see what similar products you have back home
    7. … If you still want it .. then get it.. No use regretting!
    8. Don’t buy too many things at a time.. things lose their charm when we have too much!

I am really proud of how much expenditure (mostly unnecessary) I have cut down this past month! I have been consciously saving my money for better and more important things in life and I now usually get just 1 or two things at a time (with the exception of this little haul ;-)). This also makes me content and I don’t feel that I am depriving myself!

I’d like to know how you guys deal with your beauty madness, and shopping?! I’d love it if you share your thoughts, it may help me get better at this! 🙂

Hope you are having a good week, stay put weekend is upon us, good times will roll! 🙂

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