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Best MAC makeup
Bottom row: MAC Careblend Pressed Powder, MAC Cream Color base in Hush Middle row: MAC Indianwood paint pot, MAC PAtina eye shadow, MAC Pencils Top to bottom: MAC Spice, MAC Dervish, MAC Coffe and MAC Teddy. MAC Face and Body foundation. Top row: MAC Creamblend blush in Something Special, MAC Peaches powder blush, MAC Over Indulgence Cremesheen lipglass.

For me, like most people, the love (bordering obsession) for makeup started with good’ol MAC. It was the first high-end brand that I was introduced to, by my cousin, and the first array of colors I fell in love with. This was about two years ago and ever since I have tried, swatched and bought a lot of MAC makeup and have had my share of disappointments and surprises! I deem the time is here when I proclaim my love for a few of MAC’s permanent products and tell you what I like about them. Also in the post a bonus FOTD using some of these. This is a long one so get your coffee fix first!

MAC Careblend Pressed PowderThe first and only face powder I have bought and absolutely love! Way back when I first stepped into a MAC store, A MAC “Guru” recommended stuff to me which I have been using to date and are my firm favorites across every brand! One of them is this powder, which is meant for drier skin, to keep it hydrated with a bit of glow. It blurs out little imperfections or discolorations and makes skin look healthy without the cakey-ness of a powder.

I wear this on bare face during the day and over foundation at night. It has no spf in it so this makes for a good finishing powder for me. As it appears in the picture, its almost time for a repurchase! FYI, I wear the shade Medium plus as an overall powder which is perfectly matched to my NC 40 skin tone. The compact contains 10 gms of powder which is a standard across all brands and it has lasted me for two years now!

MAC Face and Body Foundation : Another staple for my normal/dry skin and something which I cannot be without! I usually opt for makeup products without spf so that they serve me well even in the night. I wear very high spf over my moisturiser everyday, so I don’t really need additional spf in face products. Its sheer, glowy, buildable and extremely light weight! The best thing about this is it does not make me feel congested as most foundations do, and I can wear this in the hottest of weather!

Face and Body pairs really well with the careblend powder and is my go to for evenings in any weather. Face and Body comes in a sturdy plastic bottle which makes it perfect for travel and is available in two sizes, 50 ml and 120 ml. This is much more product than any other foundation brand which usually come in a 30 ml bottle. I wear the shade C4, which is a tad darker but blends in well into my complexion.

MAC Something Special and Peaches blush : Something Special was my first cream blush and one of those “bloggers made me buy it” products. In the pan it is a beautiful coral but would translate too pink on my cheeks. I wore it  a few times and then kept it aside! A similar fate was meted to MAC’s Peaches, which was too peach on me while I wanted something with a bit more pink! So what did I do? I combined both and got the perfect peachy pink with incredible staying power!

One of the best makeup tips I have learnt is wearing a powder or powder blush on top of a cream blush! It not only enhances the color of both products, but makes the blushes stay put much longer! Peaches sort of compensates for the lack of “peach” or warmth in Something Special and together they make my cheeks look like stuff “blush dreams” are made of! 😛 (Sorry about this dreaminess not apparent in the FOTD! My camera decided to wash me out this time! :-|)

Best of MAC Makeup
Wearing One layer of MAC Face and Body, MAC Something Special on the cheeks under MAC peaches powder blush. On eyes I have MAC Teddy on the Upper lashline and sumdged in the lower lashline. MAC Over Indulgence Lipglas on lips. MAC Hush cream color base on the high points of the face and inner corner of the eyes. MAc Careblend Pressed Powder lightly dusted all over

MAC Cream Color base in Hush : This was recommended to me during my first MAC counter visit, as something which is used extensively on Indian models as a highlight during the Fashion Week. Now, this definitely piqued my interest.. who wouldn’t want the proverbial “Model Glow”?  The perfect creamy everyday highlight which again, can be built up. The color as you can see in the picture, is pink-gold or rose-gold as the popular term for such color goes. I have used it in the FOTD, on my inner eye corner, down the nose and at the outer “C” shape of my eyes.

MAC Coffee and Teddy eye kohl : My Top Favorites for an eye look and my most worn pencils! I love Coffee’s grey-brown hue for the waterline, minus the drama of a black liner, and the reddish bronze Teddy is a popular choice for many for a quick bronze smokey eye. Coffee isn’t waterproof but is easily smudge able and does not irritate my eyes which is the most important aspect for me.

Teddy on the other hand, I wear only on top and lower lashlines and do not prefer it for the waterline as it has tiny shimmer particles which can irritate the eye. Its a beautiful bronze with distinct red undertones and would look good on any eye color!

MAC Indianwood Paintpot : This is much less popular than MAC’s groundwork or painterly but this has to be the easiest “golden-bronze” eyeshadow ever! I have already covered my love for this hereThis is perfect for me for a wash of color on hurried mornings and makes my eyes pop whenever I have this on. I may have inspired a lot of my friends to get this and it seriously is the best among all paint pots!

I have had this for more than a year and somehow this hasn’t dried or gotten stiffer! I love wearing this under a powder eyeshadows as a base. It does not crease on my semi-oily eyelids at all and stays put till the end of the day! What more could I ask for?

MAC Patina powder eye shadow : This is the prettiest brown-grey-green with golden sheen “trio-chrome” eye shadow I have ever seen! I wore this almost everyday all of last summer, till other things took over. This will remain to be my most loved eye shadow of all times. I love wearing this with Teddy along the lashlines, and the effect is surreal! I have written about it previously here.

MAC Spice and Dervish lip pencils : On many days when I have a bit of a time, I opt for one of these lip pencils over lip balm for a natural, yet long wearing lip color. Spice is a brownie peach-pink, immensely popular MAC lip pencil. Its a little darker than a nude but gives a pretty definition to my lips and looks amazing on my complexion!

Dervish is another pretty warm pink that I have which is very close to my natural lip color and looks very understated but pretty on the lips. As lip pencils can be drying, I always prep my lips with a matte balm like Nuxe’s Reve de Miel before applying these. This step makes applying lip liner very easy and it glides smoothly and the color pay-off is also much better!

Best of MAC Makeup
Additional Non-MAC makeup worn in the look: Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara, YSL touche Eclat #3 under the eyes and around the nose and mouth.

MAC Over Indulgence Cremesheen lipglass : Another of my first ever purchases, this is the best lipgloss I have ever tried! The perfectly pigmented, MAC Spice lip pencil in lip glass form, juicy lips in a bottle! Its good enough on its own and sometimes can be worn over extremely cool-toned lipsticks to add warmth and juiciness. I love the Cremesheen formula, and inspite being a non-lipgloss lover, have gotten a lot of use out of this. Definitely repurchase worthy!

There are a lot of other MAC products which I own and love but these came up to be my absolute favorites!

What are your favorite things from MAC? Anything that I need to try? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Updates : The countdown for the Spain trip has begun and the next couple of weeks there are some exciting new purchases coming your way along with a peek inside my mum’s makeup bag! Of course I have another installment of “Back for Seconds” ready to roll out and this time its a makeup item! 🙂 I love to give you guys a peek of what coming, I am just too excited to keep it all to myself! 😀

P.S: I received some amazing comments and new readers this week and I am ecstatic to have you all around! Thank you so much for your lovely feedback and the affection, it makes all my hard work worth it! Lots and lots of love! <3

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