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Favorite bloggers beauty blogs This one goes out to all those amazing people I have met over my small blogging life! It goes without saying that they are people I follow on an everyday basis. I love the fact that they are great at their work, blog regularly, are honest, simple and beautiful people! They definitely need no introduction, but I feel a need to profess my admiration for them! So here we go!

Let me not take up too much of your time, and ill link their amazing blogs for you to explore and devour!

  • The Misty Mom The gorgeous Shari, her beautiful daughter and her amazing blog!
  • Parisian To Be Lillian, the sweetest, coolest girl ever and one of my biggest enablers!
  • Mostly Sunny Sunny, the chic damsel, cat lady with a huge following and an amazing style of writing!
  • The Painted Rogue The funniest and wittiest blogger I have ever known!
  • Thunderl0ve Natalie has a beautiful blog, very simple and smart! Check out her Youtube Channel!
  • Le Beauty Girl The most thorough and detailed reviews I have seen! Plus she is GORGEOUS!
  • A Beautiful Zen The funny, chirpy, pretty Jenn! Love!
  • Citron and Guavaberry Venessa! she is funny as hell! what I like most, she blogs what she wants!
  • Skin and Beauty Blog My go-to for all skin advice and DOs and DONT’s! Livia is a doc afterall!
  • Hanhabelle Hanh is an explorer! food, beauty, trends!

Let me know who your favorite bloggers are.. Id love to know about people I haven’t met yet! Hope you are having a lovely Sunday! 🙂 You can follow me on Bloglovin’ and Twitter and get connected!

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