An Ode to the Prettiest Nude | Nars Tzigane Lipstick Review

Best nude lipstick for medium skin indian skin review Nars Tzigane

“Nude” if not used to describe a physical disposition, is a commonly used adjective for the “barely-there” lip colors! I am a huge collector and promoter of such colors as they look the best on me for some inexplicable reason! I have way too many of them all bought in pursuit of the “Perfect” nude lip color which happened to be this one from Nars! I had trouble coming up with a title for this post, as this one not only qualifies for “Back For Seconds” kind, but also for the most worn, and most loved of all my lipsticks!

So the swatches on Christine, and raves by Jenny were sort of responsible, when I placed my first order of these two years back. Its a tough task deciding on a lipstick based only on swatches over the internet but thats something I have employed for far too many times to err! What bummed me was that this wasn’t among the more popular lip colors in its category as opposed to Dolce Vita which kind of ruled the “My Lips but Better” territory!

Best nude lipstick for medium skin indian skin review Nars Tzigane
Sorry for the Swollen-eye-look! I haven’t had much sleep! My lips are super pigmented.. so if you strain your eye and look at the center of my lips you might detect the true color of the lipstick!

Tzigane is not the “concealer-look” nude by far, its an enhanced and better version of my natural lip color, which is how I like my everyday nude lipsticks to be. Nars describes it as a Pink Brandy = Pink + brown = Perfect! Its a warm brownish pink color, sheer and buildable to a semi opaque finish. Its fairly moisturizing, very weightless and smooth on the lips and does not enhance any dryness. In the picture the bullet looks much more red and pink that in real but what you see on my lips is how it actually is. What works for me is that inspite of its sheer balmy finish it evens out my pigmented lips and stays that way. It wears for atleast 4 hours without eating and wears off evenly leaving a hint of color behind. There is no discernible smell to the lipsticks, but it does not smell chemically either.

Its a perfect shade to pair with smokey eyes or everyday and never interferes with any makeup look that you may choose to wear! It was released in a limited edition collection a few summers ago but has been part of the permanent collection ever since! It retails for $26 for a 0.12oz bullet.

Best nude lipstick for medium skin indian skin review Nars Tzigane

Compared to Dolce Vita another popular one from the sheer line, Its more brown and more “nude” and gives me the perfect everyday pout, very work appropriate. This color will look great on any skin tone.. although might be too pale (still nude) on much deeper skintones.

The good news is I have a dupe of this lovely for you! The Inglot Slim gel lipstick in#49Β is pretty much Tzigane in a more slippery formulation. Love this one too!

You can purchase it from the Nars Cosmetics Website, It sadly does not seem to be stocked elsewhere!

Which are your favorites Nars lipsticks? Your favorites nudes? I am going to be picking a few more from Spain.. any suggestions!? :-)

Monday blues are creeping over me! Hope you enjoy the post!

Have a good week everyone! I’ll see y’all soon! :-)

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  6. Emma

    That sort of colour would never suit my complexion but it suits you so well! My kind of nudes are cool pinks :) I have one Nars lipstick and I love it, the quality is amazing!

    • Divya

      Hey Emma! I was just going through your latest post and then I saw your comment on mine! Thank you! which Nars lipstick are you talking about? Cool pinks don’t really look good to me on me.. so I tend to stay away.. although pinkish red is something I prefer over warm reds! Weird I know! :-)

  7. Blackmentosbeautybox

    I can totally see that peachy nude on your lower lip! I have the same issue with super pigmented lips altering or making nude shades no longer nudes when I apply them on! I think this is the perfect nude for you!

  8. jenn f

    my fav nude is from nars too. its belle du jour. not a mlbb but defs a ‘concealer’ type nude. sometimes i just want that blank slate look for the lips when i’m goign crazy with the eye products you know? i looove it.

    • Divya

      Hey Jenn! I was always curious about Belle du Jour! Now that you say its more of a concealer nude ill pass πŸ˜› I really love this one.. if the 2 backups are any indication! πŸ˜›

  9. Jaa

    THE perfect nude shade on you if I might say! Flattering and looks so natural! I have a few of Nars lipsticks and my favorite nude shade happens to be Catfight. It’s probably too light and too nude for my complexion but I like it alright. Haha.

    • Divya

      Hey Syl! are you back from the trip yet? I amw aiting to hear about your makeup quests! πŸ˜€ I have both Dolce Vita and Tzignae.. and obviously love this more.. as DV is quite pin and not as beige/brown! :-)

  10. Smita Roy

    Hey divya, try bobbi brown’s pink buff…its my perfect nude…its a shame I havent tried out any nars lipstick yet..n yes I love thier lip crayons too..

  11. Vidya

    Simply lovely …. loved the colour on you :-). Thanks a million for mentioning the more economical dupe for the lipstick – will check out the Inglot slim gel lipstick … By the way, which blush do you have on your cheeks? Or is that a natural blush I see ;-). It would also interest me to know your office makeup routine or a simple day makeup …

    • Divya

      Hey Vidya! Thank you so much for your comment! :-) I am wearing Tarte Exposed.. and there is a whole dedicated post coming up on that one sometime next week! :-) Ill definitely post my everyday routine soon! :-)

      • anuradhaforever

        I bought two shades gold digger and Lara, if I am not wrong !!… both of them were a complete disaster :( it looked so bad on me :'( I asked my mom to take it πŸ˜› and to my surprise it looked great on her … that is the last time I went for Nars πŸ˜›

    • Divya

      Hey Judith! Thanks for your comment!
      I have worn the revlon lip butter a lot till it finished.. and it was a lot more pinker/darker on me than a nude.. It was pretty but I wanted something more muted!

      What’s your favorite nude?

  12. Maria

    Hi Divya…I’ve just started following your blog and totally love it!…My complexion is almost the same as yours, so whatever suits you usually suits me too :-)…I would like to make one request though….Could you please provide arm swatches of the lipsticks and blushes that you review so that we can get a better idea of their colour?…Hope it’s not too much to ask…

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

    • Divya

      Hey maria! Thank you so much for the love! :-) I have tried to swatch stuff on the arm before.. but somehow the lighting and the camera do not agree and the colors are never right.
      On the other hand when I take my face pics.. the colors are always very true to how they look off camera.. so I always put up my pictures no mater how dorky! πŸ˜›
      I am still looking for the perfectly lit spot in the house where I can take good arm swatches! Will try and put in the future! :-)

  13. Abby

    I love Dolce Vita and Pago Pago, but this one looks beautiful as well. I also love the way you took the pictures, they’re eye-catching!

  14. kimmybeautyisles

    The first thing I thought upon seeing the photo (before I read the post) was “I wonder how this compares to Dolce Vita?” And then, of course you answered my question.:-) Dolce Vita is one of my all time favourites (I see mentions of it being waxy but I don’t have that problem?). As you say Tzigane is browner, I may have to test it out in stores, but it looks beautiful on you. My favourite nudes…thats tough one, I like a range of anything from peachy pink nudes to the more sheer tone, terracotta roses. Lately I’ve been into L’oreal’s fairest nude and Stila’s Color Balm in Vivienne.

    • Divya

      I love good peachy pinks as well! But peachy-pinks are “nude” on me.. they pack a lot of punch! I recently got See Sheer from MAC and YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in #16 amazing coral pinks!
      I haven’t tried the L’oreal or Stila ones.. will check them out! :-)

    • Divya

      Hey Kate! Thank you for your comment! :-) Nars is pretty much a “no-brainer” for me now! Wear it all the time.. and it is never over-done!

    • Divya

      Hey Catherine! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I hope you find a great nude for yourself! I am sure there would be plenty that suit you! :-)

  15. peachesandcorals

    This shade looks pretty lovely on you. I have been wanting to try NARS but again availability is the only thing that is keeping me from buying it. I own just one nude shade and that’s from ysl and as you said like to go for it with bold eyes

  16. Krithi Marla Mithun

    I do not enjoy nude lipsticks ,still i have many with me …and Im loving YSL Volupte shine #10 because it gives a tint of shine on my lips and perfect when i wear heavy eye make-up
    Im yet to buy nars lipstick :(
    they are not available in India ….sob sob

    • Divya

      Hey Krithi! Thanks so much for your comment! :-) I have a few of those YSL lipsticks and love them a lot! Haven’t tried #10! I know the availability of Nars is an issue here.. but the dupe I suggested, the Inglot Slim gels.. are a really nice formula! Give them try if you haven’t already!

  17. Sunny

    Hey Divya, this is a pretty nude on you! I don’t go for the concealer look myself. I just can’t: I’d look dead! I have a couple of nudes that I enjoy, including Clinique Curviest Caramel and Dior Grege 1947. They manage not to wash me out!

    • Divya

      Hey Sunny! thank you! You must be a very busy girl right now! thanks so much for the comment! I have Curviest Caramel and really like the formula, although its a bit pale for me but nothing ghostly! BTW, I love your wedding ring! very classy! as expected! :-)

    • Divya

      Hey Rikki! I have seen Enchanted One yet.. not good at following MAC lipsticks! While I was in South Korea, there was Etude House everywhere and Missha, Skin Food, Sulwahsoo, The Face Shop etc etc.. and I never paid any attention! πŸ˜› Etude House looked a lot like Benefit and very cute packaging..

  18. Alex

    Ah, your post reminded me of how much I loved Dolce Vita. The formula when I bought it years ago left much to be wanted. Most of all, it wasn’t as creamy as I thought it would be for the price. Maybe they changed it?

    This shade looks great on your complexion!

    Refined Lately

    • Divya

      Hey Alex! Congratulations on Refined Lately! It looks pretty good! I am going to follow you there! :-) Dolce Vita wasn’t creamy for me either.. quite waxy actually.. but this one has been a clear winner! You should try it! :-)

  19. Tasha

    Looks absolutely amazing on you! Previously I’ve had trouble finding a nude that didn’t wash me out, but have since discovered that peachy-browns suit me best! I absolutely love the Revlon matte balm in Complex. BTW your lashes are stunning!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Divya

      Hey Tasha! thank you! :-) I haven’t had much luck with the Revlon balms.. but this one is a firm favorite! BTW I love your blog.. started following you on Bloglovin’ recently and you are doing great! :-)

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