Planning, Booking, Packing | The Spain Edition


Tickets – check, Visa – check, Stay – check, Guide books – check! The time has come for me to officially let you all know that WE ARE GOING TO SPAIN in another two weeks! I have been dropping hints and clues (not exactly!) on the blog for our upcoming trip but now that everything is done, the fun part (read packing) remains! 😀 I thought ill share with you our itinerary, how we planned, what we booked, where we are going, what I am packing and get inputs from you over what to eat/see/buy when in Spain! I know a lot of people cringe at the thought of packing but I really enjoy it! I tend to over pack at times but this time I am going to be a light traveler! We’ll see! 😛

Planning & Booking | This was a trip we had wanted to make as part of our “honeymoon” but didn’t because Paris was calling! So we took a trip to Paris for 5 days followed by another 6 days in Italy. We decided to visit Spain later in the year around the Tomatina Festival.. but sadly this woman couldn’t wait that long! 😛 We booked our tickets in May from Lufthansa for a multi city trip. We will be going to Barcelona, then to Granada, Seville and end up in Madrid from where we fly back. We are spending around 5 days in Barcelona and another 5 days over at the other cities. We booked an apartment right at the Barceloneta Beach (!!!) courtsey airbnb. We have hotels booked in Granada, Seville and Madrid for 2 nights, 1 night and 2 nights respectively. It goes without saying that there will be a huge photo dump on the blog for each day as it happens!

Skincare for trip to Barcelona in July travel skin care packing

Packing | This post is about my Skincare essentials which I am taking with me. I pretty much travel with the same lot on all trips except if there is an extreme weather awaiting us. What you see here is mostly my skincare at the moment except for a few things which I don’t deem essential for travelling. I will be doing a detailed post on my current skin care and everyday makeup routine in the coming posts so stay tuned!

For cleansing, I have small travel size bottles from Shu Uemura, of their popular cleansing oil, which not just cleans makeup off really well, also purifies the skin and nourishes it. I also have the Bioderma Sensibio decanted into a small bottle and a travel size bottle of the AMAZING Clarins Instant Eye Makeup remover.

My exfoliator of choice is the Clarins Gentle Refiner. This is a very creamy but effective exfoliator with microbeads, and really good on blackheads. This again is a small travel size tube.

Skincare for trip to Barcelona in July travel skin care packing

For moisturiser, I will be carrying the Avene Rebalancing Soothing Emulsion, which is perfect for summer. Its very hydrating, non-greasy and works well under sunscreen and/or makeup. The La Roche Posay Anthelios Xl Cream Gel is really good for hot and humid weather. It is gel based, non-greasy and high in spf. I love it for summer as it does not make my face greasy and does not break me out.

I always carry a small bottle of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair when I travel. It keeps any skin problem at bay and is THE serum for me. A detailed review is on its way! The Beauty Flash Balm is a really good hydrator for dehydrated and sun-burnt skin so that comes along.

I have been loving the Kiehl’s Avocado eye cream a lot recently. The tiny pot may not be the most hygienic, but is small enough for travel. I am not fussy about hair products so will carry a lot of samples for shampoos/conditioners/oils/etc with me. They save space and can be thrown after use.  I have a small bottle of the L’occitaine 4 Rose shower gel which is coming along, Bath and Body sorted!

Skincare for trip to Barcelona in July travel skin care packing

This makeup bag is from MAC called the Soft Sac Large, which was part of a collection in 2012. Its extremely spacious and hold all sizes of bottles and pots! I think it is still available online in black, but I haven’t noticed it in stores.

Let me know if I need to carry anything else for the trip which I haven’t thought of!

I will be posting about my makeup, clothing and in-flight bag in another post, next week.

The weekend is upon us and we are going out of town with my parents. What are your plans?

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  3. Vanessa {Citron and Guavaberry)

    HEEEY HAVE FUN!!! I’d love to go to Spain one day, but next month I’ll be going to the UK for a month and I’m pretty excited for the trip and the travel posts I might do! Love the significant number of sample sized-products here, heh c:

    • Divya

      WOAH! One month!! 😀 Thats AMAZING! I want to visit UK and Scotland too.. but guess that has to wait! 😐 I will be looking out for all your UK posts!! 😀

    • Divya

      Hey Jenn! Thank you thank you! 😀 I am super excited for this one! I am overdoing on the sample part too! I don’t think I need that many! 😛

  4. annie'sbeauty...

    you will LOVE Barcelona! everywhere you turn your head there’s something that will catch your eye! touristic attractions, shops, food, vintage markets, street culture… you name it! Madrid is amazing, but Barcelona is breathtaking! enjoy your trip, lovely! xx

  5. Carolyn @ The Makeup Writeup

    I’m so excited for you that you are going to Barcelona, Granada, and Sevilla (my favorite cities in Spain)! I hope you can go see a flamenco show in Sevilla if you can! Also, I loved the Albaicin neighborhood in Granada and highly recommend it (the Mirador San Nicolás plaza there has unbeatable views of the Alhambra, especially at sunset). Also, that’s so awesome that you went to Italy as part of your honeymoon. My husband and I got engaged there, so I’ve always had a soft spot for Italy :). Have a wonderful time!!

    • Divya

      Hey Carolyn! Thanks for the tip! 😀 We are actually staying right across from the Alhambra and will definitely check out Albaicin neighborhood as you said!

  6. sylirael

    Whee! So exciting!! 😀 I’m super envious – we were supposed to go to Spain on our honeymoon too, but sort of skipped over it after France in favour of Morocco! I’m so glad to hear that you’re going to Granada – you must see the Alhambra for me!!

    Also: yay for samples when travelling! ^_^

    • Divya

      Hey C & G! Thank you so much! Yes Kiehl’s is great.. but definitely its texture is something you might have to work wit.. its a little thick.. try it at a store or sample before you purchase! :-)

  7. Harkirat

    Thats so exciting!! Spain is amazing when I went I did the opposite started in Madrid and ended in Barcelona, you will just fall in Love with the cities and the people, Granada was my favourite! Really enjoyed this post and the pictures are great! I hope you have an amazing trip!

  8. Amy

    Airbnb is great, isn’t it! I’m going on a little trip next week to somewhere I found on there :)
    You’re so good with all of your little minitures and samples – I end up taking huge versions of everything!
    Nice to see you’re using La Roche-Posay suncream too, I use it every single day (even in winter) no matter what!
    I hope you have a wonderful time, looking forward to seeing any updates! :)
    – amyalaska x

    • Divya

      Hey Amy! Thanks so much for your comment! I love LRP! in fact most of their products are really good! :-) Where are you going for your vacation!?

  9. Jaa

    Everyone seems to be traveling at the same time!!! Seriously, me, Sunny, Syl, Melissa, now you! What’s going on??! 😀

    I’m so jealous! I’ve never been to Europe. :(

    Very nice display of all the samples. That’s how I traveled to Thailand, too! Estee Lauder ANR serum is one of the best!

  10. Sharon

    I am mega skincare obsessed so loooove this post! Looking forward to details of your skincare and everyday make-up routine!! Enjoy your holiday!

  11. Faiza

    I am really impressed with your choice of skin care items… In fact these are the best in the town of skin care.
    Can’t wait to visit the Spain with you guys :p Have an awsome trip…

      • Faiza

        Night time routine i follow is based on doctor’s prescription..
        for scrubbing, moisturizing i use Neutrogena, jergens..
        i am eying on origins, keihls and clinique products as there are so many rave reviews on them around blogosphere

  12. Vidya

    Yaaaaaaay! So excited for you guys :D. Had been planning to visit Barcelona on my last work trip but it didn’t work out :-(. Will feast my eyes on your blog for now :-). Waiting for your daily skincare and makeup routine … By the way – is the La Roche Posay sunscreen worth the money? It caught my attention but I found it pricey. I have normal to combination skin. Would it suit me? I am always hunting for a good sunscreen in summer when my skin towards combination. Can’t wait for the entire series of travel related posts esp. the clothes 😀

    • Divya

      Hey Vidya! I am so excited!! I have the same skin type as yours but humidity sort of makes my face very sweaty especially when I have sunscreen on! This one surprisingly does not do that no matter how much i put on! For me worth the price! :-)

    • howdoesdeedoit

      Divya – exciting newss!!! Hope you ‘ll have an amazing trip!! Hey Vidya – just felt the need to comment on the La Roche Posay Sunscreen. I’ve used almost every La Roche Posay product thats out there and I absolutely love their sunscreens. The mineral one ( like a milk ) is amazing in the summer. Slightly more expensive but totally worth it in the winter is their 24H moisturizer that comes with an SPF of 25. Im a sunscreen fanatic and the IDC sunscreen is my absolute favourite. It’s great no matter WHAT the weather!!

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