A Beauty Chat with Mum | Her Favorites in Makeup and Skincare

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Before I begin, I touched 200 followers on Bloglovin’ today and I am so thrilled! Thank you everyone who have shown so much interest and  appreciation for the blog, it makes me really happy! For those of you who haven’t I love you as much! 🙂

My parents are visiting us and that gave me the perfect opportunity to post about my mum and her makeup bag! She isn’t as crazy about makeup or beauty as I am and she is amused where I get this obsession from.. lets not try and explain! 😛 Most of her stuff has been my doing over the years, but she has come to really like them now and they suit her skin very well. I wish she had written the post herself, but for the busy woman she is (even on vacation!!) I asked her a few questions (celebrity style) and she answered them while making the best Pani Puri ever!

Me: Ma, are you ready for this?

Ma: Of course not!

Me: Moving on.. ( 😛 ) Ma, are you following your skin care routine I asked you to?

Ma: *laughs*, yes about thrice in a week! not everyday. Me: *shocked expression* | Ma: But I do use the murky face wash we got (Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip). It doesn’t smell nice, but leaves my skin feeling good. I use it both times a day if I remember to.. I have given it a spot in the front row so that I see it everytime I go to the bathroom.

Bioderma Sebium Pore refiner, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock, Vichy Normaderm, The Body Shop Wild Rose Handcream Kiehls Rare Earth deep pore cleansing mask clarins lotus face oil Estee Lauder Idealist illuminating face serum

Me: Whats your everyday routine like.. which you actually follow!

Ma: Morning after cleansing, I use the Estee Lauder serum, feels quite velvetty on the skin.. I used to use an orange one from The Body Shop which I really liked. I think i’ll buy that again once this gets over. I feel guilty spending so much for the same thing.(Mums!)

After that I use a moisturiser with spf, one from Clinique. When I do have some time in the night, I use the night cream which goes with it. What I always do is take care of my hands.. and I like this hand cream from The Body Shop. I like the smell a lot.

Me: What about the Clarins oil?

Ma: I have been using the face oil occasionally if there is a pimple. It really works in winters. Once in a while I use the face mask from Kiehl’s and also their face scrub. I use the two together.

Me: How do you do your makeup everyday?

Ma: I don’t do much of makeup, but just before leaving for work, I use the Vichy moisturiser, the pore cream, some sunblock, and conceal with a little bit of MAC concealer. For my eyes I use a brown pencil you got me. If time permits I touch up my brows with brun. Lipsticks are a must for me, I feel I look dead without it! Although I rarely match it with my outfit, I wear brown for work.

Me: Your favorite lipstick?

Ma: MAC Verve! I finished it, we just got Touch which I use everyday now. I also like Paramount, and one from Shiseido which they don’t sell anymore.

Me: Ok tell me, if I took away everything from your makeup bag, which 1.., ok 3 things you’ll keep!?

Ma: Sunblock, one lipstick and the foundation stick! I will press you to let me have my eye pencil too!

Me: Ma when you dress up for a party, what “extra” do you do?

Me: Ummm, a non-brown lipstick, may be a bit of blush and foundation for coverage if the event is at night. 

Me: Which foundation do you use?

Ma: Studio Tech (MAC). Its finished I need to get another one. Me: yeah I really like that one too.

Me: Do you read my blog? 😛

Ma: Oh yes! everytime, every post, every comment. (Me: aawww) I am happy the way its shaping, I told all my students about it! (My Mum is a professor at a University)

DivyaAndMum copy

I hope you liked this little post!

We had an awesome time this weekend. Had a little getaway and stayed at a beautiful resort! I took a lot of pics which i’ll put up soon!

More beauty talk coming up this week, stay tuned, till then have a great weekend!! 😀

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71 thoughts on “A Beauty Chat with Mum | Her Favorites in Makeup and Skincare

  1. You two look adorable! I love these posts, it’s so lovely to see what our moms are into… And what they actually use as well! My mum has always been consistent with her makeup: she started wearing makeup when she was 18 and since then it’s been an everyday routine of foundation, mascara and powder. She wears eye pencil pretty often too, and I always tell her that with a fine line of dark blue her light brown eyes really pop!


  2. Definitely enjoyed this post, Div!!! I might actually do one featuring my mom too! She’s a makeup and skincare freak like me – she was actually into Chanel, Dior way way back even before I started liking makeup 🙂

    This was such a fun read and your mom seems like a very intelligent yet fun, candid and naturally humorous person to talk to! 🙂 You both look gorgeous in the photo! Those genes!!

    1. Hey Shari!! Thank you so much darling! 🙂 You must get your mum to spill the beans! I am sure she must have years of experience which we newbies can benefit from! 😀 Is she as pretty as you! I am sure prettier!! 😀

  3. When saw this post I was like did she read my mind? lol. I was totally thinking of doing something like this with my mum (she is a huge Kate Sommerville fan). Wonderfully sweet post.

      1. I will work on it! Maybe have it up by the time you get back from Spain. 🙂 Hope you have a lovely trip, it sounds incredible.

    1. Hey Agata! Thank you so much! You are the first to spot a similarity! I do look a lot like her 🙂 I am blessed to look like her! She is BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

    1. Hey Carolyn! Thanks so much for the lovely comment! <3 I owe my skin to my mum which clearly is gorgeous! I hope I can have it till I am her age! 😀

  4. Congratulations! I love this post, Divya! Your mom is super cool! She’s totally up-to-date with makeup! The picture of the two of you is really nice. You make me miss my mom! 🙂

  5. I really liked this beauty chat between a daughter and mom… Your mom also has a great baby like skin..
    I soon will purchase that keihls mask for deep cleansing and i just googling that for reviews.

    1. Hey Faiza! So glad you liked it.. this was done in the kitchen! 😛 Yeah mom’s skin is very very soft, nothing feels as good as her! <3 You should try the Kiehl's mask, its actually pretty good! I have used it several times and its best for sensitive skin and does not dry out the skin like traditional clay masks!

  6. Senti bana diya 🙂 … Loved this post – cute and very touching … Loved the stuff she uses and they seem more within my financial reach :-P! I especially loved the photograph of the two of you together. What does your mother teach at the University? So you are a “professor-ki-beti” ;-)?!
    By the way – can you provide a breakdown of the makeup worn by both you pwetty ladies :-)? I am eternally in lovvveee with your skin and THAT lipstick 😀

    1. Hey Vidya! Thanks so much for the comment! 😀 She is a professor at the Education department, she is mega popular among her students! 🙂 I am not wearing any makeup n the picture, just lip balm (Korres Pomegranate I think). Mum is wearing MAC Studio Foundation, MAC Pro Longwear concealer, A brown eye pencil and MAC Verve lipstick. (She is a MAC convert now! 😛 )

  7. Picture perfect divyaaaaa …. u n ur mom both xoxo 🙂
    loved reading every bit of it 🙂
    Even I have asked my mom to change her routine n gladly she did started n loving it so far 🙂

    1. Hey Rashmi! Thank you so much! 😀 I am glad your mum agreed to take care of herself! My mum made me sweat so much to get her to start a routine.. but clearly.. so worth it! 😀

  8. congratulations Divya!! Way to go girl:)

    Well i wish my mom was half as interested as your mum in skin care. My mom uses just a moisturizer for day and night and may be a lip balm. Sigh! I want her to read this post.

    1. Hey Diana!! 😀 Ill tell mom you said such good things! She’ll be thrilled! Thank you so much! It was hard work to get her to take care of her skin but so worth it! I think she is BEAUTIFUL! All mums are! <3<3

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