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I am really unwell right now with fever, sore throat and a few unwelcome breakouts, so my post on Monday got missed (If you haven’t noticed, I have a trend of posting every two days with Sunday as an exception, So Mon-Wed-Fri is when you get a dose of TCF! ) I was ready with pictures and post to go up today, when it occurred to me that I am a 2-month old blogger! (in fact a bit more now) and have been doing something right to have so many amazing people to visit, read and comment on my blog for 2 long months! Had I known I would have such gorgeous people around I’d have started this little space a long time back!

Today instead of a beauty-heavy post, I thought I’ll do something different : Talk to you guys! Lets have a chat and get to know each other better? I have been beauty obsessed for a while and have been silently following a number of blogs for close to two years now! My day starts with a quick look at my stats on the phone while still on the bed (mostly with one eye as both of them refuse to open together! :P). I approve comments which are pending, quickly reply back, run to the bathroom, get ready, get to work! Work at the office involves a lot of Lab-work and I cannot access my feeds, twitter or any other website, so I eagerly wait for the time to get out and check whats been happening in the blog-world!

These days, I get  happy just to see  my blog come up on the first page in Google Search! I love to get wonderful comments and always always reply to each and everyone of them! I am just too happy to have someone like what I have put up and you have no idea how special it makes you all to me!

So far I have only blogged about what I want to and when I want to, without a care about who’s doing what and what the trends are. I intend to keep it that way because I firmly believe that blogging should not become an organized chore which you MUST do, rather it should be a way of expression, an outlet and something which you WANT to do!

I recently came across a post which I stumbled upon through a blog I follow, and there was an article on blogging in 2014. The writer seemed a bit exasperated over the state of affairs of blogs and bloggers and also PR companies and brands and whatever goes on between them! The post highlighted something I hadn’t spared a thought on so far. I realized that a lot of bloggers especially beauty bloggers, are concerned about numbers, PR samples, reviews, reach, followers and popularity and look at the “established blogs” for comparison.

My question to you is, is that right? Should I or someone new be comparing themselves to a person and his/her blog which has been running for 4 years and feel dejected that we haven’t started any brand relation or getting approached for collaborations like they are? that I don’t have 10,000 people reading my blog everyday like them? Does that even make sense?

What I do understand is that people are here for different reasons and I am no one to judge someone on their ambition. But, I feel that being realistic has its benefits and when you are persistent and patient, you A) are happy and confident b) are always motivated C) are enjoying what you do D) do really well!

I also feel that following and interacting with bloggers pushes you to do better if taken positively. In my case it makes me very happy to have amazing content to read everyday and to pursue something which I thoroughly enjoy! I also like to share my love for bloggers on my blog as thats what everyone wants in the end; appreciation and love! If you like them tell them! There is enough place for everyone in the blogging community, in fact if you are good, people will automatically link to you, follow you and like you.

Most of the people I have posted about on my blog, didn’t even know about TCF or me! I would never recommend something if I didnt thoroughly enjoyed or liked myself, be it blogs, products or places. Sharing good content in a way tells people a lot about you, your tastes and your direction.

I obviously don’t have any”expert advice” for anyone as I am much to young to preach! All I can say is that, we can try to do better than yesterday, everything takes its time (Rome wasn’t built in a day, and trust me I have seen it, it wans’t! 😐 ) patience, good humor and persistence, in my opinion, are the key to doing well at anything!

A lot of blabber from a sick girl! I hope it wasn’t too philosophy laden, folks!

Below is a list of my favorites and most loved posts in the past months. Read them if you haven’t! 🙂

1. A Tarte-ful Obsession A roundup of all my Tarte blushes (P.S: Let me know if you are interested in a review for each? )

2. A Bronzed Glow My very first makeup post, very appropriate for the weather!

3. Things I bought in Paris Things I got from Paris! If you haven’t seen pictures from Paris its here

4. Pictures from my wedding 

5. Lipstick Queen Saint Eden My favorite red lipstick at the moment!

6. Travel friendly Makeup and a makeup carryall

The makeup bag post will be up tomorrow as per usual and hope you enjoy it! 🙂 I have a lot of requests for a lot of posts which I haven’t been able to do, really sorry about that! I am trying my best to keep the blog as interesting and fun as possible, but then two hands, two eyes and hundreds of things to do make it difficult! 😛 Bear with me we’ll get there eventually!

Let me know your thoughts on the post, and what else you’d like to see on TCF!

You can follow me on Bloglovin’ if you’d like to get updates from the blog or join me on Twitter for chit chat! 🙂 I added my Instagram button recently, hopefully Ill have loads to share! 🙂

Take care, bye for now!

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