My Makeup Bag for Summer

Tarte blissful blush, Chanel Mirage illusion d'ombre Jouer luminizing moisture tint bronzed kevin aucoin volume mascara MAC coffee eye pencil ysl rouge pur couture glossy stain no. 7

First, a BIG thank you to all for the lovely comments you have been showering on me! I am speechless and very very happy with so much affection and appreciation! It also mounts a bit of pressure as now I know what high expectations my amazing readers/friends have! I cannot let you down! 🙂

As promised my summer makeup jam is here! Luckily for me, I took these pictures before the viral caught up and what you see is a “clearer” rendition of my face at the end of the post! I am still recovering and hopefully will be up and running before the Spain trip! Which reminds me, there are more Spain-posts coming next week before I leave, and hopefully you guys will help me streamline in the makeup and clothing department, lest I should over-pack! 😛

Coming back to the subject, This is the makeup I have been pretty much using for the past week and its a very basic, no-fuss, makeup routine with a few new additions which I am trying out! My makeup bag is from MAC one of their Soft Sac small. You can find it in black here.

MAC coffee eye pencil the body shop clear brow gel
A gunky looking TBS brow gel and MAC Coffee eye pencil

My makeup staples are the Smith’s Rose Petal salve, MAC Coffee eye pencil and The Body Shop clear brow gel, which I have on me at all times, and sometimes the only bit I am wearing when I cannot bother with makeup (which is more often than not!) I really like the MAC Teddy eye pencil too, and switch between Coffee and Teddy on most days.

I have grown my brows back to their bushy glory so that does not require me to fill them. A clear brow gel is what keeps them from flying away, and this one from The Body Shop does the job really well!

Tarte blissful blush, Chanel Mirage illusion d'ombre Jouer luminizing moisture tint bronzed kevin aucoin volume mascara MAC coffee eye pencil ysl rouge pur couture glossy stain no. 7
Tarte Blissful and YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in No. 7 Corail Aquatique

I recently brought back my Tarte Blissful blush which I fallen back in love with! It seemed that my blush was a bit stiffer than usual (which hasn’t happened with the other Tarte blushes I own) but using a denser brush gets the job done well enough! Its the prettiest coral I own and somehow like it more than Tipsy! (oops!)

I have found Blissful to be very similar to MAC Fleur Power blush, atleast on me, so if you cannot get hold of the Tarte you can look into Fleur Power which is equally gorgeous! The only brush I carry with me is the small angular blush brush from The Face Shop which I picked from South Korea eons ago! It was super cheap but as good quality as any of the high end MAC brushes I own! Its very very soft and densely packed. Works for both blush and contour if I need it to!

My favorite lip product at the moment, which I have loved ever since I got around two years back, is the YSL glossy stain in #7! I love a peachy-pink anything and this is the perfect lip color, lip formula for me! Blissful and the glossy stain in #7 pair really well together and flatter my complexion a lot.

chanel mirage illusion d'ombre cream eyeshadow review best chanel cream eye shadow best chanel eye shadow for Indian skin

For my eyes I have been using two new-ish products, Chanel’s Mirage illusion d’ombre (part of the new summer collection) and Kevin Aucoin the Volume Mascara. Mirage is beautiful bronze with shimmer and looks really flattering! Its not a unique color but if you are a fan of the formula and love creamy products, you might want to get this!

chanel mirage illusion d'ombre cream eyeshadow review

The mascara is stuff “mascara dreams are made of”. Its the best non-clumpy thickening formula I have tried and has more “oomph” than my favorite Dior’s Diorshow Iconic mascara. The wand is very thin, and catches each lash and coats it nicely. I actually had this for a long time but hadn’t opened the tube until I ran out of my Dior, and its been LOVE since! I got mine from CultBeauty  (BTW, Cult Beauty has a 15% discount running till midnight today India time and 6p.m. UK time, with the code 6BDAY, so make the most of it!)

The last time I was at a MAC store, the MUA suggested the Studio Sculpt lash mascara which I found to be very similar in application to this one. I actually refrain from reviewing mascara, as I have relatively full and long lashes and the pre and post application of a formula is not as dramatic on me as may be on someone with a more normal set of lashes. But if you are looking for an all in one mascara which can be used mildly as well as built up then I would highly recommend the Kevin Aucoin mascara!

kevin aucoin the volume mascara review

Another product I finally caved in and bought was the Jouer luminizing tint! I mentioned it briefly about a month back here, and had been itching to get it after trying a generous sample for a week! This has very little coverage, but enough glow and evens things out for me! Stays put and does not cause any oilyness on my summer combination skin! Winner! I use the shade bronzed, which is a tad dark but after blending is very natural!

I have been skipping concealer these days thanks to some good sleep finally on the new bed! also for everyday I don’t conceal whatever darkness I have, it makes me look smarter somehow! 😛

Jouer luminizing moisture tint bronzed review

Here is a bonus picture of me wearing the above makeup. I am wearing, Coffee on my waterline, the mascara, Blissful, Jouer tint, and the glossy stain. (Not wearing Mirage in this one.)

Tarte blissful blush, Chanel Mirage illusion d'ombre Jouer luminizing moisture tint bronzed kevin aucoin volume mascara MAC coffee eye pencil ysl rouge pur couture glossy stain no. 7 review

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

I’d love to know what your Summer makeup faves are! Let me know in the comments! 🙂

I hope the week is treating you well? Have a great time ahead and a happy hump day!

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