My Makeup Bag for Summer

Tarte blissful blush, Chanel Mirage illusion d'ombre Jouer luminizing moisture tint bronzed kevin aucoin volume mascara MAC coffee eye pencil ysl rouge pur couture glossy stain no. 7

First, a BIG thank you to all for the lovely comments you have been showering on me! I am speechless and very very happy with so much affection and appreciation! It also mounts a bit of pressure as now I know what high expectations my amazing readers/friends have! I cannot let you down! :-)

As promised my summer makeup jam is here! Luckily for me, I took these pictures before the viral caught up and what you see is a “clearer” rendition of my face at the end of the post! I am still recovering and hopefully will be up and running before the Spain trip! Which reminds me, there are more Spain-posts coming next week before I leave, and hopefully you guys will help me streamline in the makeup and clothing department, lest I should over-pack! 😛

Coming back to the subject, This is the makeup I have been pretty much using for the past week and its a very basic, no-fuss, makeup routine with a few new additions which I am trying out! My makeup bag is from MAC one of their Soft Sac small. You can find it in black here.

MAC coffee eye pencil the body shop clear brow gel
A gunky looking TBS brow gel and MAC Coffee eye pencil

My makeup staples are the Smith’s Rose Petal salve, MAC Coffee eye pencil and The Body Shop clear brow gel, which I have on me at all times, and sometimes the only bit I am wearing when I cannot bother with makeup (which is more often than not!) I really like the MAC Teddy eye pencil too, and switch between Coffee and Teddy on most days.

I have grown my brows back to their bushy glory so that does not require me to fill them. A clear brow gel is what keeps them from flying away, and this one from The Body Shop does the job really well!

Tarte blissful blush, Chanel Mirage illusion d'ombre Jouer luminizing moisture tint bronzed kevin aucoin volume mascara MAC coffee eye pencil ysl rouge pur couture glossy stain no. 7
Tarte Blissful and YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in No. 7 Corail Aquatique

I recently brought back my Tarte Blissful blush which I fallen back in love with! It seemed that my blush was a bit stiffer than usual (which hasn’t happened with the other Tarte blushes I own) but using a denser brush gets the job done well enough! Its the prettiest coral I own and somehow like it more than Tipsy! (oops!)

I have found Blissful to be very similar to MAC Fleur Power blush, atleast on me, so if you cannot get hold of the Tarte you can look into Fleur Power which is equally gorgeous! The only brush I carry with me is the small angular blush brush from The Face Shop which I picked from South Korea eons ago! It was super cheap but as good quality as any of the high end MAC brushes I own! Its very very soft and densely packed. Works for both blush and contour if I need it to!

My favorite lip product at the moment, which I have loved ever since I got around two years back, is the YSL glossy stain in #7! I love a peachy-pink anything and this is the perfect lip color, lip formula for me! Blissful and the glossy stain in #7 pair really well together and flatter my complexion a lot.

chanel mirage illusion d'ombre cream eyeshadow review best chanel cream eye shadow best chanel eye shadow for Indian skin

For my eyes I have been using two new-ish products, Chanel’s Mirage illusion d’ombre (part of the new summer collection) and Kevin Aucoin the Volume Mascara. Mirage is beautiful bronze with shimmer and looks really flattering! Its not a unique color but if you are a fan of the formula and love creamy products, you might want to get this!

chanel mirage illusion d'ombre cream eyeshadow review

The mascara is stuff “mascara dreams are made of”. Its the best non-clumpy thickening formula I have tried and has more “oomph” than my favorite Dior’s Diorshow Iconic mascara. The wand is very thin, and catches each lash and coats it nicely. I actually had this for a long time but hadn’t opened the tube until I ran out of my Dior, and its been LOVE since! I got mine from CultBeauty  (BTW, Cult Beauty has a 15% discount running till midnight today India time and 6p.m. UK time, with the code 6BDAY, so make the most of it!)

The last time I was at a MAC store, the MUA suggested the Studio Sculpt lash mascara which I found to be very similar in application to this one. I actually refrain from reviewing mascara, as I have relatively full and long lashes and the pre and post application of a formula is not as dramatic on me as may be on someone with a more normal set of lashes. But if you are looking for an all in one mascara which can be used mildly as well as built up then I would highly recommend the Kevin Aucoin mascara!

kevin aucoin the volume mascara review

Another product I finally caved in and bought was the Jouer luminizing tint! I mentioned it briefly about a month back here, and had been itching to get it after trying a generous sample for a week! This has very little coverage, but enough glow and evens things out for me! Stays put and does not cause any oilyness on my summer combination skin! Winner! I use the shade bronzed, which is a tad dark but after blending is very natural!

I have been skipping concealer these days thanks to some good sleep finally on the new bed! also for everyday I don’t conceal whatever darkness I have, it makes me look smarter somehow! 😛

Jouer luminizing moisture tint bronzed review

Here is a bonus picture of me wearing the above makeup. I am wearing, Coffee on my waterline, the mascara, Blissful, Jouer tint, and the glossy stain. (Not wearing Mirage in this one.)

Tarte blissful blush, Chanel Mirage illusion d'ombre Jouer luminizing moisture tint bronzed kevin aucoin volume mascara MAC coffee eye pencil ysl rouge pur couture glossy stain no. 7 review

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

I’d love to know what your Summer makeup faves are! Let me know in the comments! :-)

I hope the week is treating you well? Have a great time ahead and a happy hump day!

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  7. Vidya

    Loved everything in your makeup bag including the bag itself :P! The blush + lip stain combo looks so gorgeous on you :-)! Love ittttt!

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  9. splendidpersona

    Heard some great reviews about Tarte Products, getting them here in India is a challenge, shipping charges are killer. Wish this would have been easily available. The only options are to order it online.

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  11. Vanessa {Citron and Guavaberry)

    Ouuu, I need Tarte’s Blissful! I ended up picking the cheek stain version of it, but I wasn’t too pleased with the texture of those, but the colour itself was pretty, so I might end up picking up the powder version next time! Ahh, I can’t want to get to the UK so I can finally get my hands on Jouer products! Haven’t heard of the luminizing tint before, but the matte moisture tint is on my to-buy!

    • Divya

      Hey Venessa! Blissful is going to look gorgeous on you! definitely give the powders a try.. they are really good quality! I want to try the matte moisture tint too.. have heard so much.. but I am not sure of the shade.. I tried a sample of the luminizing tint and completely fell in love! try and score a sample of both and then decide! :-)

  12. Quinn

    Love looking into others’ makeup bags. The mascara looks nice — Kevyn Aucoin is a new brand for me… and the stuff is, as you say, “what dreams are made of” hehe :) I just purchased the Sculpting Powder and when I first swatched the powder with my fingers, it was so soft and fine I actually gasped a little haha! I guess that’s a little dramatic 😉

    • Divya

      Hey Quin! You will not believe how many times I have “cart-ed” and “uncart-ed” the Sculpting powder on Cult Beauty! 😛 Seriously cannot get myself off it and have not indulged yet either! Such a limbo! 😛

  13. Swatching Oddity

    Tarte Blissful looks so pretty! I own Exposed and I’m so bored of that shade now :/ I never reach for it anymore. Blissful looks a lot more up my alley — funny how taste in makeup changes over time :)

    • Divya

      Oh I get the feeling! If you are using the same thing for weeks you tend to stop loving it! Go back to it after a few weeks and ull love it all over again! Happens with me! :-)


    I haven’t tried any of these products.. This rarely happens. I really want to try something Jouer. I’ve heard such good things about this brand!

  15. jenn f

    i just bought myself a ysl stain in #13. its a berry fuschia…not sure what i was thinking but its totally great for nights out!

    • Divya

      Hey Jenn! Im sure it must be gorgeous! I haven’t bought these stains in a long long time so not sure but i’ve heard not all the shades perform the same way! you should try #7 it’ll look great on you! :-)

  16. peachesandcorals

    I absolutely love your summer makeup… I’m so wanting to try Tarte but sigh in India you know how hard it is to get your hands on. The chanel eyeshadow looks so pretty and nice. I will purchase on my next visit to chanel

  17. Isabelle

    I love the blush on your complexion! Very, very pretty. It complements your skin shade well :) Mirage is such a beautiful shade, I’ve been wanting to get it but I’ve done a little too much shopping so I’m trying to wait it out until my birthday! Let’s hope they still have it then.. 😉

    • Divya

      Hey Isabelle! Thank you so much! :-) I love Blissful to bits! I’dlove to know what all you shopped! 😀 When’s your birthday? BTW, Mirage is permanent so you can buy it whenever you are ready! 😉

  18. Nisha Mishra Singh

    very nice pics.. i havent tried anything from the above products yet..I mostly carry around just a kohl,lipbalm n a lipstick in my bag.. and may b thermal water spray by avene which I am testing now might get added to it :)

    • Divya

      Hey Nisha! thank you so much for your comment! :-) I love the thermal spring water too! I actually ran out of it a few months ago and haven’t repurchased!

  19. rikki poynter (@rikkipoynter)

    theBalm Hot Mama would be the only makeup product I would use reguarly as a “seasonal” thing. I don’t really do “seasonal” makeup, haha. Even my MUFE HD foundation is so thick for summer but it’s all I have so I just use that, LOL. It’s hot, but eh. $$.

    • Divya

      Hey Rikki! You are so damn sensible! I wish I could hold off purchases and save some of those $$$ myself! 😐 Need a lesson or two in constraint from you! Seriously! :-) I had a makeover done long time back at MUFE and remember the HD foundation being very thick! but the finish it gives is unbeatable!
      And guess what! Where I live there is pretty much the same weather all year around + or – 5 degrees C so my makeup.. as everyone would come to know will be pretty much the same! its just my moisturiser that changes.. from gel based to slightly richer! sshh don’t tell! 😛

  20. Kylee

    I have tarte blissful in the cheek stain and its my favorite because I don’t wear foundation often and gives a nice glow. Although with the new cheek stains I think they changed the formula and switched around the colour names. I really love it!

    • Divya

      Hey Kylee! I haven’t tried the new cheek stains yet! I have one from the original line, True Love, which I wasn’t too impressed with! 😐 These blushes though are my favorites! :-)

  21. Carolyn @ The Makeup Writeup

    I love Mirage eyeshadow as well! (I just reviewed it on my blog, too!) I’ve actually never tried Glossy Stains. Are they comfortable to wear, Divya? My summer makeup faves consist of bright, cheerful nail polishes, bronzer, and either a coral or fuschia lip color for when I want to sport a bright lip :).

    • Divya

      Hey Carolyn! I read your review! :-) The glossy stains that I have tried have performed really well which includes #7, #12 and #15. I am skipping bronzer these days as my natural color does not really need one right now, but I am definitely carrying one with me to Spain just to amp up the glow you know 😉

  22. sylirael

    Total sympathy – I got a cold in Sharjah…which morphed into a sinus infection…and then vertigo! I’m only just coming right, and suffice it to say, even though I don’t do full face pics, my face has not been blogworthy (unless it was a horror blog) 😛 Get well soon! 😀

    Totally envying you the Glossy Stain and the Illusion d’Ombre!

    • Divya

      Hey Syl! Too bad you caught a cold too..! I in fact may have worsened it today by not being able to resist mango ice cream!! 😛 God I am so going to suffer for it! 😐
      BTW! That loot from Dubai!! 😀

  23. Jaa

    Nice picks, Divya! I haven’t used any of my Tarte and MAC blushes for a while so maybe it’s time to revisit my old collection! The Jouer Moisture Tint has been on my wish list for the longest time! Seeing how beautiful and natural it looks on your skin only tempts me that much more!!

    • Divya

      Hey Jaa! I remembered your telling me you have wanted to try it! Girl with your almost perfect complexion this is going to be amazing for you! You NEED to try it! :-)

  24. Faiza

    Wonderful summar picks.. me too love peach pink stains for cheeks and lips.. That Chanel eye shadow is so fabulous

  25. Amanda Val

    I remember being super impressed with Dior’s Diorshow Mascara campaigns. I wish I had the bucks to cough up for one, but I’m kinda scared it won’t end up being “all that” for me.. I’ll see if Sephora carries sample sizes. Then maybe we’ll talk :) x

    • Divya

      Hey Amanda! My past Dior mascaras were from the US bought/stocked up during the Sephora sales.. but in India the prices are insane and usually the stocks are old so I haven’t been able to get fresh ones! Although I am doubtful ill go back to it anytime soon because KA is absolutely fantastic for me! besides it comes to much cheaper than Dior when bought online! :-)

  26. Tasha

    Pretty picks! I’m super jealous, sitting over here in Aus freezing ma lil’ butt off haha! Love the blush and lip combo! Ooh, I ended up buying Bourjois Happy Light, hopefully I like it!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Divya

      Hey Tasha! I know!! you must have winter there! 😐 This is so strange right? Half the world is sun bathing and the rest is sitting in front of a fire place! 😛 I am so glad you got the Happy Light! fingers crossed you’ll love it hopefully! 😀

  27. howdoesdeedoit

    Very purdy:) and nice picks Divya! I might need to try the Jouer next ( once I finish atleast one of my many BB creams and TMs heh). The Glossy stain looks completely different on me:s It turns into a darkish shade of red almost after a few minutes. Looks like what its supposed to on you lol:)

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