Back For Seconds! Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel Review

Clarins hydra quench cream gel review

Back For Seconds is a series of posts dedicated to my most loved, most used and most repurchased skincare and makeup items. I am going to tell you what I love about them, what they have done for my skin and try to give you an honest (yet raving!) review of it and whether you need it in your life or not. All products are purchased by me and this is not a sponsored post. 

Another week another favorite which has been repurchased. I have not spoken about my skin care routine on the blog very extensively, except briefly here where I mentioned that I had decided to cut it down to just 5 or 6 products to be used for both morning and evening. I had mentioned the HydraQuench cream-gel in the post as my moisturiser pick. After having used it both day and night for nearly 3 months, I can declare that this is AMAZING! period.

I had tried a few samples of this way back in 2012, and had “bookmarked” it in my head to purchase later when I was ready to splurge, because this one does not come cheap! a 50 ml heavy blue glass tub is going to set you back by $50 or Rs 3450 in India! Its expensive as hell and took me 2 long years to actually have the heart to spend so much, speaking of which I bought the first jar from the US during a Clarins sale and got it at 30% off and the second repurchase has been practically free as I had a gift voucher worth Rs 5000 to be spent at a department store! advice: Get married people! You get a lot of shopping vouchers trust me! 😛

What is it? This particular cream comes in three variations, HydraQuench Cream spf 15 for normal to dry skin, HydraQuench Cream for normal to dry skin, and HydraQuench Cream-Gel for normal to combination oily skin.

This a gel based, super hydrating yet non-greasy mosituriser which is appropriate for normal and combination skin types. As Clarins describes it, it Delivers cool, all-day moisture while eliminating shine brought on by blazing heat and humidity and it does! Its non-oily, delicately scented (which is an understatement!) and suitable for people living in tropical climates. It is supposed to shield the skin from hot weather, pollution and weather extremes.

Clarins hydra quench cream gel review

What it has?

  • Hyaluronic acid: ensures long-lasting moisture.
  • Katafray extract: helps reinforce the skin’s surface and helps prevent dehydration.
  • Pomegranate extract: tightens pores.
  • Alpine willow herb extract: helps reduce excess shine.
  • Clarins exclusive Anti-Pollution complex: helps protect skin from the harmful effects of the environment.

How I use it? I have been using it as both my day and night moisturiser after cleansing, and during the dau, top it up with a good dose of sunblock, as this does not have any spf. At night I sometimes add it on top of serums, if I need an extra hydration and it never feels heavy.

Who is it for? This is great at “quenching” dehydrated combination skin without adding any greasy discomfort. I’d like to highlight that it is heavily fragranced. If you are familiar with Clarins’ products you’d know that nearly all their products have fragrance, which may put off a lot of people, specially someone with a sensitive skin. I on one hand, love all their products which I’ve tried and have never had an adverse reaction to any of it. If fragrance is something that you are wary of, you might want to skip this, or atleast first try a sample.

Clarins hydra quench cream gel review

Last Word This is really an outstanding product when it comes to hydrating and calming the skin in hot weather, but the price makes it a bit out of reach for the best of us! In the US it is similarly priced as the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst relief (for a 50ml tub), and although both are gel based, I can tell from my experience that the Hydra Quench is a far better product! I am yet to try the version for dry skin (which I just might in the colder months, given how good the gel version is) but I am sure it would not disappoint!

My problem with this is that it comes in tub which is something I don’t understand why brands do? Perfectly good product and the packaging ruins it!

I would not make a tall claim saying its worth the price but to me a basic moisturiser is an absolute necessity and something which in my opinion is the backbone of a solid skin care routine. I can save on cleansers, but never skimp on moisturisers, if you are the same then this one from Clarins is worth a try!

The HydraQuench range has a number of other products, which I realized are quite popular. This line has a bi-phase serum which I have purchased, but haven’t used yet, will let you know once I do! There is also a moisture mask, which some of my lovely readers mentioned that works on the same line as the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, which I reviewed here.

The Clarins Hydra Quench range is available at Clarins counters across the country, Clarins website and also at Escentual, Sephora and Nordstrom to name a few.

Have you tried the HydraQuench Range? Whats your take on the products, specially the cream? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Update: I have officially lost my voice, thanks to the cold-cum-viral-cum-fatigue and now on anti-biotics to get out of this mess asap! Fingers crossed things will be sunnier in a few days!

TGIF!! Weekend is here, I am in no mood to work and some last minute repairs in the house are to be sorted! I am going to finally put up some more pictures and posts on the Spain-Prep on my Instagram and TCF! stay tuned and stay happy! 🙂

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