One Mascara to Beat All | Kevin Aucoin The Volume Mascara Review

kevin aucoin the volume mascara review

I know for a fact that when you need to save money on beauty products, mascaras are the first to get the axe! A majority of people prefer drugstore formulas over high-end, and I agree there are some really nice mascaras at the lower end of the price range. Mascara for me, on the other hand is something I cannot skimp on! I am very very picky about my mascara, I have sensitive eyes and although I don’t use one for most days, I would rather wear a great formula whenever I have to!

With such a scenario, its been a very hard task for me to find the one mascara I like and never stray! That mascara until now was the Diorshow Iconic mascara. Things although, may have changed a little bit around here, because I now have found something to dethrone it!

Meet the new mascara love, The Kevin Aucoin Volume Mascara, which I haven’t stopped raving about from the first swipe!

The Tube of this is what attracted me first. Such a beautiful, thin (like the thinnest mascara tube ever!) ombre colored, sophisticated packaging which hardly takes up any more space than a pen! I am absolutely in love with it!

The Wand is a very thin plastic one, with very short and stubby bristles. This I have figured out, helps to pick just the right amount of product so that it isn’t gloopy,and the design is such that each lash is coated. This also helps to build up the mascara on the lashes with out causing any clumps and, however much you apply it never looks drag.

kevin aucoin the volume mascara review

The Product inside is a very dark, almost pitch black, and transfers the same onto the lashes. It could be the blackest black mascara that I have tried! I really really like that I have the option of using this mascara in one swipe and get definition which is work appropriate and then build it up as much as I want for more oomph!

This is me with one coat of the mascara below. I have long lashes, but this thing makes them longer and adds oomph minus the gloopiness! I am wearing it in this post as well.

I tried it on mum, who has short straight lashes, and I could see added length and volume on her which did not look artificial. It made her lashes look naturally volumized and long which is such a beautiful thing about this mascara!

kevin aucoin the volume mascara review

The Let Down of this mascara is the amount of product you get. The thin tube houses 5 gms of product only, whereas in general mascaras come in 10gms quantity. Price/gm for this is 5.6 while the Dior, which although expensive at $33, is 3.3. If you are used to luxury and are very particular about your mascara’s like me, give this beauty a go!

I bought my first tube of this from, and have since found a few places where I can get it, like CultBeautyNordstrom, and Space.nk 

Have you tried this mascara? Do let me know your favorites, and if you have a recommendation for me!

Hope you are having a great weekend and to let my lovely readers know, I am doing much better now and my health is almost back! yay!

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