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Hey Everyone! I hope you have had a good weekend, week and month so far!
June has always been a very special month for me with summer vacations, mango season, trips and Mum’s birthday all happening in this one lucky month of the year! So this year, was no different because my parents were visiting and brought a lot of my favorite variety of mangos, we took a trip and celebrated Mum’s Birthday and did a bit of shopping here and there!

1) Its summer and I am not ready for makeup just yet! I have really loved going makeup free most days this month and nothing beats the feeling of a fresh, unclogged skin with just lip balm to keep the lips from cracking! I think we should all have atleast a couple of days in a week where we don’t wear makeup and just embrace our beautiful bare skin :-)

2) We took a road trip with my parents to Mysore, and lucked out in the weather department! it was beautiful and the place we stayed had an amazing view of the mountains! You can see a glimpse of it in the first picture.

3) Sleeping on the new bed! Its super comfortable and massive! I look forward to it every evening now.. to just spread on it like a Starfish! 😛

4) The excitement for the upcoming trip to Spain seems to be more than any of our previous holidays! I have been having a lot of fun shopping and planning for it, and getting things in order! I have sorted out my stuff already (still a week to go 😐 ) and will share with you soon! You can get a glimpse of my beauty packing here.

Skincare for trip to Barcelona in July travel skin care packing

5) I love to shop with Mum and here is a peek of what we got in skincare and makeup! This time we really held back and mostly just hmmmd and haawed at stuff and picked only the essentials! I got a new tub of the Clarins HydraQuench Cream review here. Also a travel sized Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, MAC lipsticks in See Sheer (for me) and Touch (for mum), some Sally Hansen nail colors, and loads of samples!

Clarins hydra quench cream gel review Kiehl's creme de corps review MAC lipsticks touch see sheer Sally Hansen Hard as nails treatment Sally hansen nail color white on

6) Speaking of shopping, I have finished a number of beauty products by the middle of the year! Its not much but some very significant products ran out on me, and I am quite happy with that! Expect a post soon!

7) As always, I have my dose of favorite makeup bits to share with you! On most days I have enjoyed my current go to products and also the MAC lipstick in See Sheer, the Forest Essentials Pure Rose Water Mist the beautiful Chanel Les Beiges in #02 over my base, review here. On my nails I have been wearing a Sally Hansen color called Nude Now, which is my perfect nude at the moment! The Sally Hansen White On is a beautiful non-streaky white nail color which I love on my toes! Mum was pretty horrified to see it but then I gave her a little fashion update and that settled it! 😛

Of course the Kevin Aucoin mascara is getting center stage on my makeup shelf review here.

8) This month has also been the best so far for the blog, with so many of you amazing people taking time out and commenting on my posts and appreciating them! Thank you so much, I hope I can keep you glued to TCF much longer! :-)

9) I also found a number of new and upcoming blogs this month, which have been a delight to read! Jasmin, although not a new blogger, has been doing great work on her blog. I have been following her for a while but only recently started getting more into it! She posts about a variety of things which I would eventually want to do as well, but for now lets stick to whatever I can! :)

I also want to mention Carolyn here, who is the sweetest girl I have come across in a while! She always has lovely things to say to me and I really like how her blog is shaping up! If luxury makeup is your thing then this girl has it in abundance!

On the fitness side of things we have Deepika who’s an amazing girl with a thing for fitness and an envious figure! She blogs about fitness, health and also makeup with equal ease and a sprinkle of humor! Definitely check her out!

So hows June been for you? Share with me in the comments! :-)

Have a great week ahead lovely people, there are busy times coming up in the TCF quarters which are going to keep me occupied but I will have plenty to share with you :-)

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  1. Vanessa {Citron and Guavaberry)

    I too, have been going makeup free quite often…BECAUSE THERE’S NO WHERE TO GO AND I’M STUCK AT HOME ;-; (but it’s great, because I’m the laziest at taking off my makeup!)
    PS-checked out Jasmin’s blog–the url you entered wasn’t spelled correctly! (No ‘e’ after Jasmin)

    • Divya

      Hey Divya! hearing from you after so long! how have you been? and yes that Windflower! 😀 It rained so much while we were there and I had a bad case of viral fever the next day so couldn’t really go for the spa! 😐

      • Divya

        I know, it’s been soooo long! I’ve had a bad month, I was in hospital and had to have emergency surgery! I’m on the mend now though! Such a shame it rained while you were there, it’s such a lovely place! I stayed there the last 2 times I came to India (not for my whole trip, just a few days) and will definitely be visiting again on my next trip! Sorry to hear you were unwell but glad you’re feeling better now! You should definitely check out their spa some other time!

        Giveaway on my blog!

  2. Vidya

    Loved this post of yours (it also exuded so much love and warmth that no one can help loving it :D!) … It was a “little-bit-here-little-bit-there” kinda post but just so cute and interesting to read .. Looking forward to more such posts … And I am still waiting to get a peek into the clothes you have packed for Spain and the makeup 😀 😀 😀

    • Divya

      Awww Vidya! 😀 This just made me so happy! You’ll see a lot of change in TCF soon I am never going to go the same #bblogger way! My clothes are sorted but I am undecided on the makeup! don’t feel like carrying much I wont be applying much anyways besides might buy stuff too! 😛

  3. V

    You’re going to Spain? How exciting! I love traveling, but unfortunately, I’m not able to take more than a few weekend getaways this summer

  4. Sunny

    Hey Divya, I tried to click on your bed link but it’s not working! A good bed is SO important. You can’t be ready for the day without a good night’s sleep!

    You’re going to LOVE Barcelona, I’m telling you right now! Actually, you should tweet Sofia from She lives there, so she most probably have a lot of insider tips for you to enjoy the city even more!

    • Divya

      Oh shoot! I didnt check that sorry! will change that! :-) Thanks so much for the tip Sunny! 😀 will check out Sofia’s website right away! :-)

  5. howdoesdeedoit

    I miss mango season :( always had mango trees in our garden growing up, by in Canada..not so much lol. Glad you’ve had such a wonderful June Divya and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SHOUTOUT :) I’ve enjoyed your blog so much since the day I first read it and am so happy to have discovered so many other blog(gger)s also thanks to you sweet girl! Now…Spain wheeeee ! :)

  6. Carolyn @ The Makeup Writeup

    Divya, thank you SO much for your kind shout-out! You are so sweet and I really appreciate it :). I’m so glad I found your blog through Jaa and Temptalia! That’s so exciting that you’re only a week away from Spain!! I will live vicariously through your posts :). BTW, I love mangoes too, and so many other summer fruits! And the picture of your parents is adorable. I’m glad you got to celebrate your mom’s birthday with her in person!

  7. akismet-99e2cbd26cadfa17f8a843948a2146b5

    That’s nice that you got to spend time with your parents, Divya! I wish I could go on a shopping trip with my mom, too! We’d have so much fun together!

    I could feel you’re oozing with excitement about the Spain trip! Heck, I’d be, too! Hope you have a lot of fun there and take loads of pix!

    • Divya

      Hey Jenn! 😀 I always like doing that once in a while! Hows the month been fro you? is your favorites post up yet!? lemme check 😉

  8. Kiss & Make-up

    Ugh, I am jealous of how you feel EXCITED about not wearing make-up in summer. For me, it’s one of the few things I dislike about the season. In Greece I’ll pretty much HAVE to go make-up free, at least as far as face make-up goes, and I can’t say I look forward to that.

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