Shopping at Duty Free

Shopping at Duty free Frankfurt airport Dior Lip glow Dior Addict liquid lipstick Clinique cheek pop blush pop ginger Clarins Bronzer bronzing compact limited edition travel exclusive makeup Loccitane shower gel

If you have been following my blog, its no news to you that I was recently in Spain for vacation. I have already posted a few pictures from the trip to Barcelona here, and more will follow in future posts. A lot of you have been curious about what I shopped so I thought it was time I shared with you the first lot of beauty purchases, yes, the first of many! Its not much given my beauty blogger status and whatever follows that reputation, nevertheless!

I have been a lot less enthusiastic about makeup these past couple of weeks, so much so that I decided not to carry much makeup with me on the trip. You can read about it here. With all the new launches and makeup hoarding on display on Instagram and several blogs, I have started to feel a slight aversion for makeup in general. Looking at my own stash, I have now started to lament investing so much of my hard earned into something which has a limited shelf life and does nothing but give me vain pleasures from time to time.

Well, that thought process aside, I did have a long list of things that I wanted to get before this introspection struck me. My first stop was the Duty Free aisles which I visited on both legs of my travel. I tried a lot of new things which haven’t reached my home grounds, and while I was excited about a few I wasn’t very impressed with a lot of things which have otherwise earned a lot of hype these past months. We’ll talk about those in a bit, but lets first look at what I actually ended up buying.

Shopping at Duty free Frankfurt airport Dior Lip glow Dior Addict liquid lipstick Clinique cheek pop blush pop ginger Clarins Bronzer bronzing compact limited edition travel exclusive makeup Loccitane shower gel

I was hoping to find a good price difference at the duty free as compared to the local prices in India, but was disappointed. Although, I realized after reaching Spain that the prices at the stores in Barcelona and other cities were much higher, which made duty free look reasonable, so I decided to buy a few things on my way back.

Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm €28: My regular readers are familiar with my desperation to get hold of this beauty! It wasn’t any trouble getting this as it was available everywhere. Its a staple that I will keep repurchasing and can only pray they never discontinue it as that would be a very sad day!

Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Rieuse €29: Now this was at the top of the wishlist! It hasn’t yet launched in India, atleast the time I checked it wasn’t, so I was quite excited to try them in person. I didn’t try too many colors in this but whatever I did was impressive! I am a huge fan of Dior lipsticks and this was no exception. I picked a beautiful pinky coral Rieuse, and the formula of this is very comfortable and looks really pretty on. My pigmented lips make it look a bit pinker than it actually is, but still a color which I am a fan of.

Clinique cheek pop in Ginger €24: These blushes have a following of their own already and I couldn’t help but give into the hype. I spotted them just before boarding the flight and almost dived to the counter to pay for these! phew! Things that makeup can make you do! 😛 I got Ginger, a dusty subdued coral, which looked like a color I’d get most use out of. More on this later!

Clarins Bronzing Compact €24: This is one XL-sized bronzer compact! It looks hefty and weighty but is quite the contrary. I am yet to start using this so cannot comment on the actual product, but when I tried it at the counter the powder was really soft! The beautiful pattern on it did help in snagging it quickly!

Loccitane Rose Shower Gel 500ml €16: A Mummy bottle of my favorite shower gel at an incredible price? Sold! I couldn’t hold back on this one. No excuses!

Now for the misses. I tried the newly launched YSL Kiss and Blushes and was let down. The colors were streaky and no where as impressive as their Glossy Stains or even the New Dior Liquid lipsticks. The prices in general were nearly the same as what they are back home, so that deferred me from picking up anything which is available here. Besides, as you can see I didn’t buy any skin care products, even though that made up the majority of the stock in duty free.The reason being, I am quite happy with my current routine and in no mood to alter it! Let me know if you’d like to see a detailed post on it.

This was all my duty free purchase, and there are a few things I picked up at Sephora and Nars which will be up shortly after this.

Thank you so much for reading! What are your thoughts on these items? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you have a great week ahead.

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  6. Faiza

    Awsome haul,,, that fluid stick color is gorgeous and i just googled the swatch its a fabulous shade of coral…

  7. Jaa

    Oh look at all the goodies!!! Nice picks, Divya! You must be the first person who talked down the YSL Kiss and Blushes! LOL.

    Anxious to see your Sephora and Nars hauls!!

    • Divya

      LOL really? I wasn’t impressed at all! I mean cost = quality should hold right? I think I am going to disappoint people with the rest of the haul it ain’t much ! 😐

  8. jenn f

    I LOVE DUTY FREE SHOPPING!! lol i mostly save my money and buy things at the duty free cause its SO much better than buying it at home

    • Divya

      I know right!? But I think the Duty Free in Asia has much better prices than Europe! I remember getting SO many things from Hong Kong in 2012! also Incheon! gaah!

  9. sylirael

    Yay for Ginger Pop! The Pop blushes really are worth the hype, or at least this rogue thinks so 😉 Rieuse is a fabulous choice too – I haven’t had a chance to get one of the Fluid Sticks yet, but that shade is on my list if I do!

    • Divya

      Hey Tasha! I think I tried only the duds in the Kiss and Blush range.. but anyways $40 is too much to begin with and something that sub-performs is not done at all!

    • Divya

      arrgghh.. I don’t! But I picked a nude and a vibrant fuchsia! 😐 I am used to the YSL glossy stains kinda feel and these hardly showed up on me! Rieuse though is a different story! love in first try! :-)

  10. Vidya

    First you tempt me with YSL and now with Dior?!! My poor wallet and shopping list are already getting worried about the impending damages ;-). What lovely stuff you bought at duty-free … Love both the Dior lip products and the blush is such a beautiful colour :-). About the introspection part – haahaa! I am ashamed of myself for being unable to get the Lakme gloss addict lipsticks and the Revlon colorburst lip balms out of my head … I did the math and almost groaned – 4 * 800 = Rs. 3200???!!!!!!! I am trying desperately to hold them off or make use of some shopping points or credits … but doesn’t look like I will be successful. I have to stop turning to shopping as an escape route … :-(.
    I am also dying to see the rest of your hauls by the way – the Sephora and Zara haul particularly 😀

    • Divya

      Hey Vidya! I am glad you liked it.. I had budgeted myself at the beginning of the trip that my total expense on shopping should not cross 250 euros and I think I tipped over it by a bit but not much! I think I am going to sorely disappoint a lot of people with my puny haul because inspite of there being this fantastic sale and the flagship store etc all I got was a denim jacket! :p but that I LOVE!
      Also, Sephora was a let down as you’ll come to know in the next post so not much was bought.. besides I always end up comparing prices in Europe to that int he US and that just does not let me buy anything!! 😐 I got a lot of lingerie which was great as I have never done that before and I love all of it! will try and share whatever I can!

      DO NOT get tempted by these hauls at all!! I don’t want to live with the burden of damaging someone’s wallet!! 😛 ha ha

      • Vidya

        Noooooooooo! Don’t feel guilty. I have to get a hold on my spending ;-). In the meantime, I will experience these luxury brands vicariously through you 😛 :-D. By the way, any recos for the Lakme Gloss Addict lipsticks and the Revlon matte / lacquer lip balms? I am eyeing the Berry Rose and the Red Delight shades in the Lakme Gloss Addict range and the shade Sultry in the Revlon Matt Lip Balm (though I hate matte stuff since I have dry lips – plan on using a balm below but the colour is to die for!).

        • Divya

          Hey Vidya! I haven’t tried the Lakme lipsticks yet.. just saw an advert looks great! will check them out asap! I tried the Revlon Matte balm but they were very stark on my lips and gathered around the dry areas.. did not like them at all.. :-( Try before you buy definitely!

    • Divya

      Hey krithi! thank you! I had a strict budget to abide by so couldn’t really do much besides a lot of math went into this as well! 😛

      • Krithi Marla Mithun

        Good gal :)…always helps when u have budget and try to stick to it
        Im currently on a ban which includes (lipstick ,eyeliner ,base ,perfumes)
        Im only allowed to spend on 2 products -one blush and one bronze :)…I already bought a blush(clinique pop) just today which means i can only buy a bronzer :)
        wish me luck hehe :)

        • Divya

          Oh the cheek pops are available here now?! Great I am going to pick up Berry pop then! 😛 If you can get just one bronzer make it a Guerlain! Its the BEST!

          • Krithi Marla Mithun

            Yes Divya ,they are available now here in India .I got mine from LS ,Koramangala :)
            thanks for the recommendation gal ,i will definitely keep Guerlain as my first priority and hopefully i can get hold of it soon :)

  11. Shari

    So glad you love the Fluid Sticks! The texture is one of a kind! I really cant explain it :) I love Mirage so much I think I’m almost 1/2 down the tube :)

    • Divya

      Oh I am in love with it Shari! Saving it for special occasions though as it hasn’t yet launched here! I didnt try Mirage will do as soon as I can! 😀

  12. Gyudy (@Gyudy)

    I love the Dior Lip Glow! Is my failsafe stop for the days I don’t know what to wear :)
    I really want a Clinique Cheek Pop, I saw them at the airport in Budapest a couple of months ago and I loved them but I didn’t pick one up. I’ll make sure to buy it next month in Barcelona because the haven’t arrived in the italian stores yet…
    I have two Kiss&Blush-es: a nude and a red. The nude is pretty useless, but the red I love! I’m going to review them properly in in a week or so 😉
    Great buys! Can’t wait to read about the others! xx

    • Divya

      Hey Gyudy! I am glad you liked it! I didnt spot the cheek pops in store anywhere in Spain actually, Barcelona or Madrid. So as soon as I saw them in Frankfurt I jumped! 😛 I’d love to get one of the pinks one too.. but will wait for them to launch in india! :-)

      BTW all the restaurants near the Barceloneta beach are amazing and very affordable and there is one called BLUE right at the beach which is great! The restaurants on the main road though will be a bit expensive but good so you could reserve them for the night or something.. although we always ate at the beach 😉 ! hope you have a brilliant time! where all are you going in Spain??

  13. Smita Roy

    hey Divya, this is the string of posts I have been waiting from you :) Clinique cheek pop r awesome…I don’t own tem yet but have heard abt them…n u got an awesome deal at Loccitane as well…gud stuff…will definitely wait to c what u wud have picked up from Nars :)

    • Divya

      Hey Smita! Glad you liked the post sweetie! <3 The cheek pops are great.. not sure they launched here yet? The last time I checked they said July! Hope they are here soon! :-)

      • Smita Roy

        Even m not sure whether theyre launched yet or not..m sooo confused..I jave to pick up 1 blush soon…choices r between either clinique cheek pop or some benefit box or a cream blush in mac…cream blush cos I likethe glow it confused cos have never used a cream blush ever…any suggestions out of all??

        • Divya

          Although I like the cream blushes from MAC they aren’t the best out there.. Benefit Boxed blushes are really good.. I have Bella Bamba and Sugar bomb and can suggest Bella Bamba if you want a pink with shimmer ther than that if you prefer cream blushes give Chanel ones a go.. they are my absolute favorites! :-) I think cheek pops released today as Krithi mentioned so probably they are already there at stores in Delhi.. so check them out!

          I guess you have a choice between Clinique and Chanel 😉

          • Smita Roy

            Chanel I tried last week at the store…only.problem being it dint last too long…actually m not sooo stuck up at a cream blush..lemme def try n pick up any 1 between bella bamba/clinique or sort of least fav chanel…will keep u posted..thanks fr ur suggestion gal :)

    • Divya

      Hey Sunny! I haven’t yet paired them together.. but I am in love with both! :-) Ginger pop was my obvious pick no second thoughts! 😀

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