The Hunt For The Perfect Bikini

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With a “well endowed” body, finding the perfect bikini which covers and exposes appropriately, without making things look nightmarish, is a tough job! I have been through crazy times, trying five pairs of bikini and bathing suit sets at a time and getting completely exhausted with the fastening and unfastening exercise. I was almost dreading my time at the beach in Barcelona. It didn’t help when I found out that in my country only women sub 6 size makeup up the bikini market. I was dejected!

With no luck at my local Zara and finding traditional swim suits too “sporty”and less “sexy” I crossed my fingers and hoped to find something that I’d like in Spain. The hunt began right on the first day as the azure blue sea was extremely inviting and I hated to delay things for the lack of appropriate beach wear! We went to what we knew was the shopping qaurter in Barcelona, Plaza Catalunya and visited every store we could think of, Zara, H&M, Top Shop you name it!

Everywhere swim wear came in sets, and I was finding it increasingly difficult to get a pair which would fit both my top and bottom with equal ease. Soon enough, I realized that “Mix-n-Match” was the way to go for me. Round the corner opposite a huge Sephora, I spotted Tezenis, which seemed to have walls lined with what looked like Lingerie from that distance. I stepped in and was greeted by a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes and could feel my heart beat faster!

With a little help from the sales assistant, I picked a few bottoms and few tops (I could mix-n-match yay!) and went ahead with the trial. I must have tried about three different tops, bra style, bandana and halter neck and the one pictured above which was a mix of a bandana and halter neck styles. This was what suited my shape and size the best and looked most flattering on. I have a fairly tall frame (5 ft 71/2 if you are wondering), and broad shoulders, so the bra-style makes things look even bigger which I cringe at. The bandana on the other hand or the quintessential bikini style, is not firm enough to hold things in place. Big boob issues people!

The top that I went for had wires in the sides for shape, a bandana which could be adjusted and tied at the back, and a string which went around the neck and held it in place. I am absolutely in LOVE with it! Its the best style for me and I am so glad all the effort paid off! The bottom I chose was a simple black which can be tied at both ends so is easily adjustable. I couldn’t have been happier with the pair! The neon green accents look amazing in the sun and give the whole thing a nice vibe! And the stripes! don’t forget the stripes! 😀

I had an over-sized soft silk white shirt which i wore on top of this and that paired with my neon pink slip-ons made it a perfect beach wear! 🙂

If you are anything like me, I would definitely recommend this style for a bikini. I wish I had a picked up another pair, but thats ok, this is such great quality I am sure it will last me another summer atleast!

What is your favorite style for a bikini? Anything else that I can try? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading as always! 🙂

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