Makeup Rotation Round 1

Current makeup staples Chanel poudre signee highlighter limited edition MAC eye shadow Quad Soba All that glitters Ricepaper Espresso Kevin Aucoin the volume mascara MAC Coffee eye pencil Dior Rouge dior nude ingenue Chanel gloss in mystery Jouer luminizing moisture tint MAC pro long wear concealer Clarins bronzing compact limited edition makeup review makeup face fotd

Considering the amount of makeup I have hoarded, its very difficult to use everything simultaneously. Starting from this week, I have decided to clear out all my stash, pick a few things and use only those for a month and then change. I have de-cluttered my acrylic makeup box (almost a desk!) and it has all my current skin care and makeup bits. I am sharing the makeup with you today.

1. Base : Jouer Luminizing Moisture tint. My skin is in pretty good shape and I have been skipping on base of any kind for a while now. This one is beautiful to add glow and even-ness without much coverage. Love it for the evenings. I use the shade bronzed.

2. Concealer : MAC Pro Long Wear. This is an amazing concealer for under eyes as well as on other parts. This isn’t full coverage but covers any shadows under the eyes pretty well. It sets on its own and does not crease on me. My shade is NC 42

3. Powder : None. Its getting colder here and my skin is drier now so I haven’t felt the need for powder.

4. Blush/Bronzer : Clarins Bronzing palette. Ever since I got this, I cannot stop wearing it! I think I may have found my ultimate bronzer! I have been skipping blush altogether for now.

5. Eye Shadow : MAC Quad, Soba, All That Glitters, Espresso and Ricepaper. I am really bad at using eye shadows on a daily basis, but this time I am making an effort and loving it so far. Especially Soba all over the lid with Espresso slightly on the crease is perfection! I use Ricepaper to highlight the inner corners alone sometimes and that looks pretty good with dewy skin. Try it!

6. Eye Liner : MAC Coffee. This is a no-brainer and a staple. No Change.

7. Mascara : Kevin Aucoin The Volume Mascara. Review here. This is the best mascara I have used and its a staple too. I don’t wear mascara everyday but this is the one I’d go for if I have to!

8. Lipstick : Rouge Dior Nude Ingénue #418. This is a perfect peachy nude on me and one I have neglected for a long time! Its back in action and I love wearing it right now. I usually just dab it over my lips and it looks natural and very chic!

9. Chanel Lip Gloss in Mystery #357. An effortless everyday kinda shade for my lips. Love how this feels on the lips!

What are your current makeup favorites? I would love to know! 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!

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