Bobbi Brown 6 Pan Palette

Bobbi brown 6 pan palette bobbi brown matte eye shadow Taupe Mahogany Bobbi Brown eye shadow Burnt Sugar Bobbi Brown eye shadow Velvet plum Rose gold Bobbi Brown blush in tawny Bobbi Brown makeup review

Although I am not a big fan of eye shadow palettes, refillable palettes are another story! Apart from my MAC palette which you may have seen here, I have a couple of Z-palettes and my beloved Bobbi Brown 6 pan palette. Coincidently, the number of eye shadows + Blushes from Bobbi Brown are 6 *wink* and they fit perfectly with no room to spare!

There was a time when I was completely in love with and almost obsessed with everything Bobbi Brown! From skincare to makeup to brushes everything was and still is one of my favorites! I got this palette from Incheon Airport in 2012 and it has served me nicely since. It was for $10 when I bought it and the price hasn’t changed still.

The palette has a sleek and glossy black exterior, very similar to every other Bobbi Brown packaging. Its a bit hefty and very very prone to breaking, hence definitely not for traveling!

Bobbi brown 6 pan palette bobbi brown matte eye shadow Taupe Mahogany Bobbi Brown eye shadow Burnt Sugar Bobbi Brown eye shadow Velvet plum Rose gold Bobbi Brown blush in tawny Bobbi Brown makeup review

It houses a large mirror on one side, and 6 pan slots on the other. The slots are hollow, so when you pop your eye shadow pans in it you can turn it around and see the names and description of each.

Bobbi brown 6 pan palette bobbi brown matte eye shadow Taupe Mahogany Bobbi Brown eye shadow Burnt Sugar Bobbi Brown eye shadow Velvet plum Rose gold Bobbi Brown blush in tawny Bobbi Brown makeup review

I have 5 eye shadows and 1 blush in the palette. The eye shadows are:

1. Matte :  Taupe – a cool toned medium brown, and Mahogany – a cool toned black-brown

2. Shimmer : Burnt Sugar (DC) a shimmer golden bronze, Velvet Plum – a cool plummy-purple-brown, Rose Gold – a rose gold with golden shimmer

I have one blush, Tawny which is a warm rose color with hints of brown and matte texture. Bobbi Brown eye shadows and blushes are very pigmented and buttery soft and the best that I have used. They are very expensive, but I find them to be very very good quality for the price.

Bobbi brown 6 pan palette bobbi brown matte eye shadow Taupe Mahogany Bobbi Brown eye shadow Burnt Sugar Bobbi Brown eye shadow Velvet plum Rose gold Bobbi Brown blush in tawny Bobbi Brown makeup review

I have gotten most use out of Taupe and Mahogany. Taupe is the most versatile shade and my most used eye shadow. Its the perfect cool toned medium brown crease color and when used on its own it defines my eyes like no other. I also like to use it sometimes for contouring, just a little bit under the cheek bones and it does the job.

Mahogany is very similar to MAC’s Brun eye shadow and I use it for the brows sometimes and also to smudge a black liner on the eyes.

I have not used Velvet Plum and Rose Gold much, as they are shimmery much and not something I’d wear everyday. Needless to say I have not been very mindful of wearing them otherwise either, but they are gorgeous nevertheless. You can swatches of the colors below.

Bobbi brown 6 pan palette bobbi brown matte eye shadow Taupe Mahogany Bobbi Brown eye shadow Burnt Sugar Bobbi Brown eye shadow Velvet plum Rose gold Bobbi Brown blush in tawny Bobbi Brown makeup review swatches

I only wish the palette was as sturdy as some of Bobbi Brown’s palettes from limited edition collections, but for the 10$ price, there is only so much you’ll get! I really like to have this palette around at home with all the shadows and blushes that I’ll need and a big mirror! I wish there were slots for brushes too, well we are expecting too much!

Do you have the Bobbi Brown palette? Do you like it? Or is it something you’d buy? Let me know! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading! 🙂

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63 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown 6 Pan Palette

  1. So I don’t know what was happening earlier with my internet connection, but I can finally visit your blog now! I swear, when I saw this picture on Instagram, I was like, “I WANT”. I actually saw a Bobbi Brown STORE (A BOBBI BROWN STORE) at a mall a few days back, but decided not to go in just in case I got a little spendy in there. -sigh-
    That Rose Gold shade is stunning

    1. I get so excited when I spot a BOBBI BROWN STORE!! 😀 I spent a good hour at one in Paris earlier in Feb! Its like the whole store was made for neutral lovers like me! 😛 Seriously it takes a lot of will power to walk out of that store empty handed.. well done Lady! 🙂

  2. Love it, both for your choices and for the look of it! I can’t wait to go on holiday next week, we don’t have Bobbi Brown in Italy and I want to try at least one product from them! Loved the swatches too 😉 xx

    1. Hey Gyudy! Glad you like it! Definitely check out their products! I can recommend the Skin Foundation and eye shadow sticks along with matte eye shadows and blushes! 🙂

  3. You know, despite the fact that Bobbi Brown is actually a brand we have here in NZ (gasp!) I’ve never tried anything from them! And yet I see so many pretty things… but there are always so many pretty things.. I mean, what’s a girl to do? 😉

    1. Ha ha! (gasp!) 😛 I have been in love with Bobbi Brown for years and if you are a neutral “no makeup makeup” kind of person then this is the brand for that! I also really love her moisturisers.. and the new Skin Foundation (liquid) is GOOD stuff! 🙂

  4. Burnt Sugar and Velvet Plum are the ones I’m instantly drawn to – I’m such a sucker for gorgeous shimmery shades 🙂 I’ve actually not tried anything from Bobbi Brown except one matte black eyeshadow, though I’ve been intently eyeing one of their brushes or blushes.

    1. Oh yes! I want to get all their brushes ! The ones I have are so so good! I especially love their matte eye shadows I think among the best out there! 🙂

  5. Bobbi Brown is on my wishlist for their foundation and lipsticks. I love the eye shadow “burnt sugar”. Hey can you suggest some eye shadows from Inglot for everyday use? I mean something like Taupe and Mahogany? Ohh wait – you first have to know what I look like before you suggest something :D! Will mail you and hopefully set up a common time slot for us to meet soon 😀

    1. Oh yes! I tried thei Skin Foundation recently and its pretty good! I have it on my list.. but since I don’t wear foundation everyday.. I find myself holding back when its time to invest! Mac Face and Body works for me just fine 😉

  6. Every Bobbi Brown product I have I absolutely love (well except for one bronzer that was mismatched to my skin tone in the store I bought it at and was too dark..), but for some reason I don’t really have a lot of products from the brand! Often I do wonder if things are a little too expensive.. I’m not sure. ‘Taupe’ looks absolutely perfect for contouring – so I should definitely check that one out in the store. I’ve been eyeing up NYX’s Taupe blush but it’s always sold out for some reason. Different price point, but perhaps I’ll be even happier with the BB one? 🙂

    1. This brand is definitely expensive.. especially in Europe I have seen the prices are insane! Anyways all of mine was bought outside of Europe so was more reasonably priced.. Taupe is all kinds of a wonder shade..! NYX Taupe is out of stock here too perpetually!! 🙂

  7. I love the colours you chose! And Bobbi Brown never let me down so far. But I usually like customizable palettes for traveling, so if this one breaks easily, it’s not for me.

    1. Hey Cheryl! I agree.. the palette is quite breakable so nothing you can carry without really wrapping it in clothing and stash it deep in your luggage! Its otherwise a great palette for everyday because you will have all that you need in one place with a large mirror! 🙂

  8. Love Bobbi Brown, would love it if you could check out my holiday style look book xo

    Aliona |

  9. i dont have bobbi palettes or singles to snap into palettes and i better not start. eyeshadow was what got me hooked into cosmetics and now i have way more palettes and things than i need. i’m going to start puring them like i did my glosses but next up are the lipsticks while i work on the blushes. oh i’m talking my polishes this week too.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Jenn! you sound like a mum with way too many children than she had planned! lol! 😛 I loved your glosses post! waiting for the others! 😀

  10. I didn’t even know Bobbi Brown did refillable palettes, what an awful beauty blogger I am! I absolutely love the shades in yours, and I really like that you can mix and match with blushers too.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

    1. Hey Catherine! you are in no way aweful! Don’t you think these shades are very similar to the Surf Sand palette you got recently! I am telling you you are going to love that one! Wish I could get my hands on it! 😀

  11. Hah… I didn’t know BB makes blush and eyeshadow refills the same size! That makes things a whole lot more convenient, don’t you say? How big is the blush pan, though? Can you fit a MAC 168 in it? I’d totally get the Rose Gold and Velvet Plum — so gorgeous. I’m always drawn to these types of colors. ^_^

    1. Yes totally! thats the beauty of this one! blush and eye shadows all together! 🙂 Sadly it has zero brush slots otherwise this would be PERFECTION! sigh

  12. wow at 10$ ,thats really inexpensive …
    I paid more than that for my inglot palette which has only 3 slots not 6
    I agree ,even i like Bobbi brown as brand …just that in India accessibility is an issue ,even then i have managed to get few stuffs in my collection which i love to the core 🙂
    that velvet plum and the blush is my fav from your collection Divya 🙂

  13. I really like that Taupe shade! It has the right amount of warmth for a one-shadow look. I’ve never tried Bobbi Brown products but it’s definitely something to look into. My go to eyeshadows are from Inglot. The quality is amazing and the color selection is comparable to MAC for $6 each. I recommend checking it out. Their palettes seem more durable and travel friendly, too.

    Refined Lately

    1. Hey Alex! Taupe is my most used eye shadow too! I have always wanted to get Inglot shadows but here they force you to get palttes too if you are buying refills and I find that very annoying! I have a couple of Z palettes where I could pop refills!

  14. You have some really great shades there! I’m surprised to hear they’re the best you’ve tried! Are they better in quality than mac then? I’ve never tried any Bobbi Brown Shadows 🙁 I think you’d really like a Nars shadow called ‘Blondie’ it’s a really nice matte, cool toned, mid brown. It’s probably my most used shadow!

    1. Hey Divs.. I am in love with the matte eye shadows for sure! I have a lot of MAC too (of course) But I reach for these the most! and in fact I have all the colors I need for most days! Guess what I have been eyeing Blondie and also Cyprus and Nepal for so so long! They are totally on the list but ill get them only when I become a regular eye makeup wearer which is going to take some time! 😀

  15. I really like how Bobbi Brown makes their eyeshadows and blushes fit in the same palette. That is much more useful for us regular girls (as opposed to the pro palettes from MAC)! I don’t have a lot of individual shades from Bobbi Brown, but if I ever accumulate more, I’d definitely consider this!

    1. Hey Sunny! I know right? having everything you want together makes it so easy! and this palette is much more affordable than someone would think.. given the prices of everything Bobbi Brown! There are so many colors on my wishlist.. will get them eventually! 🙂

    1. You have moved on too more drool worthy stuff I know Ok!? 😛 😀 Ha ha! I love BB eye shadows the matte ones specially! I am glad you liked the review sweetie! 🙂

    1. Hey Louise! I have hardly touch the Rose gold and Velvet plum in all this time and it seems to be everyone’s favorite! 😛 Would you be getting this?

    1. Hey Faiza! Glad you like it! 🙂 Its one of my favorite things of all times.. and the fact that I can have eye shadows and blushes together makes it ultra special! 🙂 Would you get one of these?

  16. I used to be obsessed with the Bobbi cream shadow in velvet plum–it’s really nice for pool days or anytime you want a wash of color without worrying about it coming off. Great review!

    1. Hi there! I really like her cream shadows to.. but they are so tiny.. its very difficult to use them without a brush! I am glad you liked the review! What else is your favorite from BB? 🙂

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