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I haven’t properly written about my skin care on the blog for a long time, so I thought we’ll digress from all the makeup mayhem and talk “skin” for a bit. Till about a year ago I had zero problems with my skin and it behaved itself no matter which season or condition. Ever since I got over-enthusiastic about skincare and makeup, and in general took my health for granted, my skin has had to bear the brunt. Things took a downward turn and I started having spells of breakouts. The sensitivity increased gradually and the breakouts eventually tied their appearance with hormonal changes.

The more they appeared, the more I tried different concoctions and creams and the worse it got. The vicious circle that most of us would be familiar with.

I decided to take charge and the first thing I did was to take time and clear out the skincare overload I had. It took a lot of time and a lot of bad “skin” phases but I am finally there. I have pretty much narrowed my routine, to a few fail safe options and try not to stray.

My skin is not extremely sensitive or acne prone anymore, and sits comfortably in the normal to combination bracket for summer and normal to slightly dry for winter.

This group of products constitute my morning routine. I have tried a lot of things and finally know what works and what doesn’t. I try to have a few things that I use at a time, till the change in weather or my skin’s adaptability alters, which is when I swap products one thing at a time.

1. Cleansing : For peak summer when there is a lot of heat and humidity, I use the Clarins Gentle Cleanser with Cottonseed. Right now the weather is much more forgiving and I find that cleanser too drying. I have switched to a more hydrating cleanser from Pai, Camellia and Rose Hydrating Cleanser. I am consciously making a move to more natural skincare and this cleanser is a step towards it. Its a creamy white cleanser which is very soft and gentle on the skin and does not leave it feeling tight or stripped. It soothes my skin and I find since using it, the redness in my skin has almost subsided.

2. Treatment : I don’t wear any serums for the day, unless its a cold winter morning. The Clinique Anti Blemish Gel has worked wonders for my blemishes. I keep it around for any new ones that may have popped up. Its a “must have” for me right now.

3. Eye Cream : I have had this Clarins Eye Contour Gel for a while which I started using after my Clinique All About Eyes got over. Its a good one for the day as its gel based yet amply hydrating. I do not think it would work for colder months so will swap it out then. It has a cooling effect which is wonderful and makes my eye area feels brighter. I have also noticed that I do not need to use an eye primer when I am wearing it, as it helps to avoid any sort of creasing, and both powder and cream eye shadows go so much smoother over it.

4. Moisturizing : I have raved about the Clarins Hydra Quench Cream earlier here. I do not think I have loved another face product so much before. This is just a great hydrating product which is completely tailor made for my skin. I will not be parting with it unless my skin revolts!

5. Protecting : Neutrogena Ultra Sheer is my fail safe sun block which I have been using for years. In extreme heat and humidity I use the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Cream-Gel which mattifies the skin and saves it from melting off. This one is good for the rest of the year. I have tubes of this all over the house, at work, in my handbag and use it every morning without fail. I am contemplating switching to a more fluid sunscreen, but haven’t taken the plunge. Any suggestions?

Things I skip on : Fancy mists and sprays, Serums, Neck creams, facial oils and exfoliators. These I definitely don’t feel the need to use in the morning, as I like to load up my skin less and let it breathe!

I’d love to know how your skincare routine is? What are your staples?

Thank you for reading as always! 🙂

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