Things I Should Be Doing

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Time as we know it, has always been annoyingly quick when things are glorious and equally slow when they are bad. Days, weeks, months go by and its Christmas before you know it. It feels like only yesterday when I got married and life suddenly got so much nicer (Its been 6 months today!) This blog, all of you, vacations, .. everything.. surreal! Although, in all the excitement, my physical and mental well being has been thoroughly ignored. The purpose of all this rambling is to make a list and remind myself everyday of the shortcomings and holes in my routine which I better act and fill up!

1. Read More –  a lot of things, a variety of books, journals, memoirs, novels!

2. Sleep on time / wake up early – I have a horrible routine at the moment, sleeping by 2 am and waking up groggy even at 11 am! Needs to go!

3. Cook more / Eat out less – I have put on SO much weight this past few months all thanks to my own laziness and eating out more often than healthy!

4. Buy More fruits / Fewer Coke(s) – No brain-er

5. Drink a lot more water – Again!

6. Plan expenses – This is something I am getting better at (Thankfully!) I have prioritized my purchases and instead of banning myself for months have allotted a strict budget for every month and stick to it

7. Exercise regularly – Read #3

8. Paint my nails in the day, not before bed – Avoid crappy manicure.. learn from fellow beauty bloggers!

9. Learn a new language – I am thinking French.. of course!

10. Keep my wardrobe tidy – Seriously!

11. Get a grip on the blog design – I am using a free WordPress design, things need an overhauling badly!

12. Use up more of the makeup or donate/Sell – This needs to be done to justify the money spend, although I like the second idea better!

13. Be more appreciative of people

14. Get a new Shoe Rack –  *Sigh*

15. Donate old clothes – This will follow #10!


What are your current To Do’s?

Also please share with me if you have any advice of the 15 points here! All help is appreciated!

Thanks so much for reading 🙂

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