Too Much Too Soon

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Sometime in June, we had a distant relative (they live in Jakarta) visit us here. They have a 9 year old daughter who I had last met when she was 5. I have always gotten along really well with her, when she was younger, and she has always been a very affectionate kid. This time around she seemed more grown up in her mannerisms for a 9 year old, but as warm as always.

The morning they came to our house, I was getting ready for the day as she came into my room to say hello. She saw my dresser, the makeup lying on it and her eyes lit up! Its expected of a little girl to be happy to see a lipstick and be curious about pretty things, but what surprised me, was that she knew about most of it already! She started chatting about Chanel, Clinique, Michelle Phan and suddenly I found myself talking to a beauty insider!

I listened to her tell me about beauty gurus on youtube and their makeup lines and the “good brand” from “bad” and eye liner and MAC, and I found myself not very happy with the situation. Something in me, didn’t want her to know about it just yet. Of course its normal to be excited to see a bright lipstick, but to know so much about it, to watch makeup videos at the age of 9, to want a L’occitane hand cream for those soft baby hands which have not yet upgraded to a pen from a pencil, just didn’t seem right!

1. I have been thinking about it ever since, and something that Monika wrote, echoed it. What are young girls watching these days, who are they idolizing, who are they following? Young doesn’t just mean an age group, it also means priorities, necessities and intellect of that age. Has it changed so much? I hadn’t owned a lip balm till I was out of school, the age of 18. Only when I turned 21 did my Mum allowed me some eye liner and a lipstick which I wore to a wedding! How have things changed so dramatically in 5 years?

2. A lot of very very young bloggers write about skin care, anti aging, beauty rituals etceteras, and while its all fine so long as you have the money or brands to support it, the message that goes across is what I have a problem with. Not all teens and even pre-teens can or should delve into skincare unless they have a dermatological issue, which is different. We have all had teen acnes and period problems, and it has been dealt with varying degrees of medication. Its all part and package of adolescence, always has been and always will be. Some people are lucky to escape it and some are not.

3. Right now every second video on my “beauty” youtube feed is “Back to School Makeup”. When my spring break or summer holiday would get over all I could think of was the homework that was half done and the mid year exams which were due in a month. What makeup and what clothes i’d wear was never in the list of my troubles! It could very well be a cultural difference, but how much different can it be? Someone please enlighten me on this!

4. Blame it to marketing or beauty blogs or whatever, I think we are all jumping on to the “Anti-Aging” bandwagon much to soon! Pollution harms your skin, sun damages and burns it, but there are other ways to protect yourselves, rather than buying every other expensive concoction out there, just because someone raved about it! I may write very highly about something that I have used, but in no way is that intended to push you into buying it as well! Use your own judgement, assess your requirements and make an educated purchase, thats all! To know the distinction between Want / Need has never been more important! There is too much out there, too many options, too much on offer and you cannot possibly have it all! I know for a fact that my skin has suffered a lot thanks to all the craziness I have meted out to it in the past. I am guilty of it even now, but the degree is much much less.

I fail to decide which is the right age to start getting concerned about aging? And since when was aging bad? Aging gracefully has always been and will always be in fashion, you cannot stop it no matter how early you start, might as well put your money to better use and enjoy it while it lasts!

That girl up there btw, is me at 5.

Thank you so much for reading! This has all been an incoherent ramble, hence the points! I’d love to know your thoughts on all of it, and please feel free to contradict me wherever you may want! 🙂

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