The Luxury “No-Brainer” Repurchases

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This is not a haul post! I love buying, owning, using, watching makeup. I am crazy yes, but there is just something about it that is dearer to me than clothes, shoes and bags! I have been guilty of going straight to the department stores on pay days, and spend a third of my salary on new expensive makeup! I am so not proud of it!

This when half of all the luxury brands are not available to me at all times! I can only imagine the state of affairs if I had constant access to everything *shudders*

From all that I have owned, tried and loved over the few years that I have been using makeup, I have picked up my absolute favorites which I would repurchase without a thought! So in no particular order :

Chanel Creme Blush in Destiny : This one is in order. This is my absolute favorite makeup product of all times and I am unabashedly telling you to find it, swatch it, and buy it! For someone as inexperienced as me in the whole contouring game, this was God sent! I have not parted with this even for a day since I bought it! Because its so pigmented you need a tiny bit every time, and using it every other day for the last 6 months + I have only made a slight dent!

YSL lipsticks : I absolutely LOVE this brand for their lipsticks! They can do no wrong in my eyes! Their Rouge Pur Couture and Glossy Stains are my all time favorites, followed very closely by the Rouge Volupte Shines. I am not a fan of their original Rouge Voluptes which I find to be “too” creamy and thick, and also the new Kiss and blush are yet to impress me. I have a review on my favorite colors coming up shortly!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders : When they were first released I was still very new to makeup, and even then these did not fail to grab my attention! I read raves after raves of these and somehow the urge to get them took over my sensibility! Thankfully Hourglass released this palette of the powders and I managed to get one on sale from Sephora! I love the powders to bits!

The price vs quantity ratio of this palette isn’t the best, so I would recommend this only if you want choices! I have used this a lot but hardly made much of a dent, which is good because its rather difficult for me to snag them at the moment with insane shipping cost and risks being the only way around! My favorite is the Radiant Light for the slight golden glow it gives, and that probably is going to be the full size purchase I would make when the time comes.

Dior Nail Polishes : These are very expensive even by my crazy spending standards but something I cannot deny holy grail status to! These are absolutely the best nail colors I have ever had! I love the two colors here, Grége and Incognito and if ever I had free will and free access to “Someone’s” credit card I might just do a BIG Dior splurge! You can read about these more here.

Dior DiorShow Iconic Mascara : I may stray from this and try other mascaras but this is THE one for me! I am not the right person to really recommend mascaras, but if you have an already decent set of lashes, then this is just the thing for them! I love how glossy and lush it makes my lashes without going overboard and absolutely no clumps in sight! Perfection!

MAC Face and Body Foundation :  The only foundation which I can wear in any season and on any occasion. Its glowy and sheer but buildable. Does not break me out, very comfortable to wear and stays on long enough to save the day! I am not a regular foundation wearer, and absolutely love my tinted moisturisers, but this is my pick for when its a “foundation” kinda day! As with everyone, I am constantly on the hunt for the best one out there, which is an endless quest, so until I find one, this is going to be it!

MAC Teddy eye kohl : I wouldn’t call it luxury exactly, but its not a budget buy either! Of all the eye liners that MAC makes, this one has stood out heads and shoulders above everything else! When I bought this, I didnt think I was going to love it as much, a normal reddish bronze with no discernible “luxury” mark, but I was so wrong! Its just the best thing for my otherwise boring brown eyes, and makes them shine like no other! There have been other eye liners from MAC which have failed me and been horrible, till this one came around! I also really like the Nars Larger than life eye liners, but they are pricier and harder to get!

Bobbi Brown Matte Eye Shadows : The buttery creamy satin that these matte eye shadows are, I am spoilt for life! I just cannot love any other eye shadow any more! These are the best ones that I have tried so far. I cannot say the same about the shimmery ones, but the mattes are just exceptional! I have been curious about the Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows, which are a favorite among many beauty bloggers, but till those come by this is my go to. Shown here is Taupe.

I think I have pretty much covered all aspects of makeup. I hope you liked it!

What are your absolute favorites, holy grails, “repurchase worthy” makeup items? Anything we can add to our already long wishlist? 🙂

Thanks so much for reading!

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