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I know how much you guys love to explore new blogs to read, I do too! I have been doing much more reading than writing these few months and have bunch of new amazing blogs which are on my reading list. I haven’t done a similar post for nearly two months now, and a lot has changed in my Bloglovin’ feed since! My last post highlighted some of my favorite bloggers which you can read here, and today’s post is going to add a good number to that list!


Of course we are going to talk about beauty first! We just love a gorgeous blog with beautiful pictures of pretty makeup lined up among flowers! dreamy as it sounds, some of these bloggers have got a natural knack for making me go moony eyed over their pictures and post quality!

  • 9 Out of Ten : Weng is such a babe! Everything she buys or talks about goes straight to my list! Her photography is just amazing! (you are going to hear this a lot throughout this post! I am a sucker for great photography!) I love how sweet and smart she is and an absolute fun to read! I find myself waiting for her posts to pop up in my feed on Mon-Wed-Fri and an occasional Sunday! 🙂
  • Isobel Rose : I am going to talk about Isobel rather than her blog, which is top notch as it is! She is among the sweetest, bravest, loveliest person I have come across in my little blogging life! She does not shy away from sharing her deepest thoughts and woes and is always upfront about whats good and whats bad. I adore her (little does she know!) and absolutely recommend adding her blog to your feed!
  • The Lovely Prose : Becca’s blog has to be one with the best writing! I just love the way she puts her thoughts, and writes beautifully and effortlessly about everything! She is a treat to read, and her incredible photography skills only make it better!

Lifestyle + Beauty

  • Lipstick With Some Sunshine : I am sure most of you would have already been struck by Tamira’s amazing blog! Her work is inspirational and her videos are a lot of fun to watch (especially for the little antics that happen in the beginning!) I have binge read so many of her posts, her work is among the best out there and no wonder she has done so well for herself!
  • Cups & Roses : I have been following Diana’s blog for a while, and only now realized that I have never mentioned it! She has a mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle which I find very interesting! I have very frequent interactions with her and absolutely love reading her blog! Check it out for yourself!
  • Refined Lately : Alex has always struck me as a wise soul! When you read her posts you instantly know you are reading the thoughts of someone way more mature for her age! Her health and beauty advice is something I concur and follow. If there is a blog which I feel should be really popular, its hers!

Food + Lifestyle

  • Papaya Pieces : I have this super special, new favorite blog by Sophie to add here! I am a HUGE fan of her blog already! I stumbled upon it quite randomly and have been a devoted reader since! Her Instagram feed is just as incredible, and she has been constantly feeding my travel and food wishlist!

Fashion + Lifestyle

  • Rose & Fig : Jess’s blog and style have been giving me sleepless nights! (Kidding!) Her style is amazing, and  so is her philosophy! I love love going through her pictures, pristine and awe inspiring!
  • Un Fancy : I am very very inspired to do the 37 item capsule wardrobe and I am SERIOUS! I have loved Unfancy from the moment I stumbled on it and have been so so motivated to give my wardrobe a much needed clear out and just simplify everything around me! Expect a lot on this in the coming weeks! For now check out her incredible outfit posts!

Coming to my own little blog, I wanted to highlight that you can follow The Conscience Fund on Bloglovin‘ which is a great way to keep yourself updated with the latest posts from all your favorite blogs! You can sign up with your email, and just add all the blogs and online magazines you may want to read.

I may have done a terrible job at categorizing the blogs, apologies! I really hope you like these blogs and bloggers as much as I do!

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