A Small But Steep Haul

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I think this might need an explanation! After the massive splurge at Sephora and Duty Free last month, a spending ban was in order, and all was going well till an email arrived last week. I hope some of you might understand the predicament one can be in, when a discount voucher is thrown your way and you have a solid wishlist at the ready!? Yes that, and here we are with a “little” haul!

It hasn’t been too long since they arrive, so while I have dipped my fingers, I am still undecided on what to say about them. I have been trying to explore more “organic” and “natural” brands (not the greenwashers) and hence the products I bought are mostly that. “Organic” definitely comes with a heavy price tag but thanks to the discount, I could add a few things in my basket without going over board on the budget.

Rahua Voluminous Shampoo £23.96: Rahua (Ra-Wa) is an 100% organic natural brand, which contains a highly potent and restorative oil, “Rahua”, believed to be extracted from the nut found deep in the Amazon rainforest. The oil fortifies hair, helps prevent breakage and split ends, and deliver thick, lustrous hair. After trying (and loving) the John Masters Bare Unscented, I had been curious to try more.  I was sold on the “Voluminous”, and really wish they stocked the travel size to try first, but then I just couldn’t get past the urge to grab this! I haven’t used it yet, will let you know how it goes.

Rahua Voluminous Shampoo review cult beauty organic shampoo from rahua review best organic volumizing shampoo

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint £24.16: After falling in love with its more “Luminizing” cousin, it was time for me to get the matte one! My shade is Chamomile which suits me perfectly. It has more coverage than the luminizing tint, but still lets the skin peek through. I wouldn’t call it 100% matte as I do see a more satin finish on the skin. I think a full review of both should be penned now!

jouer matte moisture tint chamomile review swatches best lightweight foundation for normal oily sensitive dry skin best jouer tinted moisturiser jouer luminizing moisture tint

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer £25: RMS is Rosie-Marie Swift’s namesake brand that aims at creating beauty products which are non toxic and chemical free. Her products are very popular among makeup artists and celebrities alike and Miranda Kerr is a reported fan (SOLD)! The “Living Luminizer” is one of their most celebrated products and one I have been lusting after for years, but hadn’t indulged because A) Some reviews said it doesn’t stay on the skin B) Its coconut based so melts off in summer. Now that fall is nearly here (yay!) I can finally get my face “luminized” shall we say?

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek £23.33: The Lip2Cheek from RMS are pretty popular and I had a hard time deciding which shade to get. Finally went for the safe bet and so happy that I did! Modest is the perfect coral pink which doesn’t read too “summery” and the perfect warm pink on my complexion. Its very pigmented and can be build to get a stunning opaque color on the lips and a nice deep flush on the cheeks! I find the texture and finish very similar to my beloved Chanel Creme blush, and that is saying a lot!

RMS living luminizer on medium indian skin review and swatch rms lip2cheek in modest on medium indian skin review and swatch rms beauty haul cult beauty haul

I already have more products from RMS Beauty on my next wishlist, including their cream eye shadows which have some gorgeous bronzey colors in there. Other organic makeup brands on my radar are ILIA, for makeup and Aurelia for skincare. Let me know if you have recommendations?

Thanks so much for reading!

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