Hows August Been | Favorite Things From The Month


A lot has been happening both at the personal and professional front, and this month has pretty much swooshed past me! I am absolutely NOT lamenting the end of summer as my favorite autumn is on its way and I can layer things up, wear stylish jackets and of course the Venetian Boots! yes the boots!

1. We are the sort of love birds who celebrate each month that gets ticked off the calendar successfully! We hosted a grand dinner for friends on our 6th-month anniversary! I got the cutest prettiest ring from my husband and LOVE it! We cooked all the food at home and it turned out a really long day for us. The chocolate cake (which I made in the microwave and was SO nervous!) turned out pretty well and with ice cream it was my favorite thing! I also quit my (now previous) company this month so that called for a celebration too! I am currently in the “in-between-phase” chilling at home and looking out for good opportunities, its actually so good I am going to hate going back to work!

2. I have watched a LOT of movies this month and that has made me forget theres a TV in here somewhere! Its anyways full of rubbish so no-one misses it! Reading has also been something which I am finally catching up on, will share more on that soon. With no long working hours to bear, I have a lot of time at hand to do what I want the whole day! I am still struggling with the sleep timings, so things haven’t fallen into a routine. I am working on it, we shall be back on track soon!

3. Not having to go to work also means that my husband’s been working from home most days and its a lot of fun! wake up late, eat a big breakfast, roll around, watch movies, read, blog, read, blog and its dinner time! One afternoon on a Sunday (a usually low day for traffic) we set out to go to a really famous and old restaurant, and happened to wait for an HOUR outside because there was a QUEUE for lunch! The doors were closed for cleaning and people kept piling up, and when it did open everyone just pushed their way in! We had a strategy in place already (lol!) so managed to grab a place and the food was so worth it! Definitely going back ha!

4. So my last post on How To Style was extremely well received which has given me added incentive to write more such posts! Its exciting times here at TCF because we are going to see some MAJOR changes! I am not abandoning beauty, but lets just say adding more flavor to the blog? I want to downsize my makeup stash makeup and get rid of stuff, old or new which I know I wont use. Probably be left with one or at most two options for everything/color and fit everything in one box? Would a blog sale be a good idea? Let me know!

5. My skin went through a rough patch due to stress and change of places? I have been nursing it back to health and that has taught me a few lessons! Less is more is certainly one of them! The Pai Cleanser has quickly shot up to my most loved cleanser spot! I use it every time I wash my face and even when I exfoliate I mix this with the exfoliator and use. I also upgraded my sunscreen to something more “grown up” and refined, and quite happy with it. It does not hurt that this one is slightly tinted and perfect for dull-face-mornings. I finally got myself a brand new eye cream from Pai, which I had on my list for far too long. Without divulging too many details let me just say its AWESOME. Pai, you know your stuff!

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6. I have actually stuck to my capsule makeup for the month guys! its been over a month, and except for a few pieces like the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #9 which has suddenly become my go to for how lovely it is, I have managed to use only things from the set. I am itching to switch things again and include a few “autumn” appropriate pieces, a post on this is on its way, as we speak!

7. I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis and even on work days I skip a lot, but one thing that I worn is the Chanel Poudre Signee highlighter. I did complain here that I wasn’t showing it much love before, but for the past month I have not put this down. Good skin in a pan, this is what it is!

8. The minty KIKO nail polish, is just the best beige-minty green I have ever worn! It looks amazing on my nails and hands and pretty much what I had on my nails all month! I am hunting down more dupes of it. I had put up a picture on my Instagram wearing it.

9. I have been trying to use my YSL Touche Eclat, after being royally disappointed in it for a while. I recently discovered the idea behind “patting” products and also “blending” them gently, so using my Real Techniques contour brush I blend the touche eclat under the eyes and around the nose, with a very light hand and the finish is SO good! it covers any redness and darkness, which it never did earlier when I used my fingers and rubbed it around! I think I may have gone and gotten myself addicted to this!

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10. This Kerastase mask, is meant for fine hair which is dry and undernourished. My hair is neither, but I hate very gloopy thick hair products so I always go for stuff meant for thin hair. The trick with any Kerastase mask (I have tried a few different ones) is that you need to let it sit on clean hair for atleast 30 minutes. Once in two weeks after deep cleansing my hair with Lush Seanik solid shampoo, I apply the mask and leave it, and my hair is gorgeous after the rinse! Cannot describe how clean, bouncy and shiny things get, absolutely love the results. I do wish to find something equally good but more “natural” as this has a lot of chemicals in it. I have also been hooked on the Dove hair therapy oil conditioner for regular days. Its great for a quick conditioning and isn’t as “oily” as it sounds. Its a thick conditioner for dry hair, which conditions well, without any greasy feeling, and washes off completely. I don’t have to stand under the shower for hours which is a great!

Thats about it! Hope you had a wonderful and interesting month too!

Heres hoping for an eventful lovely September for all of us! Cheers!

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