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I think the purpose of all makeup is to make the skin look like it has “no makeup” and I “woke up”, “walked out” or pretty much “grew up” like this! If my cheeks have a flush, eyes have a twinkle and lips have some color I am sorted. But, the number of products it takes to get these harmless 3 basics right is ridiculous! Don’t you agree?

Recently the quest for a stunning yet natural look (mutually exclusive adjectives, normally) had me spend a lot of money on an eco-conscious, non-toxic makeup brand and two of its very popular products. The Living Luminizer and Lip2Cheek from RMS Beauty promise a magical and luminous glow and a beautiful mineral color with lots of hydration. The claims are pretty much spot on or atleast my experience says so!

RMS Beauty is Rosie Marie Swift’s namesake brand who has been a makeup artist for 20 years and counts super models Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr in her clientele. Her philosophy behind the brand is to create beautiful non toxic makeup products which also heal and nourish the skin. All RMS Beauty products are formulated with raw, food grade and organic ingredients in their natural state, allowing their living, healing attributes to penetrate and rejuvenate the skin.

Living Luminizer : The bestseller for the brand, and a cult following of its own this one slightly disappointed with its texture. Could be the weather here which is tending towards “cold” because the texture was a little stiff and not as fluid as I’d expect a cream product to be. Its very illuminating and even on my medium skin I need the tiniest dab to get the glow on. Its nearly transparent with the tiniest shimmer and looks like “light” on the skin. The smell (its actually non-fragranced), although subtle and very natural, is “oily” (read key ingredients) and I am not a huge fan. It stays put on bare skin for hours which works very well for me though.

Key Ingredients : Castor Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax (3rd in the list), Rosemary extract, tiny amount of Titanium Dioxide and Mica. The natural extracts are certified organic

Lip2Cheek in Modest : The clear winner among the two products, and the one I had least expectations from! its not your usual oily cream, but a slightly drier dense and so damn pigmented that you need the tiniest dab to get major color on the cheeks! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Modest is described as a rich berry pink, while its more warm pink with hints of coral on the skin. It wears really well on my cheeks which are normal-to-dry and stays put for atleast 6 hours. Luckily for me Modest does not have any discernible smell and is more forgiving for the nose.

My lips are a bit dry and chapped so this accentuates those areas a little, but nothing that a little lip balm cannot fix. In fact, layering this with Nuxe Reve de Miel is my current go to lip combination. Sorry YSL!

Key Ingredients : Coconout Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Argan oil, Rosemary extract, tiny amount of Titanium Dioxide, and Mica.

RMS Beauty living luminizer review RMS beauty lip2cheek in modest review swatch fotd best luminizing makeup best cream highlighter best cream blush high end makeup

In the picture I am wearing both on bare skin. Modest on the cheek and lips topped with Chanel Mystery gloss. Living Luminizer in a “C” shape around the brow bone and top of the cheek, down the nose bridge and inner corners of the eyes. Other makeup worn includes Nars Radiant creamy concealer Ginger, around the nose and dabbed under the eyes. I am not wearing anything on the eyes and brows and no foundation. The camera washes the color out a bit, its more intense in real life.

If you had to get one, I’d say get the Lip2Cheek. For paler lovelies, Smile is a beautiful pale coral while Illusive and Promise are very fall appropriate and on my radar (obviously). If you are in the market for a glow amplifier you might want to give the luminizer a swatch. I assure you that one looks stunning on a multitude of skin tones, if you can get past the smell that is!

P.S: Staying at home everyday means I don’t wear makeup for days at length and my eyes have specially benefitted from that. Also cleaner home environment and food means better skin health!

Have you tried these from RMS Beauty? What are your thoughts?


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  5. Shari

    You look positively radiant in this photo, Divya! I love you with very light/barely-there eye makeup (even none with only curled lashed) – you look so stunning!!!

  6. Sofia

    I don;t have his brand anywhere near me, (and I dont want to buy colour cosmetics online without being able to see the colours in real life beforehand). but the lip2cheek looks like something I’d like and I’d check them out if I did see them!

  7. Coco

    Seriously, you’re gorgeous! I’ve been eyeing these for a while — I just might have to take the plunge. Can I ask what the wear time is on the lip2cheek? Thanks!!

  8. Vidya Hemraj

    Oh man, this is seriously gorgeous stuff!! Just love the way it is looking on you. Plus it is organic – double whammy :D! Some day, some day, this will be mine :). I am in love with your skin – do you even need all the stuff you mentioned? And you have a lovely straight nose too. Ok in short you are looking gorgeous … 😀

    • Divya

      Hey Vidya! Thank you thank you so much! Everything from skin to features is thanks to the genes! I am doing everything to ruin it actually! 😛 I wouldn’t wear makeup to mask anything, its only to enhance! :-) I had my eyes on these two for very long so as soon as I got some extra incentive I caved 😀

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  10. Vanessa {Citron and Guavaberry)

    I saw these in your haul post and needless to say, I AM EXTREMELY JEALOUS. So much that when I was in London, I almost tried to buy some RMS stuff, but it’s so insanely expensive there. Luckily, I’ve found a stockist in Toronto, so I’ll be ordering from when when I can afford the stuff. The Living Luminizer has been on my ‘to-buy’ list for a long time now, so much that even your review can’t deter me from getting it. Their cheek/lip product does sound insanely amazing though 😀

    • Divya

      Aaa thanks Venessa! :-) I am sure you are going to love it from what I know of your makeup tastes, definitely try the lip2cheek as well you’ll love it!

  11. Kiss & Make-up

    You look so freakin’ GORGEOUS in that photo. You have such a lovely profile. Great bone structure, gorgeous lips and ah-mazingly thick hair!

    Oh and yeah yeah, the Lip2Cheek looks nice too.


  12. Emma

    Oh my goodness I’ve wanted to try the Living Luminizer for ages! Shame you were a bit disappointed with it, I’d still love to try it but it’s just so expensive! The Lip2Cheek sounds amazing, I’m like a magpie for anything that’s creamy on the cheeks x

    • Divya

      Thank you Emma! :-) The coconut oil smell (very faint though) kind of displeased me a little but that does not say and the product is amazing! I am definitely wearing it all through winter! :-)

  13. howdoesdeedoit

    I’ve known about these products forever but somehow never bought them! Shocking ..I know lol. But your picture here may have changed that because you look so pretty and they really do look so natural on! And youve mastered the mouth slightly open selfie Divya! ! Something that I’ve never been able to do lol.

  14. WengYee

    Such a gorgeous picture of you! That luminizer is fab, gosh, it’s that I don’t wear highlighters on a day-to-day basis, but I’d totally buy it haha. Love the lip colour too x

    find me on

    • Divya

      Gee! thanks Weng! :-) I have only now “strategically” started wearing highlighters.. like the tiniest amount and I am addicted to that glow! nothing beats it dude!

  15. sylirael

    Argh! Damn you people and your ability to take awesome, gorgeous photos of yourselves! And double damn you for being so gorgeous! 😛 One day, I shall have the secret… shakes fist at sky


  16. Tasha

    Aah these products look so gorgeous on you – such a natural looking glow! I really want to try something from RMS, probably the lip2cheek from the sounds of your review! They just sound like such lovely products.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Divya

      blush thank you :-) Its mostly genes, plus a skincare routine which I don’t skip! I think its important to be consistent with it and not subject it to too much experimenting and also finding what works for you! :-)

    • Divya

      Hey Samantha! Thank you so much :-) You should definitely try the RMS beauty for yourself! Its pretty good except of course the part where the nose is involved!

  17. Poorani

    You are looking great there above. Flawless skin. I don’t work but taking care of a baby and poring over pages of blogs are taking a toll on me. On top of it if I try makeup, I look pretty scary. I think I too must take a break from makeup and start thinking about non toxic stuff.

    • Divya

      Hey Poorani, I can understand your plight. I think spending hours in front of the computer can dehydrate your skin a lot so definitely try to hydrate it both internally and topically. Dehydration usually is the number one reason for dull and problematic skin, so one you have addressed that you can move on to the makeup part. Hope that helps! :-)

  18. Sunny

    Hey Divya, I love how these two look on you! Definitely very natural-looking and requires minimum effort :) I am visiting a store in Brussels that carries RMS next week, and I can’t wait to explore! I’ve never really tried any organic makeup, but I’ve heard great things about the brand!

    • Divya

      Hey Sunny! So glad you liked these! :-) I am excited about your trip too! Let me know what else you like from the brand, that is going to feed my wishlist very nicely yeah! 😉

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