The MAC Brushes To Begin With

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No matter how many brands and how many different kinds flood the makeup market, MAC brushes have their spot soldered firmly around the top! I don’t own an insane number of brushes, have a few from different price brackets but the MAC ones that I own are definitely the special ones! They are what I call the “classics”.

MAC 217, was probably my first “investment” brush, which sounds silly compared to how expensive some brushes are right now! This I feel was a very very good buy, as it gave the makeup novice in me a fail safe tool for any kind of eye makeup experiment. I have had it for a couple of years, and its as good as new! I have since bought another one from Sigma, Number E25 with the same shape, slightly flatter and almost as good. I switch between the two based on whats clean, but I usually find myself yearning for the 217 whenever its not around.

MAC 239, had a lot of promise when I bought it, but it so happened that this got the least use out of all the others. My makeup rarely focusses on the eyes or eye shadows and this is meant to pack pigment on the eyes which of course I never do! Although, I do find it pretty good for my lower lashline smudge and as its so dense and tapered at the top that it smudges all my eye liners or eye shadows seamlessly.

MAC 219, this one on the other hand is used a lot! Most days I only pop a little gold color in the inner corner of my eyes and smudge some kohl around the lash lines and this is perfect for both. In fact this is the only type of brush that I have atleast 2 other cheaper dupes for! Sadly it doesn’t get its due attention from everyone.

MAC 116, is the only blush/powder/bronzer/contour brush from MAC that I have, and I use it for all the 4 purposes that I listed. I really like the density and shape of it for precise application. the flat sides are great for blushes and the tapered, narrow top is good for under the cheeks. Its especially good with sheer powder products, while for more pigmented things I keep this away!

I have always had my eyes on the contour brush from MAC the 169, and also the 109. I read several reviews on 109 which said it sheds a lot so never got around to buying it, but I love how its shaped and really hope to come across a non-shedding version of it. MAC 224 is another eye shadow brush which gets a lot of raves!

I find this little collection quite sufficient for my limited use and have not really bought brushes in a long time! I have a few Real Techniques ones which along with these pretty much keep me sorted in the brush department!

I’d love to know what your favorite MAC or otherwise, brushes are. Anything I can add on my wishlist? Let me know!

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