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Loccitane Rose 4 reins shower gel body lotion and hand cream review

Its not often that I dedicate a whole post to body products, nor do I mention much about my daily ablutions here, but whenever I have its always been about L’Occitane, especially their Rose 4 Reines line.

I have never really bothered with bath and body products and good’ol Dove has been my go to for years. I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around spending so much on a shower gel and its even harder to explain this to Mr. Singh! That said, L’Occitane bath products are an experience in themselves and one which can only be felt and not explained.. right?

I had my first brush with L’Occitane quite recently, say about this time last year, and have been hooked since. My first splurge was their shea butter soaps which was soon followed by the shower gel from the Rose 4 Reines collection. I buy back-ups of my favorites on priority basis now!

I have so far used the hand cream, shower gel and body lotion from the line and my favorites follow the same order. I am a huge fan of their shea butter soaps which I think are worth every penny spent! Imagine the most luxurious, buttery soaps with a rich lather, but one that washes off easily and quickly. With no grease in sight, you are left with the most supple and moisturised skin possible! As spa-like as it can get for me! I love the Lavender version of the soaps the most.

Coming back to the roses, the shower gel and body lotion have a strong, natural rose scent which smells divine to me but may put off someone who is not a rose fan. I love using the shower gel and lotion in conjunction to enhance the effect. Using this just before bed has a very soothing and soporific effect and helps me sleep very calmly. I don’t use these everyday but more as a weekend treat or a mid week pamper.

The hand cream has been a handbag staple for me through summer and definitely makes heads turn when I lash it out! I prefer their shea butter hand cream for winters which are way more rich and moisturising without being very greasy.

I suffer from very dry skin almost all year around and winters are particularly harsh on my body. I recently placed an order for the famous and “oh so popular” Almond shower oil, which should arrive any day now. Looking forward to using that one in the colder months and the expectations are high to say the least!

What are your favorite bath products?

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