The Hair Drama | Lessons Learnt

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After a pretty heavy skincare week its only fitting we talk about something which I am positively and absolutely obsessed with and thats my hair! The obsession has been at least ten years old, so you can imagine the different number of products and potions I would have tried in that time, it was a LOT!

Among the most searched items on my blog is my hair care so I thought it was time I properly addressed it and put curiosity to rest. I am sure a lot of women out there are very fussy about their hair and how it looks or how they want it to look. Delicately streamlined routine and products, picky about what they want their products to be and fussy about who should touch their hair and how! I am the same and I have had years of trying and experimenting behind the now carefully chosen and established hair care routine.

My hair wisdom, as I like to call it is a result of all that and also various consultations and more treatments for my hair than any other part of my body. Here it goes,

1) Know your hair type. Its important to know exactly what it needs as early as possible.

2) No amount of hair products can replace supplements. You need to take them woman!

3) You don’t need to have pretty hair everyday, embrace what you’ve got, stop loading it with products and heat.

4) Hair color doesn’t “kill” your hair if treated and cared for. Bleach is something else though.

5) Trying different products with a change in season does not harm your hair. Too much trying does.

6) Treat your hair gently. Keep a soft towel/t-shirt to soak the water, never be too harsh on it.

7) Applying conditioner on drenched hair is like putting oil on a wet face.

8) Keep that hot water away from the hair. Stop scalding the poor thing.

9) Hair will and should fall. Sometime more sometimes less. Stop Worrying.

10) Look for signs of thinning and get it treated immediately!

11) Stress and lack of sleep kills all kinds of cells in the body, including your hair.

12) Eat healthy and protect your head from the sun.

13) Snip it if its taking too much of your time and effort.

I have a few posts coming up on my daily routine for hair and also some of my favorite products. Hope that interests you!

What rules do you live by for you hair? Share!

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