The Top Shelf

favorite makeup products favorite skincare products pai skincare la roche posay chanel mac aesop jouer nars nuxe reve de miel shu uemura eye lash curler mac gingerly tarte exposed Chanel Les Beiges

I LOVE organizing and I LOVE organized things! Another day spent at putting things together, revisiting forgotten things and throwing away expired stuff! This is the actual top shelf of my acrylic makeup box, which has all my skincare, makeup and part of hair care on it which I actually use! All my current favorites are in here and a few things that I am trying to use up! Enjoy!

favorite makeup products favorite skincare products pai skincare la roche posay chanel mac aesop jouer nars nuxe reve de miel shu uemura eye lash curler mac gingerly tarte exposed Chanel Les Beiges


Pai Rosehip oil Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Clinique anti blemish control gel solution Clarins UV Plus Sunscreen spf 40 LA Roche Posay Toleriane Fluide Pai Echium and argan eye cream


Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask Aesop Parsley Seed Mask Best deep cleansing mask best hydrating mask best all rounder mask best face mask aesop antipodes

Reviews: Aesop Parsley Seed Masque , Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask


Jouer luminizing moisture tint jouer matte moisture tint MAC Face and Body foundation MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer Chanel Le Blanc de chanel illuminating face base

Reviews : Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel Illuminating Face Base , MAC Face and Body Foundation


Diorshow Iconic mascara kevin aucoin volume mascara YSL Touche eclat Dior Skinflash Nars smudge proof eye shadow base Nars radiant creamy concealer ginger biscuit best under eye concealer best illuminating concealer best volume mascara

Reviews : Kevin Aucoin the Volume Mascara


Chanel Les beiges Healthy Glow Powder No. 20 MAC Gingerly blush Tarte Exposed blush Bobbi Brown pot rouge powder pink RMS beauty living luminizer rms beauty lip2cheek in modest Nars laguna bronzer chanel mirage illusion d ombre mac eye shadow quad mac eye shadow all that glitters soba espresso ricepaper

Reviews : Chanel Les Beiges Multi Color No. 02 , Tarte Exposed Blush , RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek and Living Luminizer


MAC Powersurge eye pencil mac Teddy eye pencil mac lord it up eye pencil mac coffee eye pencil best mac eye kohl Nars Via veneto larger than life eye pencil Laura Mercier eye kohl black gold best bronze eye pencil MAC


Ysl Rouge volupte shine nude in private no. 9 ysl rouge volupte shine fuschia in excess no. 05 Nars Dolce Vita lipstick Nars Tzigane lipstick YSL Volupte Sheer candy in no. 4 succulent pomergranate MUFE rouge artist natural no. 15

Reviews : Nars Tzigane , Nars Dolce Vita , YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 


Best makeup brushes MAC Real Techniques Tarte Sigma Bobbi Brown

Reviews : Favorite MAC Brushes


kerastase elixir ultime leave in serum oribe dry texturizing spray aesop resurrection hand balm best dry texturizing spray best beach spray best leave in serum best of kerastase

I have a LOT of fun posts and interesting reviews coming up next week! Disclaimer : None of it is a new launch, just stuff I have loved, or gone back for seconds and things I think are worth a mention! Keep your eyes peeled! :-)

Happy Sunday Everyone!

P.S: Let me know if there is anything here that you may want me to talk about in detail.


  1. Vidya Hemraj

    Ooooooooo your top shelf is very enticing! Errrr I have my eyes on those eye pencils and those lipsticks … Mayyyyybe when I turn into a burglar for day? 😛

    By the way, I love organizing stuff too. I find it very therapeutic. And hats off to your patience for labelling each one of the items. Thank you <3.

    I also spot some pink dabba and other such items stacked in one of the spaces. What are those? 😛

    • Divya

      You can totally! I have a box of lip products stashed away which is lets say FULL of good stuff! 😛 that cute pink dabba is my Rose Petal Salve. I have one in the bag one here I love it! You can find it on Asos and even Cult Beauty its AMAZING! I highly recommend it! :-)

  2. Sue

    Love this! So inspiring . . . right now all of my makeup exists in little zip bags except for my skincare which I keep out on the counter in a pretty turquoise tray. I must say I am envious of all the wonderful make up you have! I have the Aucoin mascara and unfortunately I don’t like it all that well so am just using Great Lash right now!

    • Divya

      Hi Sue! I really like it though.. but it dried up too fast which sucks! 😐 Ill probably go back to my Diorshow Iconic as that is just the best I have had ever!

          • Sue

            Yes! But remember I’m not an expert. I use Loreal Voluminous, it’s the closest thing I’ve found. Right now I’m crushing on Tom Ford lipsticks and frankly his clothing for men is making me swoon and wish I was a man or had a very rich man to dress!

          • Divya

            Ha ha! Thats so cute! :-) I have a huge wishlist for next time I am abroad! Will have a lot of Tom Ford, Jo Malone and etc etc to spend on! 😀 will try the L’Oreal soon! Thank you! :-) Let me know what you bought when you do!

  3. sylirael

    Nice! 😀 I love seeing people’s ‘routine’ makeup all laid out – am I weird? LOL! You’ve got some of my favourites here (I’ve been using my Touche Eclat alone at the moment – having a good skin week – and I am reminded of how much I love it!) Also those Rouge Volupte Shines – I’m wearing a Revlon Matte Balm today, but you’ve made me wish I’d packed a shiny alternative into my daily makeup bag too :-)

    So envious of all your beautiful brushes!

    • Divya

      I know! Touche Eclat with the Real Techniques Contour Brush is just GREAT! :-) Aww I know your brushes’ gripe :-( Wish I could send some over!! :-)

  4. Amalia Vetaki

    Good morning from Greece! Can you do a post whenever you have the time, about the Orange eye shadow trick to neutralize dark or bluish eyelids? I saw a very interesting comment of you, in Temptalia. Thank you for your time. Happy Autumnal Equinox! Sorry for my English

    • Divya

      Hi Amalia! :-) Oh so You read that! :-) I don’t really have anything that orange as the MUFE color but I do have something close will try to use it in one of the makeup posts! Thanks for your comment and your English is perfect! :-)

  5. Shari

    Divya, you have inspired me to do this as well! I dont know but I super enjoyed this post, I can read it over and over again :) Seeing makeup all organized like that – makes me happy! Kk, off to skim through this post again :))

  6. Faiza

    I love organizing things… Loved all the clicks.. I’m,planing to get one acrylic organizer for makeup and skincare storage.. I think they are also available on ebay and amazon..

  7. swapna

    Hello Divya,
    Love your blog and beautiful clicks.
    my top shelf is just a quarter of yours. :p
    nonetheless have been trying to make my skincare and makeup a lot “greener”.
    Keep up with your fabulous work!

    • Divya

      Hi Swapna! Thanks for such a lovely comment! Its exciting to know you are moving towards natural products! Do let me know which ones you’ve been enjoying! :-)

  8. Vanessa {Citron and Guavaberry)

    This post made me happier than it should have, but I LOVE CLEANING AND ORGANIZING. My makeup drawer went into overflowing mode, so I had to move it into an even larger drawer, but I still need a holder on top of the desk where I can put regularly used makeup/things I’ve moved into rotation. I too, look forward to seeing a review on the Matte Moisture tint 😉

    • Divya

      Thank you! I absolutely loved yours too! I remember seeing that fan brush on ITG once (I think Emily’s Top Shelf) and then on yours! So want to get it now!! 😀

      • Procrastinator

        okay, being 100% honest, I love the way it looks and it does a good enough job, but if I could do it all over again, I’d try my hand at the Louise Young version. I haven’t gotten it, but I think I saw it in a Pixiwoo video once and it moved much better than mine. #sadface

  9. jenn f

    ! because i visited a friend, and because i saw your photo on instragram, i was inspired to do the same thing! i’ll probably post about it later but i’m loving how freakin uncluttered my desk is now. it was SUCH A DISASTER ZONE.
    A Beautiful Zen

  10. Beth

    Ahhh I love this post so much! I absolutely adore the way you’ve laid everything out. And my god girl that collection is literally to die for. Would love to hear more about your favourite brushes, your MAC eyeshadow palette and the Jouer bases… you know, if you have time! X
    ps. still drooling…

  11. howdoesdeedoit

    Sweet lord thats a lot of work that’s gone in to this post and organizing that shelf!! I did that a while back ( a whole 8 big drawers actually) but don’t have the patience to photograph or write about any of it at this time lol. Im the opposite of things to look organized but hate organizing :)) Have to really really be in the mood for it. Hey have you used the UD shadow base and is the NARS one very different? I have so many eye shadow bases now but i go on hearing about the NARS eyeshadow base and I have to wonder…how different it really is!!

    • Divya

      Ha ha! It took me umm… 2 1/2 hours to sort it all out.. and then ummm 20 minutes to take pictures and ummm 30 mins to label! 😀 Worth it though! Its a lot of fun! I absolutely do not have 8 drawers of products No! God I’d be in such mayhem! I don’t buy so much at a time and if I skip drugstore there is only so much I can spend! 😛 Hence a more concise stash 😀
      I have a tiny tube of the UD potion and I have been asked for the comparison before but honestly the Nars works so well I haven’t had the will to try anything else! I am hardcore Nars devotee so ill always recommend Nars 😀 Although ill DM you the difference tomorrow.. will try the UD in the morning :-)

      • howdoesdeedoit

        True. DS purchases pile up quick :s I spend on both tho…so that’s just terrible :s okie yeah if you can tell me if one outperforms the other that would be great ty!

  12. Poorani

    I would love the deets on the Oribe Spray . Loved this post. You have arranged and labelled it so well. What is the 4th brush from the top? Looks cute. What do you use it for?

    • Divya

      Hi Poorani! Glad you liked this! There wasn’t much to write here.. the pictures do the talking no? :-) I seriously got super lazy by the time I got to labelling the picture for the brushes! 😛 Sorry! That one is from Tarte, its a dense flat domed eye brush really soft and great for blending! I use to blend my concealer sometimes or cream eye shadows :-)

      • Poorani

        Yeah, I can imagine how tedious labelling each and every one of it could have been. But the results are great. I tried for the shelf at Howards. They don’t have it anymore. But I saw a dupe on but the shipping charges are way too much.

        • Divya

          Hi Poorani, I thought so. This is a three part box, under this shelf there are two other drawers. A lot of brands make these now in India, I have seen similar shelves at Home Stop too. You might wan to check there? I wouldn’t advise ordering it over That would be unnecessarily expensive!

  13. peachesandcorals

    I literally love how you have stored your makeup and skincare. Could you please tell me from where you purchased the organiser and also would you be reviewing the antipodes mask any time soon?

    • Divya

      Thank You Fiona! :-) I got this a couple of years back from Howards, not sure if they still have it. Its been very tough to make up my mind on the Antipodes mask.. I am working on it! :-)

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