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the conscience fund hair care routine hair care favorites kerastase oribe rahua beauty dove

I wish I was one of those people who wakeup everyday to a great hair day! Sadly enough, its been a long struggle and a tedious task of narrowing down products that work for me and get my hair to feel and look as it does now. From my self-confidence at abysmally low levels to now when I have a decent mane of thick locks, its been nothing short of “rags to riches” story, only one which is about my hair!

I know most of the products what you see here are very expensive and luxury, and while I may appear a product snob, trust me when I say I have tried everything out there before indulging in these, AND then getting results nothing short of magical. There! my wallet is wailing.

Cannot tell you how jealous it makes me when I read and hear people saying that an inexpensive bottle of Pantene or Herbal Essences works wonderfully for them and they don’t really do much with their hair to look as AMAZING as it does! Wish wish wish I could be like that! Every person is different, some are allergic to certain ingredients, may have sensitive scalps or in general fussy while others can have a perfectly normal head of hair and a normal attitude! If you are using something which is working for you, does not make your scalp to act up, and is not drying up or making your hair fall, then stick to it. Nothing is better than what works for you already!

the conscience fund hair care routine hair care favorites kerastase oribe rahua beauty dove rahua voluminous shampoo dove oil care nourishing conditioner best voluminous shampoo for fine flat hair best nourishing conditioner for dry hair



I got my hair colored last summer and because I have naturally black-brown hair it had to be bleached first to get some color on. That RUINED my ends and I was asked to take extra care (read deep condition it like there is no tomorrow!). That was the time I decided to try the Reflection line from Kerastase. I got all three, the shampoo, conditioner and masque. Can you tell I was desperate?

The shampoo is sulfate free which is recommended for colored hair. I found these to be excellent for my colored hair, not only did my color lasted a really long time, the health of my hair improved and it looked better then it had in years! I eventually also got the matching serum from the Elixir Ultime line, to use as a leave in product. It has UV filters to protect your hair color from fading in the sun but I found it a bit more “oily” than the original Elixir Ultime so have not had much use out of this. Probably I am yet to discover the amount to use?

Kerastase Bain Chroma Captive conditioner review Kerastase Chroma Captive Fondant conditioner review Kerastase Elixir Ultime review for colored hair for damaged hair



Once I was through my lot of Reflection products, I decided to try a different line because, the ends were pretty damaged thanks to the bleach. Enter Kerastase Resistance line (This line has been changed and while its still called Resistance, its no longer Vita-Cement Top Seal. We still get the older line here in India, which some reviews describe superior than the new one.)

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The products from this line are meant for damaged fine hair, and come in two intensity level, 1-2 and 3-4 based on how much damage we were dealing with. I use the shampoo for 3-4 level and conditioner for 1-2 and it works perfectly. I have been using this line for almost a year now have only now repurchased the shampoo and have gone through two bottles of the conditioner. My hair is now thick, heavy, revitalized and healthier than ever. Seriously.

The time when I had really thin weak hair, it used to feel very light and fine to touch and I could see split ends on ends of tufts I’d pick. It was devastating! Things have taken a 180 degree turn now! If you have to try one thing from Kerastase try this!

I have read a lot of people complain about the runny texture of the conditioners and that makes them to run out way before the shampoo does. The price is also more than the shampoo which is the only con for this otherwise amazing product range! If you have long hair I would suggest getting the masque instead, as its more potent and you need much less amount and get similar or better results!

Also the shampoo is NOT Sulfate free, but SLS is printed as the 6th ingredient on the bottle. I am sensitive to SLS shampoos which have played havoc with my scalp. Because this shampoo has worked really well, and it does not lather much, I believe the amount of SLS is very little in this. Please keep this in mind if you are purchasing it!



I know its not a combination you’d expect but my hair at the crown is very flat sometimes and the ends would be dry like straw! It needs products which give me volume, do not make my hair drier, and which can strategically nourish my hair without weighing it down.

the conscience fund hair care routine hair care favorites kerastase oribe rahua beauty dove rahua voluminous shampoo dove oil care nourishing conditioner

Tricky I told you! The Rahua Voluminous shampoo is hands down the best volume shampoo I have tried. It is non stripping, hydrating (would you believe?) and gives me natural, believable volume. Did I mention I have a sensitive scalp? Oh I do! I am allergic to something (haven’t quite narrowed it) which gives me small bumps on the scalp.. gross! This one is almost calming and soothing and I feel soothed after using this. This shampoo is 100% natural with key ingredients of Lemongrass, Citrus and Green Tea. Read more about the ingredients here.

I got the Dove conditioner when my hair was colored, to switch up with the kerastase conditioner on some days, and it has stuck with me since. “Oil” might put off a lot of people from trying it but trust me its not oily in the least! Its great for dry hair and washes off completely which for me is an important criteria. I lack patience for standing under the shower trying to get conditioner off my hair. Not my idea of fun!



I don’t heat style my hair everyday, just some serum or texturizing spray through the strand so product build isn’t something that bothers me, but the pollution and grime definitely does. So once every week or two weeks I use the LUSH Seanik solid shampoo to give my scalp a deep cleanse and then use the Kerastase Nutritive mask through the entire hair. I wrap it up and tuck it under a shower cap, leave it for a good 30 minutes and rinse off. The key is to let it stay for as long as you can. I haven’t seen quite the same results when I have washed it off in a hurry.

kerastase masquintense nutitive hair mask for fine hair Lush seanik shampoo tangle teezer hair care routine weekend hair pamper the conscience fund hair care routine hair care favorites kerastase oribe rahua beauty dove



I style my hair the French way! wash every two days, use a little serum, air dry and and not brush it! In fact the only time I brush my hair is in the shower with the conditioner and never again! I dont even run my fingers through it because that causes a lot of breakage! I keep heat as far from my hair as possible. This makes it important for me to find leave in products which do not depend on heat to get activated.

The Elixir Ultime is pretty awesome, even without heat it leaves my hair bouncy, un-frizzy and texturized. Its my secret to lovely hair everyday. I use it on both dry or semi-dry hair and it works like a charm. No extra effort required. Take some in the palm, run through the entire hair, scrunch a bit and done! It is very silliconey so if you avoid such products then stay away from this one! I have not had any side effects for the one year that I have used it so I don’t really mind the ingredients. Its expensive as hell so if you know of a cheaper alternative do tell!

Oribe is pretty hard to get my hands on, but thankfully I am well stocked for atleast a year! I love both the Dry Texturizing and Apres Beach spray. I spray it on my hands and run it through the hair and scrunch. Oomph and volume sorted! I have the Maximista spray as well which I yet to crack open, have high hopes! Will review these individually in due course.

kerastase elixir ultime best leave in serum for dry damaged hair oribe apres beach spray texturizing spray best texturizing spray for dry hair

Hope this helps! Let me know what you think!

P.S: Although these work wonderfully on my hair, if you have any known allergies to certain ingredients make sure you check out the ingredients list before placing an order!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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