The Balms and Creams are Out | Preparing for a Barely There Winter!

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I know its all a little premature for us in the tropics but I am too eager for autumn. I am pretending not to notice the sway in the temperatures from being Cold-ish to HUMID three times a day(!!!) So while the weather is still making up its mind I have already made some changes in my routine, lets just say in preparation? Also, this is my 100th post! (Cue) Applaud!

The first thing that my face does when the weather gets tipsy is to get very dry! Almost dehydrated! I’d have breakouts things getting stretchy and uncomfortable. The first thing I do is to switch all gels and gel-cremes with balms, serums and “rich” creams.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a permanent member of the skincare team. Always there always in control and always comes out when nothing else is working! Its a winter everyday serum for me and right now I use this right after a cleanse and top it with a light moisturiser (sometimes). This is one product that has never failed me and one where you can actually “see” the results next morning!

Toleriane Fluide is something I have been using since La Roche Posay started selling here. Its a good oil-free moisturiser/lotion, absorbs really well, feels almost cooling and soothing on the face and superbly hydrating! I cannot use it in very hot and humid weather but as soon as the weather cools down this comes into action. I also really like the Riche version of this in more dry weather/winter.

Way back in May or June I had bought the Oskia Renaissance Gel Cleanser and after one use shelved it. It was too rich, inspite of being called a “gel” and was a pain to wash off. For the last couple of months I have been a lot into balmy-cleansers and muslin cloths so decided to give this another go. I really enjoy using it as my second cleanser right now after removing any makeup. I first pat dry my face then massage this thoroughly and wipe it clean. I haven’t seen any noticeable difference in my skin, but for now I am enjoying it for how it feels on the skin. Soothing, calming and rejuvenating.

Another product which I had kept aside for colder months was the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. Now this one is tricky. Its not spectacular as something like the Aesop Parsley Seed Masque, but it does make my face plump and hydrated. Its almost like a semi-thick moisturiser and does not dry out on the face which is great. I clean it off with a muslin and my skin feels quite supple. It doesn’t leave a film behind which is nice, but I don’t see any difference on the pores or blemishes as such. Ill probably use it for longer to make a firm decision on this one!

This is the first time I am using a “dry-oil”. I was curious and had bought the Nuxe from Paris this year. it smells heavily of Jasmine and dries out quickly and leaves behind a glow. Like an obvious sheeny glow! It does moisturise my acutely dry limbs pretty well which I am very pleased about. I could do with much less scent in this though. If you don’t mind overly scented body products then try this, its a great dry-oil otherwise! I think I am going to try the Caudalie one next!

I have finished my The Body Shop’s Mountain Rose Body Butter and really sad about it! I love that stuff and definitely need to repurchase but its discontinued! Also my Nuxe Reve de Miel is coming to an end after two years of constant use! That stuff just never quits! I am sure I have another month’s supply still left on the sides!

I have used and loved the Kiehl’s Magic Elixir for hair in the past and I am waiting to buy a full size on my next splurge day! Its an awesome blend of natural oils which is great on my scalp! Its expensive.. VERY so I always snag samples of it whenever I am at the store!

Whats new in your skincare kit?

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